Popular baby names in New South Wales (Australia), 2016

According to data released in April by the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages, the most popular baby names in New South Wales, Australia, in 2016 were Olivia and Oliver.

Here are NSW’s top 10 girl names and top 10 boy names of 2016:

Girl Names
1. Olivia, 629 baby girls
2. Charlotte, 561
3. Amelia, 471
4. Ava, 451
5. Mia, 430
6. Chloe, 427
7. Emily, 387
8. Grace, 346 (tie)
9. Isla, 346 (tie)
10. Ruby, 341

Boy Names
1. Oliver, 668 baby boys
2. William, 557
3. Jack, 511
4. Noah, 499
5. Lucas, 453
6. James, 439
7. Ethan, 424
8. Thomas, 411
9. Alexander, 372
10. Leo, 359

In the girls’ top 10, Isla and Ruby replaced Zoe (now 12th) and Sophia (now 13th).

In the boys’ top 10, Leo replaced Isaac (now 14th).

In 2014, the two top names were the same. In between, in 2015, the #1 girl name was Charlotte instead of Olivia.

Interestingly, the girls’ top 100 includes both Maddison and Madison — and the double-d version ranks considerably higher than the single-d version (45th vs. 68th). In contrast, in the U.S., Maddison ranks 338th and Madison 15th.

Source: Facts & Statistics – BDM – NSW Government

2 thoughts on “Popular baby names in New South Wales (Australia), 2016

  1. Maddison (#97) also ranks higher than Madison (#111) in the England/Wales lists. For now, anyway…when are they publishing their 2016 list?

  2. Interesting! I hadn’t noticed that. Thanks Elizabeth.

    Last year the England/Wales data came out on September 2nd, but in all the years before that the release was mid-August. So I’m not sure when to expect it this year. Possibly next week…or maybe a month from now.

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