Popular baby names in Los Angeles County (California), 2013

Flag of California
Flag of California

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health website doesn’t have baby name data for 2016, but it does have data covering 1995 to 2013, so let’s work with that.

The most popular baby names in Los Angeles County in 2013 were Sophia and Jacob. Here are L.A.’s top 10 girl names and top 10 boy names of 2013:

Girl Names
1. Sophia, 984 baby girls
2. Isabella, 777
3. Mia, 762
4. Emily, 688
5. Emma, 609
6. Sofia, 550
7. Olivia, 473
8. Samantha, 458
9. Victoria, 410
10. Camila, 405

Boy Names
1. Jacob, 948 baby boys
2. Jayden, 926
3. Matthew, 895
4. Ethan, 829
5. Daniel, 784
6. Nathan, 761
7. Noah, 657
8. Anthony, 633
9. Alexander, 617
10. David, 600

And here are some of the baby names that were apparently used just once in L.A. from 1995 to 2013:

Unique Girl NamesUnique Boy Names
Aijia, Bobbierose, Coakley, Dashley, Ella-Lily, Fallen Star, Georgedith, Haydeline, Ilynne, Jatalia, Khando, Luna Sol, Mexeen, Nonoka, Ofri, Purple, Qiqi, Rhofanie, Sloka, Ting, Ulani, Vixi, Wonder, Xanterra, Yudibeth, ZayleenAbbos, Banksy, Clifford, Dro, Exsol, Foxton, Guster, Holtzen, Iniesta, Jayden-Dreden, Kayd, Leviathan, Mondrick, Noaz, Ordisi, Pocky, Querbin, Rundy, Snayther, Tarzis, Uyedon, Verwyn, Westgene, Xinran, Yitzchack, Zander Ray

Want to see more California baby names? Here are Sonoma’s rankings for 2015 and San Diego’s rankings for 2016.

Source: Find a Baby Name – L.A. County Public Health

Image: Adapted from Flag of California (public domain)

2 thoughts on “Popular baby names in Los Angeles County (California), 2013

  1. I really think parents should consider the various ways other children will use a child’s name against them as they are growing up. Right or wrong it’s what kids do. Among the one-hit wonders of LA are several children whose parents clearly didn’t give that reality much thought. I pity little Fallen Star and her pals Purple, Pocky and Snayther who will spend their lifetime dealing with the fall out of their parent’s choices, but the parents of little Verwyn have no one but themselves to blame when their child comes home one day nicknamed Vermin.

    PS — normally I’d classify Wonder as another egocentric-parent name, but I knew a sweetheart of a dog named Wonder :)

  2. In a perfect world, all expectant parents would put a lot of thought (and good intention) into naming their babies. But the world is far from perfect, so every year we end up with a handful of babies that have truly bizarre names (like Pitbull Shotgun) who will have to either endure those names throughout their lives or alter them (nickname, legal name change, etc.).

    It’s kind of an endless cycle. And the main driver is probably just societal ills — the fact that people having children include teenagers, substance abusers, narcissists, extremists, etc. A lot of expectant parents just aren’t necessarily thinking about the child’s best interests when they choose a name, and only by getting past their *own* stuff would they even realize it.

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