Popular baby names in North Dakota, 2017

Flag of North Dakota
Flag of North Dakota

According to North Dakota’s Department of Health, the most popular baby names in the state in 2017 were Emma and Oliver.

Here are North Dakota’s top 10 girl names and top 10 boy names of 2017:

Girl names

  1. Emma, 64 baby girls
  2. Harper, 55
  3. Olivia, 47
  4. Amelia, 45
  5. Ava, 42
  6. Abigail, 34
  7. Quinn, 29
  8. Addison, 28 (3-way tie)
  9. Ella, 28 (3-way tie)
  10. Evelyn, 28 (3-way tie)

Boy names

  1. Oliver, 63 baby boys
  2. Henry, 57
  3. Liam, 52
  4. Easton, 43 (2-way tie)
  5. Noah, 43 (2-way tie)
  6. Logan, 41
  7. Asher, 40
  8. Jack, 39
  9. Owen, 38 (2-way tie)
  10. Ryker, 38 (2-way tie)

In the girls’ top 10, Abigail and Quinn replaced Charlotte and Nora.

In the boys’ top 10, Noah, Logan, Asher, Jack, and Ryker replaced William, Mason, James, Wyatt, and Hudson. And Easton is still going strong!

In 2016, the top names were Harper/Olivia and Oliver.

There were also differences between these rankings and the SSA’s 2017 rankings for North Dakota. The SSA data has Ellie and Hazel (instead of Quinn and Addison) in the girls’ top 10, and William (instead of Ryker) in the boys’ top 10.

Source: North Dakota Fast Facts 2017 (pdf)

Image: Adapted from Flag of North Dakota (public domain)

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