Popular baby names in North Dakota, 2018

Flag of North Dakota
Flag of North Dakota

According to North Dakota’s Department of Health, the most popular baby names in the state in 2018 were (again) Emma and Oliver.

Here are North Dakota’s top girl names and top 10 boy names of 2018:

Girl Names

  1. Emma, 55 baby girls
  2. Olivia, 51
  3. Harper, 49
  4. Amelia, 42 (tie)
  5. Charlotte, 42 (tie)
  6. Evelyn, 40
  7. Ella, 32
  8. Ava, 30
  9. Aria, 28
  10. Nora, 27 (tie)
  11. Scarlett, 27 (tie)

Boy Names

  1. Oliver, 48 baby boys
  2. Owen, 47
  3. Henry, 45
  4. Easton, 43
  5. Hudson, 41
  6. Jack, 40
  7. Logan, 39 (tie)
  8. Theodore, 39 (tie)
  9. Lincoln, 37
  10. Noah, 35 (tie)
  11. William, 35 (tie)

Easton is still peculiarly popular in North Dakota! It ranks 4th in the state data, but 5th in the SSA data for 2018.

Sources: Most Popular Baby Names of 2018 in North Dakota, North Dakota Fast Facts 2018 (PDF)

Image: Adapted from Flag of North Dakota (public domain)

2 thoughts on “Popular baby names in North Dakota, 2018

  1. Easton Stick was drafted this spring by the LA Chargers. He was a star quarterback at North Dakota State. Not sure if he’s the only reason for the popularity of the name in ND, but I’m sure his high profile didn’t hurt.

  2. I agree — I’m sure he helped!

    It looks like Easton Stick has been in the spotlight since about 2015 or 2016, but the Easton trend in ND seems to go back at least a few more years than that, so I’m guessing there are other influencers out there as well…

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