Popular baby names in Knox County (Illinois), 2019

Flag of Illinois
Flag of Illinois

According to the County Clerk of Knox County, Illinois, the most popular baby names in 2019 were Charlotte and Benjamin.

A total of 689 babies were born in the county in 2019. Here are the top names per gender:

Girl names

  1. Charlotte – 5 baby girls
  2. Deliah, Eleanor, Ellie, Hope – 4 each
  3. Ava, Caroline, Cora, Evelyn, Everley, Lilly, Molly, Paisley – 3 each

Boy names

  1. Benjamin – 6 baby boys
  2. Jeremiah – 5
  3. Elijah & Liam – 4 each
  4. Charles, Christopher, Grayson, Isaac, Jace, Lincoln, Matthew, Noah, Parker – 3 each

The name Deliah really stands out here. Only a couple dozen baby girls are named Deliah per year nationally, so it’s very curious to see four Deliahs pop up in a single county.

Source: Redfern, Jay. “Charlotte, Benjamin top Knox County baby names in 2019.” Register-Mail 26 Jan. 2020.

Image: Adapted from Flag of Illinois (public domain)

2 thoughts on “Popular baby names in Knox County (Illinois), 2019

  1. Deliah’s got to be a typo for Delilah, right? Everley also seems a bit off. I haven’t seen that spelling in popularity lists before—it’s typically Everly or Everleigh.

  2. You know, you could be right in both cases. The national numbers would certainly back you up — Delilah and Everly are much more popular than Deliah and Everley (respectively) overall. I’m going to email the author and ask about those spellings. Thanks alex!

    Edited to add: I emailed him an hour or so after I posted this. If I get a response, I’ll let you know!

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