Top baby names in China, 2020

Flag of China
Flag of China

The most popular baby names in China in 2020 were Yinuo and Yichen, according to an annual report on household registration information.

More than 24,000 baby girls were named Yinuo, defined by my source as “one promise.” (This may be an allusion to the Chinese idiom “a promise [is worth] a thousand pieces of gold.”)

More than 14,000 baby boys were named Yichen, defined as “great times” or “stars.”

The report also found that a growing number of Chinese parents “are giving their babies longer names to make their names stand out.”

Currently, about 3.3 percent of the population has names with four or more characters, while more than 90 percent of the names only have three characters, with their surnames included.

Sources: Report reveals most popular names of Chinese newborns in 2020, Ji Bu – Wikipedia

Image: Adapted from Flag of the People’s Republic of China (public domain)

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