Where did the baby name Rewa come from in 1970?

Pageant winner Rewa Walsh
Rewa Walsh

The interesting name Rewa started appearing in the U.S. baby name data in 1970:

  • 1972: 11 baby girls named Rewa
  • 1971: 57 baby girls named Rewa [peak usage]
  • 1970: 24 baby girls named Rewa [debut]
  • 1969: unlisted
  • 1968: unlisted

What put it on the map?

Rewa Collette Walsh, a long-haired 17-year-old from Los Angeles who was crowned Miss Teenage America in November of 1970. The competition, sponsored by Dr. Pepper, was aired nationally on CBS.

In the talent event, Rewa danced her own modern interpretation of the “Impossible Dream.” While most contest entrants have been singing and pirouetting since childhood, Rewa never had a professional dancing lesson.

During 1971, her name regularly popped up in the newspapers as she made appearances throughout the country.

In one article, she explained that she was born in Sydney, Australia, while her father was in the Merchant Marines. She said her first name, Rewa, meant “good luck” in “the Aboriginal language.” (Australia has hundreds of Aboriginal languages, though, so it’s hard to confirm this.)

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