Baby born into June family, named April May

month of April

In March of 1995, Richard and Lorine June of Florida welcomed their third child — another baby girl.

Their first daughter was named Nicole, and their second was named Brooke. For the third, they went with “April May” to create the full legal name “April May June.”

The idea first occurred to them when Nicole was born. [Lorine] recounted that her husband said, “Wouldn’t that be funny?”

“And I said, “No, we better not do that,'” she recalled.

A couple of babies later, though, they changed their minds. “It gets harder to think of names as you go on,” Lorine admitted.

Richard’s father Ralph believed it was inevitable. “With a name like June, it was bound to happen sooner or later,” he said.

Source: Clendening, Roger. “Her parents love their little calendar girl.” Tampa Bay Times 17 Apr. 1995.

Image: Adapted from The Antikamnia Calendar (1898)

2 thoughts on “Baby born into June family, named April May

  1. I don’t think you can be lukewarm if you have that name, she probably either loves it or hates it.
    Maybe as a little girl she didn’t like it, but as an adult she does.

  2. I see that over and over again — someone who didn’t like their name as a kid coming to appreciate/embrace their name as an adult. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if that’s what happened in this case as well.

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