Hungary does not allow baby to be named Titanic

RMS Titanic
RMS Titanic

Back in 1912, a baker in Hungary welcomed a baby girl. She was born on the day the Titanic sank (April 15), so he decided to name her Titanic after the event.

The official at the registrar’s office, “however, refused to accept this name, as it is not to be found in the calendar of Roman Catholic saints’ days, and the baker had to content himself with the less topical name of Rosalia.”

My source noted that this particular baby was “saved” from getting an “unsuitable” name, but that similar regulations had proven too restrictive in other cases. For instance, one baby girl born in Vienna was not permitted to be christened Daisy, even though that was the name of her mother (from England).

P.S. Several U.S. and Canadian babies were named Titanic in 1912.

Source: “Titanic as Baby’s Name.” Press [Canterbury, NZ] 1 Jul. 1912: 6.
Image: RMS Titanic by F. G. O. Stuart

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