Timeline Updated

Hi everyone! Two quick announcements regarding the baby name timeline.

First, I’ve added 2022, finally. :)

Second, I’ve started sprucing up the timeline. I’m putting each year on its own page and throwing in some fun sets of rankings:

  • Top 5 popular names overall (male & female)
  • Top 5 absolute increases (male & female)
  • Top 5 relative increases (male & female)
  • Top 5 debuts (male & female)

Only handful of years (1926, 1927, 1984, 1985, and 2021) have been converted so far, and converting the rest will take me a number of months. In the meantime, if you’re curious to see the rankings for a particular year (or years), please let me know below and I’ll work on those first.

3 thoughts on “Timeline Updated

  1. Random, but any idea why Josiane jumped so high in the data in 2021? I just came across that increase today and can’t find anything obvious. Perhaps some sort of social media influencer or baby that I’m just not in the loop about.

  2. You’re very welcome!

    I don’t have a good explanation for Josiane yet. My only theory so far is a character named Josiane from the telenovela “A Dona do Pedaço,” which aired in Brazil during 2019. (I don’t know when U.S. audiences would have been able to see it — 2019? 2020?) The problem is that Josiane was the antagonist of the series, and parents don’t typically name their babies after bad guys.

    The real answer may indeed be an influencer that I’m also not in the loop about. :)

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