Washington quintuplets: Adelyn, Eliana, Linnea, Harper, Fisher


In June of 2023, Stephanie and Graham Freels of Washington state welcomed quintuplets — four girls and one boy.

The babies were born at just 27 weeks gestation in Phoenix, Arizona (where their parents were living temporarily for specialized medical care).

After spending 11 weeks in the NICU, the “Freels Five” were discharged and the family flew home. Regarding the plane ride, Graham said: “They slept the entire time. It couldn’t have gone better.”

The quints’ names, in order, are:

  • Adelyn Katherine
  • Eliana Rose
  • Linnea Claire
  • Fisher Douglas
  • Harper Lynn

What are your thoughts on this set of names? Which first-middle combo do you like best?


2 thoughts on “Washington quintuplets: Adelyn, Eliana, Linnea, Harper, Fisher

  1. For me, the winner is Linnea Claire — that’s beautiful. Eliana Rose is nice, too. The others are not exactly my taste, but everything is spelled correctly, so these parents did well by that oft-violated measurement. Congratulations to the family on having healthy quints. I hope they have lots of helpful friends and family who don’t mind changing diapers.

  2. I would have spelled it Adeline and found another like style name for Harper (whom I had assumed was a boy); perhaps Imogen or Vivian.??

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