Popular baby names in Knox County (Illinois), 2023

Flag of Illinois
Flag of Illinois

Illinois’ Knox County — which was named after Revolutionary War hero Henry Knox — welcomed 498 babies last year.

Here are Knox County’s top girl names and top boy names of 2023:

Girl names

  1. Ava, 4 baby girls [tie]
  2. Isabelle, 4 [tie]
  3. Aurora, 3 [3-way tie]
  4. Faith, 3 [3-way tie]
  5. Sophia, 3 [3-way tie]

Boy names

  1. Ezra, 4 baby boys [4-way tie]
  2. Liam, 4 [4-way tie]
  3. Oliver, 4 [4-way tie]
  4. Theodore, 4 [4-way tie]
  5. Asher, 3 [3-way tie]
  6. Benjamin, 3 [3-way tie]
  7. Jacob, 3 [3-way tie]
  8. Weston, 3 [3-way tie]

In 2022, the top names in the county were Charlotte and a tie between Theodore and Kai.

Several years earlier, in 2019, the top names were Charlotte and Benjamin.

Source: Line, Cameron. “List reveals Knox County’s top baby names of 2023.” WGIL 5 Feb. 2024.

Image: Adapted from Flag of Illinois (public domain)

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