Girl names that debuted in the U.S. baby name data in 2023

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Which girl names emerged in the U.S. baby name data in 2023 for the first time ever?

A total of 659 girl names debuted in the data last year, and the most impressive debut was made by Rumani. Here are the top debuts overall:

  1. Rumani, 88 baby girls
  2. Cimani, 67
  3. Naiari, 66
  4. Azaylie, 39
  5. Nizaraly, 38
  6. Seoni, 37
  7. Aryya, 22
  8. Aluney, 21
  9. Yanaisy, 21
  10. Yuleini, 19
  11. Yameiry, 18
  12. Deriany, 17
  13. Adalett, 16
  14. Alicent, 15
  15. Waziha, 15
  16. Dayali, 14
  17. Ketzali, 14

Aluney’s appearance is likely related to the rise of Eluney last year, and Alicent comes from a character in the TV series House of the Dragon (the Game of Thrones prequel).

Here are some more debuts:

13 baby girlsAesira, Anant, Biani, Izariya, Jazaely, Nazaia, Shrivi, Zelyiana
12 baby girlsAxyla, Mariham, Storiee
11 baby girlsAhlora, Ishira, Jaretssy, Keyorie, Nehmat, Rhayn, Savanni, Sheynnis, Solomiia, Xanthi, Yelenny
10 baby girlsAhzuri, Ailiany, Aquetzali, Barkat, Ezriah, Ifora, Maisleigh, Marliya, Mulanii, Oveah, Rhaena, Riani

Jaretssy (as with Aluney/Eluney) can be attributed to the rise of Jaretssi last year, and Sheynnis comes from Sheynnis Palacios of Nicaragua, who was crowned Miss Universe 2023 last November.

Finally, here’s a selection of the rest of the debuts:

  • 9 baby girls: Azary, Croia, Hrida, Khemani, Truveya, Tsireya
  • 8 baby girls: Adalette, Dalahni, Digiannia, Elunay, Eylen, Jophiel, Mare, Milki, Navvy, Oleander, Rouss, Xenobia, Yahlani
  • 7 baby girls: Aemma, Aleinad, Chimnora, Ezeriah, Freydis, Jasoni, Kaelli, Khalanni, Namora, Poetic, Renzi, Ruemani, Seonie, Shlay, Zeylani
  • 6 baby girls: Ahado, Bibihawa, Chantzy, Dalanni, Elswyth, Heysell, Iluminada, Itotiani, Kayeli, Leihana, Native, Oslin, Raphtalia, Rosemina, Ryza, Salix, Whiskey, Wood, Zarissa
  • 5 baby girls: Alluka, Aomi, Bethesda, Calliandra, Calluna, Doxa, Dune, Elloa, Energy, Gaeli, Greyshell, Hades, Haumea, Iyris, Jashly, Kavery, Marycollins, Millaray, Muxi, Peridot, Rahmani, Remirose, Roulette, Sarvi, Trulove, Tsumugi, Ungwa, Viper

Tsireya is a character from the 2022 movie Avatar: The Way of Water, and Namora is a character from the 2022 movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Digiannia must come from Colombian influencer/singer Digiannia “Digi” Lanca.

Raphtalia is a character in the Japanese manga/anime The Rising of the Shield Hero, and Tsumugi might come from a character in the Japanese video game franchise Danganronpa.

Ryza could be based on RZA, which was used as a (male) baby name by Rihanna and ASAP Rocky recently.

(A few extra facts: Iluminada means “illuminated” in Spanish, Ungwa means “blood” in Hopi, and Itotiani is derived from the Nahuatl word itotia, which refers to dancing. Willow trees are of the genus Salix, heather is of the genus Calluna, and various “powder puff plants” are of the genus Calliandra.)

If you can explain any of the other debuts, please leave a comment!

Sources: SSA, Wiktionary, Online Nahuatl Dictionary

Image: Adapted from LotusBud0048a (public domain) by Frank “Fg2” Gualtieri

6 thoughts on “Girl names that debuted in the U.S. baby name data in 2023

  1. Aemma — another House of the Dragon name, probably a fantasy spelling of Emma
    Barkat — Probably Arabic for “blessings”, from the same root as Barack
    Bethesda — Hebrew for “house of mercy”, as in Bethesda, Maryland
    Croía — Irish Gaelic for “little heart”, quite popular right now in Ireland and Northern Ireland after it was used by an Irish celebrity. It is pronounced Kree-uh
    Freydis — Old Norse, “Lady ruler, ruler”
    Hades — The underworld in Greek mythology
    Haumea — the Hawaiian goddess of childbirth and the name of a dwarf planet
    Jophiel — an angel representing beauty, art and wisdom in some apocryphal Christian sources and Jewish Kabbalah. I’ve seen Jophielle used as a feminine spelling.
    Millaray — Chilean Mapuche for “golden flower”
    Oleander — botanical name from the poisonous evergreen shrub
    Peridot — the August birthstone
    Roulette — Probably from the roulette wheel or Russian roulette

  2. Aleinad — Daniela backwards, name of a California musician
    Aomi — South Asian luxury brand
    Chantzy — probably an elaboration or feminine version of Chance, which is often spelled Chantz
    Hrida — Sanskrit for “pure”
    Iyris — spelling variant of Iris
    Kavery — Tamil name, possibly related to a word for poetry
    Muxi — Probably Chinese
    Navvy —spelling variant of the popular name Navy
    Rhaena — Another House of the Dragon character name
    Rumani, Rahmany — Character in the video game Goddess of Victory: Nikke
    Sarvi — Persian for “cypress tree”
    Truveya — my best guess is a respelling ofbthe artificial sweetener Truvia
    Xenobia — Spelling variant of Zenobia

  3. Adalett — Turkish 2023 television crime drama
    Aryya – respelling of Arya
    Bibihawa — “Lady Eve”, in use in Afghanistan and thevregion
    Elswyth — Anglo-Saxon medieval queen, means “strong temple”
    Ketzali, respelling of Quetzalli, Aztec for “beautiful feather”
    Mariham — probably a variant of Maryam
    Shrivi — Hindu, “follower of Shiva”
    Storiee — respelling of Story
    Xanthi — variant of Xanthe, Greek for “blonde”

  4. Nehmat is the name of a character on the Hindi show Udaariyaan.

    Alluka is a character in the anime Hunter.

    Doxa is a luxury watch brand.

    Shlay is the daughter of a popular Haitian Tiktoker based in Florida (elflacofranciscoshlay).

    Greyshell is the daughter of Ecuadorian influencers Simón Mora and Grace Castro.

    Zelyiana is the daughter of YouTube creators The Trench Family, sister to Zakyius, which also débuted this year.

    A few guesses on name origins:
    – Chimnora (Nigerian)
    – Ahado (Somali)
    – Chantzy (Yiddish)
    – Mariham (Amharic)

  5. Azaylie — English phonetic spelling of French Azélie, the full name of Catholic Saint Zélie Guérin Martin
    Biani— Luxury clothing brand
    Dune — Probably from the movie Dune as well as sand dune
    Itotiani — Nahuatl word for “Aztec Dancer”, song by Chicano Batman
    Rhayn — Probably a respelling of Rain, possibly influenced by a musician
    Rosemina — of diverse origins, in use in Haitian, Persian, and in African countries. Seems to mean “little rose.”
    Rouss — musician Pablo Rouss?

  6. Thank you so much for doing all this research, Andrea and alex!

    As soon as I’m done writing blog posts about all the new data, I will come back and read all of your comments much more closely. :)

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