How popular is the baby name Hurdis in the United States right now? How popular was it historically? Use the popularity graph and data table below to find out! Plus, see all the blog posts that mention the name Hurdis.

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Popularity of the baby name Hurdis

Posts that mention the name Hurdis

Number names: Winona, Secundus, Trey, Shiro, Quinn

Here are some baby names with number associations:

1Ensio, Ichiro, Ilkin, Primo, Winona
2Jiro, Secundus
3Mitsuo, Saburo, Tercero, Tertius, Trey, Trinity
5Goro, Quentin, Quincy, Quinn, Quinta, Quintin, Quintina, Quinton, Quintus
6Rokuro, Sextus, Sesto
7Septima, Septimus, Settimia, Settimio, Shichiro
8Hachiro, Octavia, Octavian, Octavio, Octavius, Ottavia, Ottavio
9Kuro, Nona
10Decima, Decimus, Juro

And here are a few people with these names:

  • Primo Levi (1919-1987) – Jewish-Italian chemist, Holocaust survivor and author
  • Hurdis Secundus Lalande Ravenshaw (1869-1920) – British army officer
  • Quincy Jones (born 1933) – American musician, producer and composer
  • Septimus Winner (1827-1902) – American songwriter
  • Octavia Butler (1947-2006) – American science-fiction author