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Popular baby names in the Czech Republic, 2016

czech republic

According to data from the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, the most popular baby names in the country in 2016 were Eliška and Jakub.

Here are the Czech Republic’s top 10 girl names and top 10 boy names of 2016:

Girl Names

  1. Eliška, 2,219 baby girls
  2. Tereza, 1,915
  3. Anna, 1,765
  4. Adéla, 1,530
  5. Natálie, 1,382
  6. Ema, 1,274
  7. Viktorie, 1,246
  8. Sofie, 1,238
  9. Karolína, 1,187
  10. Kristýna, 1,017

Boy Names

  1. Jakub, 2,756 baby boys
  2. Jan, 2,426
  3. Adam, 2,020
  4. Tomáš, 1,843
  5. Matyáš, 1,727
  6. Filip, 1,607
  7. Ondrej, 1,575
  8. Vojtech, 1,569
  9. Matej, 1,553
  10. David, 1,532

I forgot to post the 2015 rankings, but here are the 2014 rankings — the top two names (Eliška and Jakub) were the same.

Some of the names used just once last year include: Arslen, Bivoj, Cirilla, Dalibor Jan, Elayo, Fedderick, Gyozo, Horst, Inari, Janko, Kvído, Leen, Mio, Nemanja, Oktavián, Pankrác, Quido Adam, Rostislava, Sagvan, Torian, Ute, Velen Vítek, Wendelin, Xenie, Yazan, and Žasmina. (This is a mix of both boy and girl names.)

Gyozo means “conqueror” in Hungarian. It’s basically the Hungarian equivalent of Victor.

Source: Cetnost jmen a príjmení (via Maybe it is Daijiro (aka Maks))