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Popularity of the Baby Name Senator

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Born in the U.S. Since 1880

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3 Baby Names Inspired by the Election

Barack Obama1 & 2:
Barack and Mitt, twin baby boys, were born to Millicent Owuor of Kenya on the day of the election. Barack was the first twin born, Mitt the second. “Several other new mothers around Kogelo also named their newborns after Obama, but Owuor was the only one to call her baby Mitt.”

Senator, a baby boy, was born to Chris and Wendi Bench of Utah. Wendi said, “I’m not really sure what influenced it…but I thought it would be a great name to give him a little bit of respect, with some room for scandal.”

Sources: Kenyan mother names new babies Barack and Mitt, Kenyan twins named after Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, Utah Couple Dubs Their Kid ‘Senator’