Baby whose embryo survived Katrina flooding named Noah

The lives of Louisiana couple Glen and Rebekah Markham were thrown into disarray by Hurricane Katrina in August of 2005.

Rebekah and the couple’s toddler evacuated before the storm hit, while Glen, a New Orleans police officer, stayed to work. They were entirely out of touch for about two weeks.

Months later, after the chaos had died down, Rebekah called her fertility clinic and learned that the couple’s frozen embryos had been rescued from the floodwater by medical personnel.

Several months after that, Rebekah had one of those embryos implanted.

Earlier today, she gave birth via Caesarean section to a baby boy.

They baby’s name? Noah Benton Markham — first name borrowed from the Bible’s most famous flood-survivor.

(In total, 20 babies were born “as a result of the rescued embryos, which puts Noah among the youngest survivors of the storm that took more than 1,800 lives.”)


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