Popular middle names in Scotland, 2007

Scotland is very thorough when it comes to baby names. Its government publishes information on popular names, unique names, and even middle names.

Technically, though, the term seems to be “second forenames” — so here are the top “second forenames” in Scotland for 2007:

Girl Names

  1. Elizabeth
  2. Louise
  3. Jane
  4. Rose
  5. Margaret
  6. Anne
  7. Grace
  8. Mary
  9. Ann
  10. Catherine
  11. Marie
  12. May
  13. Jean
  14. Helen
  15. Sarah
  16. Isabella
  17. Leigh
  18. Anna
  19. Nicole
  20. Mae

Boy Names

  1. James
  2. John
  3. William
  4. Alexander
  5. David
  6. Thomas
  7. Robert
  8. Andrew
  9. George
  10. Michael
  11. Joseph
  12. Scott
  13. Peter
  14. Daniel
  15. Paul
  16. Patrick
  17. Alan
  18. Jack
  19. Ian
  20. Stephen

Here’s a short analysis of the names, courtesy of the Registrar General for Scotland:

It is clear that second names are more “traditional”, reflecting the names of previous generations in many cases. There are few changes in the lists of second names from year to year, with James and John, and Elizabeth and Louise being consistently popular. In 2007 the top ten second names for boys and girls are the same as last year with just a few minor changes in ranking.

Overall, 83% of the boys and 76% of the girls born in Scotland this past year were given at least one middle name, and 18% of boys and 13% of girls were given more than one.

4 thoughts on “Popular middle names in Scotland, 2007

  1. I cannot think of a good middle name for my first son Brayden… It’s so hard i have been searching and searching and i cannot find one… please give me some ideas if you can…
    His name would be Brayden — Depuy

  2. Hi Shelby,
    What sort of name are you looking for (in terms of things like style, popularity, formality, etc.)? That will really help us come up with useful suggestions…

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