Holiday baby name: Christmas Day

Christmas tree decorations

Yesterday I listed some people named Christmas Eve. Have there also been people named Christmas Day?

Yup, dozens.

The oldest I’ve spotted is Christmas Day (male) who was christened in March of 1659 in Berkshire, England.

The next-oldest are from the 1700s:

  • Christmas Day (male) christened on June 12, 1711, in London, England
  • Christmas Day (male) christened on December 27, 1762, in Suffolk, England

And there are a bunch in the 1800s, including the following:

  • Samuel Christmas Day (male) born on November 9, 1809 (and christened on December 24, 1809) in London, England
  • Christmas Day Godfrey (male) christened on January 3, 1817, in Norfolk, England
  • William Christmas Day (male) christened December 28, 1820, in Suffolk, England
  • Anna Christmas Day Dye (female) christened on November 11, 1837, in Norfolk, England
  • Christmas Day Jones (male) born circa 1850 in Wales
  • Christmas Day (male) born in December, 1876, in Ohio
  • John Christmas Day (male) born circa 1878 in New Zealand
  • Christmas Day Wagstaff, christened on January 27, 1884, in Essex, England

I haven’t seen anyone named Christmas Day since 1900, though.

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Image: Adapted from Bellagio Christmas tree by Bert Kaufmann under CC BY-SA 2.0.

3 thoughts on “Holiday baby name: Christmas Day

  1. It’s funny how people decide the gender of non-gendered names – most of the Christmas Eves are female, while I notice that nearly all the Christmas Days are male. How did they (nearly) all instinctively know that Day is a boy’s name? (Davy without the V???)

  2. Great observation!

    Perhaps people see Eve & Day as opposites (like Moon & Sun), and since “Eve” sort of anchors Christmas Eve to the girls’ side, “Day” by default goes to the boys?


  3. That makes sense! So I guess Christmas Night would be girl? Although that means Christmas Morning would be male … if anyone has even used these hypothetical names!

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