Baby name predictions: Ellar, Iselle, Seanix

Prediction time!

Here are three names that might see increased usage in 2014, thanks to popular culture…


I’ve been hearing a lot about Boyhood (2014) recently. The movie, which took 12 years to film, stars Ellar Coltrane as a boy named Mason. The baby name Mason has become quite popular within the last 12 years, but Ellar remains entirely off the radar. Is that about to change?


Tropical Storm Iselle
Tropical storm Iselle closing in on Hawaii (August 8)

Two of the biggest storms to hit the state of Hawaii, Iniki and Iselle, both happen to start with the letter I. We know Iniki influenced the baby name charts back in the early 1990s, but we’ll have to wait and see about Iselle. What do you think — will we see more babies named Iselle in 2014?

(Ignacio, Isis, Irwin, Ileana and Ivo are the I-names on reserve for future storms in the area.)


Never overlook reality TV when it comes to baby names. A relatively new series called Treehouse Masters includes a cast member/carpenter named Seanix (pronounced SHAWN-icks). If the name Carmindy can last on the charts for 6 years, I think Seanix certainly stands a chance. What do you think?

Other 2014 predictions so far include Lacey and Zarina. Do you have any more to add to the list?

Source: Pacific Tropical Cyclone Names (Central Pacific Hurricane Center)
Image: 8/8/2014 0152Z Tropical Storm Iselle by SSAI/NASA, Hal Pierce

14 thoughts on “Baby name predictions: Ellar, Iselle, Seanix

  1. I think Iselle will show up in the stats. Katrina did so, too. I don’t have a feeling about the other two, but I’m afraid, Seanix is that awful that it appeals to certain parents (pseudo-irish pronounciation of a name with the letter “x” not in the irish alphabet, shudder).

    Nominations for other names (besides L’Wren who showed up prematurely already in 2013 and Pixie for Pixie Geldof) include

    * Wyldstyle For The LEGO Movie female protagonist

    * Vitruvius Also The LEGO Movie

    * Sibel For Sibel Kekili, Turkish-German actress playing Tyrion Lannisters mistress Shae in The Game of Thrones

  2. Eek, I should have looked up the deceased daughter of Bob Geldof, it was Peaches, not her sister Pixie.

    And there are more …

    * Tauriel from the Hobbit 2

    * Ska Short for Franziska, a young politician from the German Green Party, being the first candidate for the European elections earlier this year.

  3. Usually its character names that get a boost, not the actors names, so I think Ellar will continue unused.

  4. @elbowin – I remember you suggesting Tauriel a while back! Very curious to see if that one ends up debuting in 2014.

    I’m on the fence about Wyldstyle. It reminds me of Vanellope, and both Wilde and Styles have been on the list recently for boys, but “Wyldstyle” still seems a bit extreme. I could see 1-2 babies getting the name, but as many as 5? Hm.

    Vitruvius, on the other hand…I’m surprised that one hasn’t been on the list already.

  5. Another nomination—this time from religion:

    * Floribeth for Floribeth Mora Diaz. Her healing was acknowledged as a miracle by the Roman Catholic church in the process of canonisation of Pope Johannes Paul II.

  6. I’m predicting a Odeya.

    The young Isreali Actress Odeya Rush will be in The Giver and she’s been on a few shows doing press for the movie. Besides that she’s well spoken and rather pretty… her name feels like it would fit in well with names like Aleah and Olivia.

  7. Another nominee is Dessa.

    The Indie rapper from Minneapolis is probably still best known here, but she’s on a nationwide tour and she has hosted a show on PBS. More relevantly her name feels right on trend w/ Tessa and Jessa.

    Since Ukraine has also been in the news for months on end and our increase familiarity with Odessa might add some influence.

    For the matter… Odessa as a name might get a boost this year too.

  8. Next try: Robin (for a boy).

    It currently high in the media because of Robin Williams, and it was in the media a few weeks ago because of the Dutch football player Robin van Persie.

  9. @elbowin – Just spotted Sibel (5 baby girls) on the Eng/Wales list out today. Haven’t checked historical usage, but it reminded me of your comment…

  10. The 13 year old little league pitcher Mo’ne Davis is getting quite a bit of attention… I wonder if how many expectant parents she’ll inspire this summer?

  11. Here’s another great name ready for debut: Philae, the name from the lander on the comet (from the Rosetta mission).

    The name sounds like a phantasy (with the stereotypical -ae ending) but is the name of an Egyptian island.

    Also Rosetta does not sound too bad, doesn’t it? Or is it too early for a comeback of that name?

  12. Good idea! Just added Philae to this year’s Name Game post (coming up in a couple of weeks!).

    I’m not sure about Rosetta. I think the association with Rosetta Stone software is holding the name down, and I don’t know if the spacecraft will be able to put a dent in that association.

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