The top girl-name debuts of 2013

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Vanellope, the name of the feisty Wreck-It Ralph character, was the top debut name of 2013.

Of all the girl names appearing for the very first time on a Social Security Administration baby name list in 2013, the following were the most popular:

1. Vanellope, 63 baby girls
2. Delayza, 24
3. Adalind, 23
4. Jonylah, 22
5. Daleiza, 19
6. Daleisa, 18
7. Dalayza, 17
8. Daleyssa, 16
9. Ariebella, 15
10. Jennicka, 15
11. Stassi, 14
12. Jayceona, 13
13. Dalexa, 12
14. Graceleigh, 12
15. Kemely, 12
16. Lennan, 12
17. Pihu, 12
18. Spruha, 12
19. Hypatia, 11
20. Idalie, 11
21. Jessalee, 11
22. Mayalen, 11
23. Mirola, 11
24. Riyaan, 11
25. Sansa, 11

And a selection from the 10-and-under group: Aleciram (Maricela backwards), Jayceon, Oswin, Zaleigha, Azealia, Eribella, Jayceonna, Kahleesi, Malala, Pistol, Pragati, Vanelope, Venelope, Wrenly, Faraday, Happiness, Pemberley, Wrenley, Epic, Prim, Rarity, Briggs, Charlemagne, Kinzington, Bow, Essined (Denisse backwards), Gunner, Lwren (L’Wren), Moxxi, Quora, Sierraleone, Thisbe, Versavia, Zeppelin.

Where do these names come from? Here are some explanations:

  • Vanellope, Vanelope, Venelope – from Vanellope von Schweetz, a character in the Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph (2012). Her name is a portmanteau of “vanilla” and “Penelope.”
  • Delayza, Daleiza, Daleisa, Dalayza, Daleyssa, Dalexa – from Daleyza Hernandez, a character on the Spanish-language TV show “Larrymania.”
  • Adalind – from Adalind Schade, a character on the TV show “Grimm.”
  • Jonylah – from Jonylah Watkins, the 6-month-old Chicago baby who was fatally shot back in March.
  • Stassi – from Stassi Schroeder (birth name Nastassia) of the Bravo reality TV show “Vanderpump Rules.”
  • Jayceona, Jayceon, Jayceonna – from Jayceon Taylor (a.k.a. The Game) of the VH1 reality TV show “Marrying The Game.”
  • Pihu – from Pihu Kapoor, a character on the Indian TV show “Bade Achhe Lagte Hain.”
  • Spruha – from Indian actress Spruha Joshi?
  • Hypatia – from the film Agora (2009)?
  • Sansa – from Sansa Stark, a character on the TV show “Game of Thrones.”
  • Malala – from Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakistani activist.

Can you come up with explanations for any of the others?

P.S. Here are the girl name debuts for 2012, 2011 and 2010.

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Source: SSA

Image: Adapted from LotusBud0048a (public domain) by Frank “Fg2” Gualtieri

5 thoughts on “The top girl-name debuts of 2013

  1. How exciting! Some possibilities:

    Lennan: same as Lennon. Lennon Stella is a country singer.
    Idalie: Youtube personality Adeline Idalie? Her videos have thousands of views.
    Mayalen: a minor character the 2013 telenovela Amor Bravío?
    Oswin: Clara “Oswin” Oswald, Dr Who character
    Azealia: singer Iggy Azalea
    Kahleesi: same as Khaleesi, from Game of Thrones
    Pemberley: 2013 miniseries “Death comes to Pemberley”?
    Epic: 2013 animated movie
    Prim: Primrose “Prim” is Katniss’s sister in The Hunger Games
    Kinzington: Kensington (Palace?)
    Bow: inspired by all the popular “archery” movies (Brave, Hunger Games)?
    L’Wren: L’Wren Scott, died recently
    Versavia: apparently a location in the popular game League of Legends

  2. Kind of a stretch, but in 2013 scientists found evidence of a comet hitting earth 28 million years ago. Long story short the scientists named the comet Hypatia.

    Azealia Banks – rapper.

    Thisbe… I’m not sure why it’s hitting the list now, but the 2009 Sarah Dessen YA novel Along for The Ride includes an infant Thisbe. Maybe the reader of her books are just now becoming 1st time parents?

    Rarity – My Little Pony?

  3. There’s a My Little Pony named Rarity? Huh, I don’t remember that one. These must be next-generation ponies or something…

  4. Becca just told me about reality TV show “I Love Jenni,” which features a character named Jenicka. The popularity of Jenicka increased from 13 to 89 baby girls from 2012 to 2013, so that explains the Jennicka debut.

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