How popular is the baby name Adalind in the United States right now? How popular was it historically? Use the popularity graph and data table below to find out! Plus, see all the blog posts that mention the name Adalind.

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Popularity of the baby name Adalind

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Girl names that end with a D-sound

Girl names that end with a D-sound

In the U.S., most of the names given to baby girls end with a vowel sound. And many of the remaining names end with an N-sound.

So, what about girl names that end with other sounds?

Below is a selection of girl names that end with a D-sound, regardless of last letter. The names are ordered by current popularity.

From the type of precious stone. Here’s the popularity graph for Jade.

From the Germanic name Adalheidis, meaning “noble character” or “nobleness.” Here’s the popularity graph for Adelaide.

From an Old Norse name made up of elements meaning “god” and “beautiful.” Here’s the popularity graph for Astrid.

From the region in the Netherlands. Here’s the popularity graph for Holland.

From the type of precious stone. Here’s the popularity graph for Emerald.

From the type of flower. Here’s the popularity graph for Marigold.

Based on the Welsh name Gwenfrewi (which belonged to a 7th-century Welsh martyr). Here’s the popularity graph for Winifred.

From an Old Norse name made up of elements meaning “Ing” (the name of a god) and “beautiful.” Here’s the popularity graph for Ingrid.

From a Germanic name made up of elements meaning “horse” and “mild, pliable.” Here’s the popularity graph for Rosalind.

From the island in the North Atlantic. Here’s the popularity graph for Ireland.

From the type of precious stone. Here’s the popularity graph for Diamond.

From the Hebrew name Yehuda, which may mean “praise.” Here’s the popularity graph for Jude.

From an Old English name made up of elements meaning “mild” and “strength.” Here’s the popularity graph for Mildred.

From the English vocabulary word. Here’s the popularity graph for Legend.

A Hebrew name meaning “Yahweh is glory.” Here’s the popularity graph for Yocheved.

A variant of the Irish name Brighid, meaning “the exalted one.” Here’s the popularity graph for Brigid.

From an Old Norse name made up of elements meaning “victory” and “beautiful.” Here’s the popularity graph for Sigrid.

From the country in the United Kingdom. Here’s the popularity graph for Scotland.

From the English vocabulary word. Here’s the popularity graph for Island.

From the English surname, which is derived from the Middle English word for “red.” Here’s the popularity graph for Reid.

From the Germanic name Matilda, made up of elements meaning “might, strength” and “battle.” Here’s the popularity graph for Maude.

From a Germanic name made up of elements meaning “noble” and “mild, pliable.” Here’s the popularity graph for Adalind.

From a Germanic name made up of elements meaning “spear” and “strength.” Here’s the popularity graph for Gertrude.

An Arabic word meaning “honey.” Here’s the popularity graph for Shahd.

Might be based on the Welsh word enaid, meaning “soul” or “life.” Here’s the popularity graph for Enid.

An Arabic word meaning “generous.” Here’s the popularity graph for Jood.

The Spanish word for “solitude.” Here’s the popularity graph for Soledad.

From a Germanic name made up of elements meaning “battle” and “enclosure, yard.” Here’s the popularity graph for Hildegard.

The Scottish form of Margaret, which is derived from the Ancient Greek word for “pearl.” Here’s the popularity graph for Mairead.

An Arabic word meaning “affluent.” Here’s the popularity graph for Raghad.

Less-common girl names that end with a D-sound include Jind, England, Rosamund, Sinead, Alanoud, Orchid, and Kindred. I also spotted Ailed and Anaid — names created by spelling Delia and Diana backwards — in the SSA data.

Which of the above do you like most? What others can you think of?


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Popular and unique baby names in each U.S. state, 2020

USA topographic map

Which baby names were the most popular in each U.S. state in 2020? And which names only popped up in the data for a single state in 2020? Here are the answers! (Any unique name that also appeared in last year’s post is in boldface.)


  • Alabama’s top girl name: Ava
  • Alabama’s top boy name: William
  • Alabama’s 7 unique girl names: Emoree, Khylie, Petrona, Annalynn, Jailee, Kaloni, Loxley
  • Alabama’s 7 unique boy names: Kyser, Mills, Johnluke, Kamar, Kendarius, Saylor, Xzavion


  • Alaska’s top girl name: Amelia
  • Alaska’s top boy name: Oliver
  • No unique girl names.
  • No unique boy names.


  • Arizona’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Arizona’s top boy name: Liam
  • Arizona’s 3 unique girl names: Zo, Ariza, Payson
  • Arizona’s 2 unique boy names: Iram, Quill


  • Arkansas’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Arkansas’s top boy name: Liam
  • No unique girl names
  • No unique boy names.


  • California’s top girl name: Olivia
  • California’s top boy name: Noah
  • California’s top 10 unique girl names: Sequoia, Emiko, Rey, Melrose, Roxanna, Shaila, Briseida, Ara, Cathy, Koa (total of 551)
  • California’s top 10 unique boy names: Slater, Curren, Armen, Fateh, Agam, Angad, Gurbaaz, Subhan, Yash, Ojas (total of 394)


  • Colorado’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Colorado’s top boy name: Liam
  • No unique girl names.
  • No unique boy names.


  • Connecticut’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Connecticut’s top boy name: Noah
  • No unique girl names.
  • Connecticut’s 1 unique boy name: Henrique


  • Delaware’s top girl name: Charlotte
  • Delaware’s top boy name: Liam
  • No unique girl names.
  • No unique boy names.

District of Columbia

  • D.C.’s top girl name: Olivia
  • D.C.’s top boy name: William
  • No unique girl names.
  • No unique boy names.


  • Florida’s top girl name: Emma
  • Florida’s top boy name: Liam
  • Florida’s top 10 unique girl names: Abigaelle, Harbor, Allana, Breeze, Forever, Jaziyah, Railyn, Aniyla, Arielis, Dalani (total of 81)
  • Florida’s top 10 unique boy names: Aramis, Jaheim, Javaris, Maleek, Caio, Jahleel, Jeriel, Kamir, Marvens, Amyr (total of 81)


  • Georgia’s top girl name: Ava
  • Georgia’s top boy name: Liam
  • Georgia’s top 10 unique girl names: Harmonii, Emmagrace, Kaior, Kiersten, Maebry, Makiya, Aloni, Jersi, Allura, Amalie (total of 25)
  • Georgia’s top 10 unique boy names: Antwon, Kiari, Woods, Elnathan, Jalil, Javontae, Keigan, Londyn, Mansa, Rhylan (total of 30)


  • Hawaii’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Hawaii’s top boy name: Liam
  • Hawaii’s 6 unique girl names: Halia, Anela Mahealani, Ilihia, Malie, Maile
  • Hawaii’s 6 unique boy names: Kainalu, Kahiau, Kamahao, Keawe, Alika, Kaikoa


  • Idaho’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Idaho’s top boy name: Oliver
  • No unique girl names.
  • No unique boy names.


  • Illinois’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Illinois’s top boy name: Noah
  • Illinois’s top 10 unique girl names: Zuzanna, Pola, Aniela, Eleen, Daliyah, Calia, Daniya, Destini, Eleonora, Esha (total of 18)
  • Illinois’s top 10 unique boy names: Krystian, Teodor, Jovon, Petar, Syair, Vuk, Akshar, Jameer, Kiyaan, Lashawn (total of 24)


  • Indiana’s top girl name: Charlotte
  • Indiana’s top boy name: Oliver
  • Indiana’s 2 unique girl names: Aayla, Renlee
  • Indiana’s 8 unique boy names: Maciah, Axtyn, Buckley, Emmerson, Javonni, Kashten, Lavon, Layken


  • Iowa’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Iowa’s top boy name: Oliver
  • No unique girl names.
  • Iowa’s 1 unique boy name: Kinnick
    • Kinnick is the name of the University of Iowa’s football stadium.


  • Kansas’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Kansas’s top boy name: Liam
  • Kansas’s 2 unique girl names: Brecken, Atley
  • No unique boy names.


  • Kentucky’s top girl name: Amelia
  • Kentucky’s top boy name: Liam
  • Kentucky’s 2 unique girl names: Larkyn, Karson
  • Kentucky’s 1 unique boy name: Brentlee


  • Louisiana’s top girl name: Ava
  • Louisiana’s top boy name: Liam
  • Louisiana’s 8 unique girl names: Kaislee, Rylen, Harlym, Riyah, Cecile, Damiya, Jrue, Rhemi
  • Louisiana’s 6 unique boy names: Baylen, Daxx, Jansen, Tylin, Hutson, Tyrin


  • Maine’s top girl name: Charlotte
  • Maine’s top boy name: Oliver
  • No unique girl names.
  • No unique boy names.


  • Maryland’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Maryland’s top boy name: Liam
  • Maryland’s 7 unique girl names: Dynver, Oakland, Brailyn, Chidera, Gelila, Kaylei, Shekinah
  • Maryland’s 3 unique boy names: Yafet, Jordon, Karon


  • Massachusetts’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Massachusetts’s top boy name: Noah
  • Massachusetts’s 8 unique girl names: Aylla, Manuella, Eloah, Nelle, Clarisse, Emilly, Heloisa, Malu
  • Massachusetts’s 8 unique boy names: Heitor, Tadhg, Joaopedro, Noriel, Walden, Dana, Enzogabriel, Jordany


  • Michigan’s top girl name: Charlotte
  • Michigan’s top boy name: Oliver
  • Michigan’s top 10 unique girl names: Zahraa, Cashmere, Ellouise, Manar, Breslyn, Cobi, Hala, Raneem, Arla, Avacyn (total of 22)
  • Michigan’s top 10 unique boy names: Blair, Ayham, Coltyn, Nicklas, Daijon, Alastair, Deante, Haidar, Kodah, Mohsen (total of 13)


  • Minnesota’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Minnesota’s top boy name: Henry
  • Minnesota’s top 10 unique girl names: Maida, Rayan, Nawal, Adna, Ahlam, Ikhlas, Ayan, Britta, Mumtaz, Munira (total of 28)
  • Minnesota’s top 10 unique boy names: Muad, Muhsin, Yaqub, Sudais, Abdulahi, Mohamedamin, Masud, Liban, Mikko, Yonis (total of 23)


  • Mississippi’s top girl name: Ava
  • Mississippi’s top boy name: James
  • Mississippi’s 3 unique girl names: Harlei, Mattilyn, Rivers
  • Mississippi’s 6 unique boy names: Ashtin, Devonta, Aycen, Jakayden, Keondre, Landan


  • Missouri’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Missouri’s top boy name: Oliver
  • Missouri’s 8 unique girl names: Kelce, Esma, Kamori, Quinley, Blu, Jhream, Kendyl, Mavery
  • Missouri’s 5 unique boy names: Travon, Bryton, Darrion, Sutter, Whitley


  • Montana’s top girl name: Charlotte & Olivia (tie)
  • Montana’s top boy name: Oliver
  • No unique girl names.
  • No unique boy names.


  • Nebraska’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Nebraska’s top boy name: Oliver
  • Nebraska’s 1 unique girl name: Breckyn
  • Nebraska’s 1 unique boy name: Eh


  • Nevada’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Nevada’s top boy name: Liam
  • Nevada’s 1 unique girl name: Unity
  • No unique boy names.

New Hampshire

  • New Hampshire’s top girl name: Charlotte
  • New Hampshire’s top boy name: Lucas
  • No unique girl names.
  • No unique boy names.

New Jersey

  • New Jersey’s top girl name: Olivia
  • New Jersey’s top boy name: Liam
  • New Jersey’s top 10 unique girl names: Bluma, Ruchama, Leba, Avigayil, Jadelyn, Alianny, Arna, Bina, Ita, Maahi (total of 13)
  • New Jersey’s top 10 unique boy names: Boruch, Shraga, Gershon, Shaul, Avigdor, Naksh, Abeer, Nesanel, Refoel, Yerachmiel (total of 19)

New Mexico

  • New Mexico’s top girl name: Olivia
  • New Mexico’s top boy name: Liam
  • No unique girl names.
  • No unique boy names.

New York

  • New York’s top girl name: Olivia
  • New York’s top boy name: Liam
  • New York’s top 10 unique girl names: Gitty, Yitty, Raizy, Sury, Esty, Goldy, Idy, Henny, Yides, Hinda (total of 174)
    • Esty came up in the 2020 Pop Culture Baby Name Game because of the Netflix mini-series Unorthodox, which features an ultra-Orthodox Jewish main character named Esty from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC. Of the 67 baby girls named Esty last year, 59 were born in New York specifically.
  • New York’s top 10 unique boy names: Lipa, Yechiel, Hershel, Pinchas, Avrum, Lazer, Md, Nachman, Berl, Muhammadyusuf (total of 157)

North Carolina

  • North Carolina’s top girl name: Olivia
  • North Carolina’s top boy name: Liam
  • North Carolina’s 8 unique girl names: Wrenn, Katara, Beckley, Embree, Kaileigh, Promyse, Reigna, Twyla
  • North Carolina’s top 10 unique boy names: Nolyn, Calihan, Aysen, Bladen, Damarcus, Dempsey, Hilton, Jahmere, Kaedyn, Kamdon (total of 16)

North Dakota

  • North Dakota’s top girl name: Amelia & Olivia
  • North Dakota’s top boy name: Oliver
  • North Dakota’s 1 unique girl name: Girl (…still probably just a place-holder)
  • No unique boy names.


  • Ohio’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Ohio’s top boy name: Liam
  • Ohio’s top 10 unique girl names: Damyla, Jozie, Delainey, Delila, Dorcas, Joselynn, Maisley, Maizey, Marcia, Bexleigh (total of 22)
  • Ohio’s top 10 unique boy names: Willis, Larkin, Jashawn, Abdallah, Bennet, Bexley, Buck, Cylus, Freeman, Graeme (total of 26)


  • Oklahoma’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Oklahoma’s top boy name: Liam
  • Oklahoma’s 4 unique girl names: Brenlee, Jentri, Lun, Man
  • Oklahoma’s 5 unique boy names: Pau, Creek, Mung, Cale, Dayson


  • Oregon’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Oregon’s top boy name: Oliver
  • No unique girl names.
  • Oregon’s 1 unique boy name: Rogue


  • Pennsylvania’s top girl name: Emma
  • Pennsylvania’s top boy name: Noah
  • Pennsylvania’s top 10 unique girl names: Barbie, Suhaylah, Lavina, Verna, Surah, Erma, Adalind, Azara, Saloma, Aasiyah (total of 28)
  • Pennsylvania’s top 10 unique boy names: Mahlon, Benuel, Ayyub, Aasim, Lavern, Baxter, Carmen, Muadh, Ahzir, Asir (total of 32)

Rhode Island

  • Rhode Island’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Rhode Island’s top boy name: Liam
  • No unique girl names.
  • No unique boy names.

South Carolina

  • South Carolina’s top girl name: Ava
  • South Carolina’s top boy name: William
  • South Carolina’s 3 unique girl names: Kaniya, Ellory, Indya
  • South Carolina’s 3 unique boy names: Drayton, Bowman, Collins

South Dakota

  • South Dakota’s top girl name: Harper
  • South Dakota’s top boy name: Oliver
  • No unique girl names.
  • No unique boy names.


  • Tennessee’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Tennessee’s top boy name: Liam
  • Tennessee’s top 10 unique girl names: Anslee, Callaway, Henleigh, Mallie, Amellia, Blakley, Chloee, Crimson, Emersynn, Ivyanna (total of 14)
  • Tennessee’s top 10 unique boy names: Neyland, Martavious, Holston, Ladarius, Mckinley, Ripken, Conley, Crockett, Kimoni, Ryman (total of 11)
    • Neyland is the name of the University of Tennessee’s football stadium.
    • Holston is the name of a river in Tennessee.
    • Ryman is the name of the Nashville auditorium that was the home of the Grand Ole Opry (1943-’74).


  • Texas’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Texas’s top boy name: Liam
  • Texas’s top 10 unique girl names: Elida, Kymber, Roberta, Xaria, Debanhi, Karyme, Abilene, Kirby, Analeigh, Bryar (total of 452)
    • Abilene is the name of a city in Texas.
  • Texas’s top 10 unique boy names: Crawford, Homero, Guadalupe, Eliazar, Abiel, Clemente, Javi, Koe, Javen, Kutter (total of 276)


  • Utah’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Utah’s top boy name: Oliver
  • Utah’s 5 unique girl names: Alta, Scottlyn, Cozette, Auburn, Swayzie
  • Utah’s 6 unique boy names: Kaladin, Taggart, Thayne, Trapper, Alma, Quaid
    • Kaladin is the name of a character in the Stormlight Archive book series by Utah author Brandon Sanderson.


  • Vermont’s top girl name: Amelia
  • Vermont’s top boy name: Oliver
  • No unique girl names.
  • No unique boy names.


  • Virginia’s top girl name: Charlotte
  • Virginia’s top boy name: Liam
  • Virginia’s 6 unique girl names: Soliana, Soliyana, Cornelia, Harlan, Makenzi, Yanet
  • Virginia’s 6 unique boy names: Yuvin, Berkley, Keandre, Nayel, Nyzir, Sarim


  • Washington’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Washington’s top boy name: Oliver
  • Washington’s 6 unique girl names: Ellinor, Jasper, Freja, Korah, Ravenna, Robbie
    • Ravenna is the name of a neighborhood in Seattle.
  • Washington’s 7 unique boy names: Finlay, Amnen, Finnan, Lochlann, Peregrine, Echo, Jettson

West Virginia

  • West Virginia’s top girl name: Harper
  • West Virginia’s top boy name: Liam
  • No unique girl names.
  • No unique boy names.


  • Wisconsin’s top girl name: Charlotte
  • Wisconsin’s top boy name: Oliver
  • Wisconsin’s 1 unique girl name: Marietta
  • Wisconsin’s 2 unique boy names: Chet, Everhett


  • Wyoming’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Wyoming’s top boy name: Oliver
  • No unique girl names.
  • No unique boy names.

Have any info/theories on any of the unique names above? If so, please leave a comment!

Source: Popular Names by State – SSA

Image (USATopographicalMap) by NOAA

The top girl-name debuts of 2013

lotus bud

Vanellope, the name of the feisty Wreck-It Ralph character, was the top debut name of 2013.

Of all the girl names appearing for the very first time on a Social Security Administration baby name list in 2013, the following were the most popular:

1. Vanellope, 63 baby girls
2. Delayza, 24
3. Adalind, 23
4. Jonylah, 22
5. Daleiza, 19
6. Daleisa, 18
7. Dalayza, 17
8. Daleyssa, 16
9. Ariebella, 15
10. Jennicka, 15
11. Stassi, 14
12. Jayceona, 13
13. Dalexa, 12
14. Graceleigh, 12
15. Kemely, 12
16. Lennan, 12
17. Pihu, 12
18. Spruha, 12
19. Hypatia, 11
20. Idalie, 11
21. Jessalee, 11
22. Mayalen, 11
23. Mirola, 11
24. Riyaan, 11
25. Sansa, 11

And a selection from the 10-and-under group: Aleciram (Maricela backwards), Jayceon, Oswin, Zaleigha, Azealia, Eribella, Jayceonna, Kahleesi, Malala, Pistol, Pragati, Vanelope, Venelope, Wrenly, Faraday, Happiness, Pemberley, Wrenley, Epic, Prim, Rarity, Briggs, Charlemagne, Kinzington, Bow, Essined (Denisse backwards), Gunner, Lwren (L’Wren), Moxxi, Quora, Sierraleone, Thisbe, Versavia, Zeppelin.

Where do these names come from? Here are some explanations:

  • Vanellope, Vanelope, Venelope – from Vanellope von Schweetz, a character in the Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph (2012). Her name is a portmanteau of “vanilla” and “Penelope.”
  • Delayza, Daleiza, Daleisa, Dalayza, Daleyssa, Dalexa – from Daleyza Hernandez, a character on the Spanish-language TV show “Larrymania.”
  • Adalind – from Adalind Schade, a character on the TV show “Grimm.”
  • Jonylah – from Jonylah Watkins, the 6-month-old Chicago baby who was fatally shot back in March.
  • Stassi – from Stassi Schroeder (birth name Nastassia) of the Bravo reality TV show “Vanderpump Rules.”
  • Jayceona, Jayceon, Jayceonna – from Jayceon Taylor (a.k.a. The Game) of the VH1 reality TV show “Marrying The Game.”
  • Pihu – from Pihu Kapoor, a character on the Indian TV show “Bade Achhe Lagte Hain.”
  • Spruha – from Indian actress Spruha Joshi?
  • Hypatia – from the film Agora (2009)?
  • Sansa – from Sansa Stark, a character on the TV show “Game of Thrones.”
  • Malala – from Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakistani activist.

Can you come up with explanations for any of the others?

P.S. Here are the girl name debuts for 2012, 2011 and 2010.

U.S. Baby Names 2013: Most popular names, Top girl-name debuts, Top boy-name debuts, Biggest girl-name changes, Biggest boy-name changes, Top first letters, Top lengths, Top girl names by letter, Top boy names by letter

Source: SSA

Image: Adapted from LotusBud0048a (public domain) by Frank “Fg2” Gualtieri

Anagram baby names (7 letters long)

Anagram baby names (7 letters)

Looking for a set of baby names with something in common? If so, here are some 7-letter anagram names for you to check out!

Anagrams are words that contain the same set of letters, but not in the same sequence. For instance, the words “observe,” “obverse,” and “verbose” are all anagrams of one another.

Anagram names can be a neat option for siblings — particularly multiples (like twins and triplets). They’re also a clever way to connect a baby name to the name of an older relative (e.g., grandpa Stanley, granddaughter Eastlyn).

Below are hundreds of seven-letter names (collected from the SSA’s huge database of U.S. baby names) that happen to be anagrams of other names.

Seven-letter anagram names

  • Adileny, Adilyne, Adyline, Aidelyn, Aydelin, Dayelin, Delainy, Delayni, Deylani, Dylanie, Yadelin
  • Alannie, Annalei, Annalie, Elainna, Elianna, Ileanna, Leianna, Linnaea, Naelani, Nalanie, Nanelia
  • Ahinara, Ahriana, Ainhara, Anariah, Arianah, Arihaan, Nahiara, Raihana
  • Ahlayna, Alaynah, Analyah, Anaylah, Halayna, Lanayah, Layanah, Nalayah
  • Amiryah, Amiyrah, Amyriah, Armiyah, Mariyah, Maryiah, Ramiyah, Ramyiah
  • Aniella, Ellaina, Elliana, Illeana, Laelani, Lealani, Leilana, Leliana
  • Elainah, Eliahna, Elianah, Elihana, Hanalei, Healani, Helaina, Naileah
  • Emaline, Emelina, Maileen, Malenie, Melaine, Melanie, Milanee, Mileena
  • Amelina, Emalina, Maelani, Malanie, Melaina, Melania, Meliana
  • Kaelani, Kailena, Kalanie, Kaniela, Kealani, Keilana, Keliana
  • Kailany, Kalyani, Kaniyla, Kaylani, Kaylina, Kyliana, Nikayla
  • Aaniyah, Aiyanah, Anaiyah, Anayiah, Haaniya, Inaayah
  • Aayansh, Anaysha, Ayaansh, Sanayah, Shanaya, Shayaan
  • Adaline, Adelani, Adelina, Daelani, Dalanie, Daniela
  • Adeline, Adilene, Daileen, Danilee, Delaine, Delanie
  • Adelynn, Andelyn, Daelynn, Edalynn, Nadelyn, Neyland
  • Aleynah, Elaynah, Elyanah, Helayna, Naleyah, Nayleah
  • Alikhan, Kahlani, Kalahni, Khailan, Khalani, Khalina
  • Avinash, Navisha, Shaanvi, Shivaan, Viaansh, Vishaan
  • Elondra, Leandro, Leonard, Renaldo, Roeland, Rolande
  • Emilian, Emilina, Meilani, Melanii, Meliani, Milanie
  • Kamaile, Kamelia, Makeila, Malekai, Melakai, Mikaela
  • Kamilah, Khamila, Makhail, Makilah, Malahki, Malakhi
  • Nasiyah, Nyashia, Saniyah, Sanyiah, Shaniya, Shanyia
  • Adalyne, Adelyna, Dalaney, Danyela, Delayna
  • Adilynn, Andilyn, Dailynn, Danilyn, Lydiann
  • Adriyan, Ariadny, Aydrian, Dariany, Yadrian
  • Ahmelia, Ameliah, Amileah, Maleiah, Mihaela
  • Aidalyn, Dailany, Daniyal, Daniyla, Daylani
  • Ailanny, Alianny, Aylanni, Ilyanna, Naylani
  • Ainsley, Elianys, Elysian, Nayelis, Yanelis
  • Aleemah, Ameelah, Haleema, Maleeah, Maleeha
  • Alondra, Arlando, Arnaldo, Orlanda, Ronalda
  • Amilyah, Amiylah, Lamiyah, Maliyah, Milayah
  • Anishka, Anshika, Kiaansh, Sakhani, Sakinah
  • Aniylah, Laniyah, Lanyiah, Naliyah, Nylaiah
  • Arnoldo, Orlando, Rolando, Rolonda, Ronaldo
  • Arizona, Azarion, Nazario, Zonaira, Zoriana
  • Arshiya, Sariyah, Saryiah, Sirayah, Yashira
  • Ashleyn, Ashlyne, Nashley, Shaelyn, Shealyn
  • Aveleen, Avenlee, Evaleen, Evalene, Evelena
  • Braelyn, Braylen, Brealyn, Breylan, Brynlea
  • Darleen, Darlene, Landree, Leander, Leandre
  • Ishanvi, Ivanshi, Nivisha, Shivani, Vinisha
  • Jailyne, Jayline, Jayniel, Jeilany, Jeylani
  • Kahmari, Kamirah, Karimah, Khamari, Makhari
  • Kamiyah, Kamyiah, Khamiya, Makiyah, Makyiah
  • Mahilan, Mahlani, Malahni, Malinah, Manahil
  • Mailani, Malanii, Mialani, Milania, Miliana
  • Nashira, Nasirah, Rishaan, Sharina, Srihaan
  • Raziyah, Zahriya, Zariyah, Zaryiah, Zyairah
  • Aamilah, Amaliah, Mahalia, Malaiah
  • Aariyah, Aaryahi, Araiyah, Yahaira
  • Aashvik, Ashvika, Avishka, Kaashvi
  • Adalynn, Andalyn, Dannaly, Nadalyn
  • Adarian, Adriana, Ariadna, Dariana
  • Adelyne, Adylene, Dayleen, Delaney
  • Adriyel, Dariely, Yadriel, Yeraldi
  • Ahlanni, Liannah, Nahlani, Nalahni
  • Ainslee, Aisleen, Anelise, Selenia
  • Alainah, Alianah, Anahlia, Analiah
  • Alainna, Alianna, Analina, Annalia
  • Alaynna, Alyanna, Aylanna, Layanna
  • Alaysha, Ashayla, Salayah, Shalaya
  • Aleynna, Elyanna, Layanne, Leyanna
  • Alveena, Avaleen, Avalene, Evalena
  • Amarion, Mariano, Mariona, Omarian
  • Amerika, Kameria, Kamarie, Kamiera
  • Analiya, Ayliana, Lanaiya, Nalaiya
  • Anareli, Laraine, Lareina, Raelani
  • Andriel, Ireland, Landrie, Liander
  • Annelie, Annilee, Elannie, Elianne
  • Anyelin, Elianny, Neylani, Yanneli
  • Arielle, Ellarie, Eriella, Raielle
  • Ariyana, Ayriana, Raiyaan, Yariana
  • Aryanah, Narayah, Rayhaan, Rayhana
  • Asenath, Hasenat, Shantae, Tanesha
  • Avaline, Avelina, Evalani, Evalina
  • Aveline, Avilene, Evaline, Evelina
  • Avelino, Leovani, Novalei, Novalie
  • Azarian, Nazaria, Zanaria, Zariana
  • Breelyn, Brenley, Breylen, Brynlee
  • Danelly, Darnell, Leyland, Randell
  • Darleny, Draylen, Landrey, Ryeland
  • Dedrick, Endrick, Kendric, Reddick
  • Elanore, Eleanor, Elenora, Noralee
  • Elliora, Loralei, Loralie, Lorelai
  • Hadrian, Hridaan, Nadirah, Ridhaan
  • Illyana, Laylani, Lilyana, Lyliana
  • Jahmeir, Jahmier, Jahmire, Jermiah
  • Jhoanna, Joannah, Johanan, Johanna
  • Kaileah, Kaleiah, Kelaiah, Khaleia
  • Kaimora, Kamoria, Kiomara, Makario
  • Kaliyah, Kayliah, Khaliya, Lakiyah
  • Kasiyah, Sakiyah, Shakiya, Yashika
  • Kelilah, Khaleil, Khaliel, Khallie
  • Lamayah, Mahayla, Mahlaya, Malayah
  • Laramie, Malarie, Mariela, Milarae
  • Leilany, Leylani, Nayelli, Yanelli
  • Makeyla, Malakye, Mekayla, Mykaela
  • Makylie, Malikye, Mikayel, Mikeyla
  • Marisha, Samirah, Shamari, Shamira
  • Masiyah, Samiyah, Samyiah, Shamiya
  • Mayline, Meilany, Meylani, Yamelin
  • Naziyah, Nyzaiah, Zaniyah, Zanyiah
  • Pranish, Pranshi, Priansh, Prinsha
  • Aalijah, Alaijah, Jalaiah
  • Aaliyan, Alaiyna, Aliyana
  • Adaleen, Adalene, Adelena
  • Aamirah, Amairah, Amariah
  • Aarilyn, Niralya, Raylani
  • Aarnika, Kaarina, Kariana
  • Aaryash, Sarayah, Sharaya
  • Adalise, Adelais, Adelisa
  • Adamina, Damiana, Madiana
  • Adriane, Andreia, Ariadne
  • Adriela, Dalarie, Dariela
  • Adryana, Andraya, Daryana
  • Aeliana, Aileana, Analeia
  • Aeralyn, Anarely, Lareyna
  • Ahitana, Aithana, Anahita
  • Ahzaria, Azariah, Zaharia
  • Ailanni, Ilianna, Nailani
  • Ainzley, Yaneliz, Yanziel
  • Aishani, Haasini, Ishaani
  • Aiyanna, Ananiya, Naiyana
  • Alannis, Annalis, Lisanna
  • Alayjah, Jahlaya, Jalayah
  • Alayzia, Azaliya, Azaylia
  • Aleanna, Analena, Annalea
  • Aleksei, Kaislee, Kaleesi
  • Alireza, Azariel, Eliazar
  • Alishka, Kailash, Kalisha
  • Allayna, Allyana, Laylana
  • Alleria, Ariella, Ellaria
  • Amaliya, Malaiya, Malayia
  • Amanuel, Lunamae, Manuela
  • Amarisa, Samaira, Samaria
  • Ambriel, Maribel, Mirabel
  • Anayeli, Aylanie, Eliyana
  • Aniston, Antonis, Santino
  • Annalee, Eleanna, Leeanna
  • Annarae, Areanna, Raeanna
  • Araceli, Arcelia, Aricela
  • Arielys, Yarelis, Yisrael
  • Arilynn, Railynn, Raylinn
  • Armahni, Harmani, Namirah
  • Arshika, Shakira, Sharika
  • Arshith, Ashrith, Shritha
  • Aryanna, Narayan, Rayanna
  • Ashanti, Nathias, Tanisha
  • Avelynn, Evalynn, Nevalyn
  • Aviahna, Avianah, Vihaana
  • Avianni, Ivannia, Ivianna
  • Azayden, Zenayda, Zendaya
  • Azekiel, Ezekial, Kaizlee
  • Berlynn, Brelynn, Brenlyn
  • Bradlyn, Bryland, Bryndal
  • Braelin, Brailen, Brinlea
  • Brylynn, Brynlyn, Brynnly
  • Cameila, Camelia, Micaela
  • Cameron, Marceon, Romance
  • Carleah, Charlea, Rachael
  • Damiyah, Damyiah, Mahdiya
  • Dariyon, Yoandri, Yordani
  • Darrion, Dorrian, Riordan
  • Elanora, Leanora, Loreana
  • Elayjah, Jaleyah, Jayleah
  • Elianni, Leinani, Neilani
  • Elijaah, Jaileah, Jaleiah
  • Ellayna, Ellyana, Nayella
  • Elliani, Leilani, Liliane
  • Ellorie, Lorelei, Lorelie
  • Elnatan, Natanel, Natnael
  • Emalynn, Maelynn, Melanny
  • Emeline, Emilene, Melenie
  • Erilynn, Irelynn, Reilynn
  • Florian, Folarin, Froilan
  • Geralyn, Graelyn, Graylen
  • Haitham, Mahathi, Mahitha
  • Hanniel, Nehlani, Nelinha
  • Hassani, Nassiah, Saiansh
  • Illiana, Lailani, Liliana
  • Isabell, Isbella, Sibella
  • Jaeleen, Jaelene, Jenalee
  • Jaelyne, Jayleen, Jaylene
  • Jaelynn, Jannely, Jaylenn
  • Jahlani, Jalahni, Janilah
  • Jahmari, Jamirah, Jhamari
  • Jahziel, Jazhiel, Jhaziel
  • Jamiere, Jeramie, Jeremia
  • Janeliz, Janziel, Jazline
  • Janiyla, Jaylani, Jaylina
  • Javeyon, Jayveon, Jeovany
  • Kadince, Kandice, Kincade
  • Kailana, Kalaina, Kaliana
  • Kaileen, Keelani, Kelanie
  • Kailynn, Kaylinn, Laikynn
  • Kaitlyn, Katilyn, Kaytlin
  • Kaleyah, Kayleah, Kelayah
  • Kamayah, Khamaya, Makayah
  • Kamilia, Malikai, Mikaila
  • Kamille, Malkiel, Mikella
  • Karisma, Kasmira, Mariska
  • Kayleen, Kaylene, Kyleena
  • Keelynn, Kennley, Kynnlee
  • Keilany, Keylani, Yakelin
  • Keilynn, Kielynn, Kinnley
  • Kenslei, Kenslie, Kinslee
  • Kensley, Kynslee, Skylene
  • Killyan, Kyllian, Laiklyn
  • Laythan, Nathaly, Tanylah
  • Liliyan, Lilyani, Lilyian
  • Lorinda, Orlinda, Rinaldo
  • Makaila, Malaika, Malakai
  • Makiyla, Malykai, Mikayla
  • Malaina, Malania, Maliana
  • Malanni, Milanna, Nimalan
  • Malorie, Morelia, Romelia
  • Maniyah, Namiyah, Niamyah
  • Marelyn, Marleny, Marlyne
  • Massiel, Melissa, Missael
  • Maziyah, Zamiyah, Zamyiah
  • Mehlani, Melahni, Melinah
  • Mellani, Mellina, Millena
  • Millani, Millian, Millina
  • Nariyah, Naryiah, Raniyah
  • Nashaly, Sanylah, Shanyla
  • Raelyne, Rayleen, Raylene
  • Reylynn, Ryelynn, Rylynne
  • Rivansh, Sharvin, Viransh
  • Selihom, Shloime, Shlomie
  • Yaletzi, Yelitza, Yetzali
  • Zahkari, Zakhari, Zakirah
  • Zamaira, Zamaria, Ziamara
  • Zeriyah, Zhyaire, Zyhaire
  • Aadarsh, Rashaad
  • Aadhvik, Adhvika
  • Aadrika, Dakarai
  • Aaranya, Aaryana
  • Aarnavi, Avriana
  • Abhiraj, Jahbari
  • Abriela, Baleria
  • Acelynn, Caelynn
  • Aceston, Coasten
  • Adalina, Daliana
  • Adalind, Aladdin
  • Adallyn, Layland
  • Adalyna, Dalayna
  • Adalynd, Addalyn
  • Adalyse, Daleysa
  • Adamari, Damaria
  • Addison, Addonis
  • Adelene, Delanee
  • Adeliah, Delaiah
  • Adeliza, Daleiza
  • Adenike, Kenadie
  • Adesire, Desirae
  • Adheesh, Shaheed
  • Adhitya, Adithya
  • Adianna, Daianna
  • Adiella, Delaila
  • Adileni, Deilani
  • Adoraim, Damario
  • Adreena, Andreea
  • Adriell, Dariell
  • Advaith, Advitha
  • Adylynn, Daylynn
  • Aerilyn, Yarelin
  • Ahlayah, Halayah
  • Ahniyah, Haniyah
  • Aimsley, Maisley
  • Ainslie, Elianis
  • Aislynn, Ayslinn
  • Aitanna, Natania
  • Aittana, Tatiana
  • Aizlynn, Zailynn
  • Akeelah, Kaleeah
  • Akshita, Takashi
  • Alathea, Althaea
  • Alaylah, Allayah
  • Aleesia, Leeasia
  • Aleisha, Sahalie
  • Aleksey, Kayslee
  • Alethea, Taleeah
  • Alister, Starlie
  • Alleigh, Leighla
  • Allysen, Ellasyn
  • Almalik, Kamilla
  • Alonnie, Noelani
  • Alyviah, Valiyah
  • Amarian, Mariana
  • Amariss, Marissa
  • Amarius, Rumaisa
  • Amaryah, Marayah
  • Ameenah, Naeemah
  • Ameerah, Maheera
  • America, Cameria
  • Amerius, Emarius
  • Amilcar, Marcial
  • Ammelia, Emmalia
  • Anaelle, Elleana
  • Anaisha, Ishaana
  • Analese, Saleena
  • Analisa, Lanasia
  • Andrian, Andrina
  • Aneesah, Eeshaan
  • Angelly, Langley
  • Angelos, Solange
  • Aniketh, Keithan
  • Anllely, Nallely
  • Annakay, Kayanna
  • Anndrea, Dreanna
  • Annella, Ellaann
  • Annelys, Annsley
  • Annette, Nanette
  • Annslee, Nesanel
  • Anushka, Kashaun
  • Aolanis, Soliana
  • Araseli, Israela
  • Arianne, Erianna
  • Arianni, Irianna
  • Arianys, Sriyaan
  • Arihant, Athiran
  • Armonii, Imarion
  • Arionna, Orianna
  • Arisbel, Sabriel
  • Arleigh, Raleigh
  • Armanni, Mariann
  • Armeena, Mareena
  • Arshaan, Rahsaan
  • Arshaun, Rashaun
  • Arshawn, Rashawn
  • Aryansh, Rayansh
  • Aryelle, Rayelle
  • Aryonna, Rayonna
  • Athalia, Taaliah
  • Atleigh, Taleigh
  • Aubrynn, Rubyann
  • Audrena, Aundrea
  • Avalyna, Lavanya
  • Avannah, Havanna
  • Averlee, Everlea
  • Averlie, Valerie
  • Averlyn, Veralyn
  • Avianna, Naviana
  • Avianne, Evianna
  • Avonlea, Novalea
  • Avyonna, Yovanna
  • Azaryah, Zarayah
  • Azavion, Zanovia
  • Azaylah, Zalayah
  • Azelynn, Zaelynn
  • Aziylah, Zaliyah
  • Bearett, Beretta
  • Bellamy, Maybell
  • Braiden, Brandie
  • Breelle, Rebelle
  • Brenson, Bronsen
  • Breylin, Brynlie
  • Brianne, Brienna
  • Brilynn, Brinlyn
  • Britley, Liberty
  • Cahlani, Calihan
  • Camaria, Macaria
  • Camilah, Malachi
  • Camylah, Malachy
  • Caniyah, Chaniya
  • Carlita, Clarita
  • Carmela, Marcela
  • Carmelo, Marcelo
  • Carmina, Macrina
  • Catelyn, Clayten
  • Charlye, Raychel
  • Chelsey, Chesley
  • Chizara, Zachari
  • Dakhari, Radhika
  • Damaris, Marisda
  • Dameion, Damonie
  • Danella, Lealand
  • Danelle, Leeland
  • Danijah, Jahdani
  • Danisha, Nishaad
  • Daniyah, Nadiyah
  • Dariyah, Yadhira
  • Dashaun, Shaunda
  • Dashiel, Delisha
  • Davanee, Daveena
  • Davante, Vedaant
  • Davinah, Vidhaan
  • Davonna, Donavan
  • Daymond, Dyamond
  • Dekarri, Kardier
  • Delaina, Deliana
  • Demaria, Mairead
  • Denison, Edinson
  • Deontay, Dontaye
  • Devansh, Vedansh
  • Devonna, Donaven
  • Dillian, Illidan
  • Domenik, Nikodem
  • Dontray, Drayton
  • Draeson, Rosenda
  • Eastlyn, Stanley
  • Eleonor, Leonore
  • Eliakim, Mikeila
  • Elianie, Elienai
  • Elinora, Loraine
  • Ellanie, Naielle
  • Ellanor, Ornella
  • Ellerie, Erielle
  • Elleyna, Nayelle
  • Elliett, Lilette
  • Elliona, Leonila
  • Emersen, Renesme
  • Emmalie, Emmelia
  • Emmarie, Marieme
  • Evalyne, Evelyna
  • Everton, Treveon
  • Evgenia, Genavie
  • Evolett, Lovette
  • Farisha, Sharifa
  • Fathima, Fatimah
  • Gabrien, Ginebra
  • Garison, Graison
  • Genessy, Genesys
  • Germain, Germani
  • Greenly, Greylen
  • Guransh, Gurshan
  • Gwenyth, Gwyneth
  • Hadasah, Hadasha
  • Hailynn, Lynniah
  • Haislee, Shailee
  • Haisley, Shaylie
  • Harriet, Terriah
  • Hartley, Heartly
  • Hasnain, Shianna
  • Hawkins, Kishawn
  • Hayleen, Nyeelah
  • Hayslee, Shaylee
  • Haysley, Shayley
  • Heloisa, Soheila
  • Hermela, Melaher
  • Hiilani, Hilinai
  • Hinsley, Sheylin
  • Humaira, Mauriah
  • Iliyana, Yaalini
  • Insiyah, Siniyah
  • Ishmael, Mishael
  • Ismaeel, Maislee
  • Ivyonna, Yovanni
  • Izadora, Zoraida
  • Jabriel, Jibrael
  • Jadelin, Jandiel
  • Jadrian, Jardani
  • Jaisley, Jaylise
  • Jaivion, Jiovani
  • Jaiyana, Janaiya
  • Jalayna, Janayla
  • Jaleena, Janalee
  • Jalmari, Jarmila
  • Jamarie, Jameria
  • Jamesen, Jasmeen
  • Jamesyn, Jasmyne
  • Jamisen, Jasmine
  • Jamorie, Majorie
  • Janelis, Jansiel
  • Janovia, Joviana
  • Jenessy, Jenesys
  • Jassiel, Jelissa
  • Jaylean, Jaylena
  • Jeanine, Jeannie
  • Jermain, Jermani
  • Joellen, Jonelle
  • Joselin, Josniel
  • Juliano, Loujain
  • Kadrian, Kiandra
  • Kadynce, Kandyce
  • Kahliah, Khaliah
  • Kaidynn, Kynnadi
  • Kailand, Kaladin
  • Kailani, Kalanii
  • Kailoni, Nikolai
  • Kainaat, Katiana
  • Kainani, Nainika
  • Kakashi, Kashika
  • Kalayla, Lakayla
  • Kalonji, Nikolaj
  • Kalylah, Khalyla
  • Kamaiya, Makaiya
  • Kamaree, Kareema
  • Kamaria, Makaria
  • Kameela, Maleeka
  • Kamerin, Karmine
  • Kamylah, Makylah
  • Kaniyah, Nakiyah
  • Kariyah, Rakiyah
  • Karmoni, Kmarion
  • Karolyn, Koralyn
  • Kaydenn, Kennady
  • Kaylana, Nakayla
  • Kaylena, Lakenya
  • Kayloni, Nikolay
  • Kaziyah, Zakiyah
  • Keandre, Kendrea
  • Keilani, Keilian
  • Kenisha, Sekhani
  • Kendyll, Kyndell
  • Kenzley, Kynzlee
  • Kenzlie, Kinzlee
  • Keondre, Kreedon
  • Khailyn, Khylani
  • Khalees, Shakeel
  • Kimiyah, Mikiyah
  • Krysten, Kyrsten
  • Laelynn, Lynnlea
  • Lailynn, Lilyann
  • Laithan, Nathali
  • Lanford, Randolf
  • Lariyah, Raliyah
  • Latanya, Natalya
  • Latisha, Talisha
  • Lavinia, Liviana
  • Lazario, Rozalia
  • Leiland, Daniell
  • Leiloni, Lilinoe
  • Leiyani, Yeilani
  • Leylany, Yanelly
  • Lianeth, Tehlani
  • Loralye, Royalle
  • Loreley, Royelle
  • Lynnora, Noralyn
  • Madalin, Malinda
  • Madelin, Melinda
  • Madelyn, Melynda
  • Madilee, Meladie
  • Mailynn, Mialynn
  • Mairany, Mayrani
  • Makenly, Manelyk
  • Maleena, Meleana
  • Malerie, Marilee
  • Malikhi, Mikhail
  • Manases, Manessa
  • Manasvi, Samanvi
  • Maranda, Ramadan
  • Marciel, Miracle
  • Marelin, Marleni
  • Mariely, Maryeli
  • Marisol, Solimar
  • Marnita, Martina
  • Martell, Tramell
  • Marysol, Solymar
  • Mathias, Samhita
  • Maylani, Milayna
  • Maylene, Melaney
  • Maylynn, Myalynn
  • Maynard, Myranda
  • Meilech, Michele
  • Melanin, Melanni
  • Melanya, Melayna
  • Menucha, Nechuma
  • Michael, Michela
  • Mikaeel, Mikaele
  • Milahni, Minahil
  • Mireyah, Remiyah
  • Naithan, Tiannah
  • Nashlie, Shailen
  • Nasreen, Serenna
  • Natalia, Taliana
  • Natanya, Tayanna
  • Nayelie, Yaileen
  • Neriyah, Reniyah
  • Netanya, Teyanna
  • Nirvaan, Nirvana
  • Noriyah, Roniyah
  • Normani, Rominna
  • Olliver, Orville
  • Parisha, Saphira
  • Parnika, Pranika
  • Pragnya, Pragyan
  • Quentin, Quinten
  • Quinlyn, Quinnly
  • Rasheem, Shameer
  • Rasheen, Shreena
  • Reighan, Reighna
  • Reyansh, Shreyan
  • Riyansh, Shriyan
  • Rosalie, Roselia
  • Sabrine, Sebrina
  • Sahirah, Shariah
  • Samarah, Shamara
  • Samarth, Samrath
  • Samatar, Samraat
  • Samayah, Shamaya
  • Sathvik, Takshvi
  • Setareh, Theresa
  • Shahina, Shaniah
  • Shianne, Siennah
  • Shresta, Sreshta
  • Slayter, Starley
  • Starlet, Statler
  • Tailynn, Taylinn
  • Taniyla, Taylani
  • Tayonna, Yonatan
  • Tayseer, Tyrease
  • Tayzlee, Yetzael
  • Tensley, Tynslee
  • Terrill, Tirrell
  • Torsten, Treston
  • Traevon, Traveon
  • Traivon, Travion
  • Trentin, Trinten
  • Valarie, Valeria
  • Valerio, Valorie
  • Wrenley, Wrynlee
  • Xadrian, Xandria
  • Yaritzi, Yatziri
  • Yaritzy, Yatziry
  • Yasmani, Yasmina
  • Yazleen, Zayleen
  • Yohanan, Yohanna
  • Zadrian, Zandria
  • Zaevion, Zenovia
  • Zahmari, Zamirah
  • Zaivion, Zinovia
  • Zamoria, Ziomara
  • Zaniyla, Zaylani

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