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Name quotes #122: Fingal, Cecil, Madison

double quotation mark

Greetings everyone! Here’s this month’s quote post…

From a 2017 article about the off-Broadway play They Promised Her the Moon (which tells the story of pilot Geraldyn “Jerrie” Cobb, the first American woman to test for space flight):

“I immediately fell in love with the story,” the show’s director and producer, Valentina Fratti, told “I couldn’t believe I didn’t know about Jerrie Cobb.” 

Fratti had been named for the first woman in space, Valentina Tereshkova, but hadn’t known about the “almost first,” her American counterpart. 

From a 1907 article in the Deseret Evening News called “Genealogy“:

A very good guide, in the study of New England genealogy, is given by the Christian name. In some families, Simon, Stephen and Thomas may follow down the line of sons; while others carry only John, James and William. Genealogists have great confidence in this clue, for those Christian old worthies used to name their sons after themselves and their fathers. They had not evolved into the “Vernons” and “Cecils” and “Irvings” of now-a-days; these modern names which mean nothing but a morbid craving for the romantic and unusual. Romances guide the Christian names of babies today, alas, instead of sense of family loyalty. Have we not lost something of the real spirit of genuineness and fealty with the changed nomenclature of our babies?

From a review of the documentary The Ashley Madison Affair in the San Francisco Chronicle:

Ashley Madison launched in 2001 and took its name from the two most popular baby names at the time, “Ashley” and “Madison.” Right away, that’s creepy.

[Not technically true, but close. Ashley and Madison were the 4th- and 2nd-most popular baby girl names in the U.S. that year. In Canada — which is where the dating website is based — they ranked 13th and 4th.]

From the 2000 book Oscar Wilde: A Certain Genius by Barbara Belford:

“How ridiculous of you to suppose that anyone, least of all my dear mother, would christen me ‘plain Oscar,'” Wilde later said. “When one is unknown, a number of Christian names are useful, perhaps needful. As one becomes famous, one sheds some of them…I started as Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde. All but two of the five names have already been thrown overboard. Soon I shall discard another and be known simply as ‘The Wilde’ or ‘The Oscar.'”

From a 1964 article in the Eugene Register-Guard called “Quite a Problem, Naming the Baby“:

The American melting pot has made something of a stew of old world cultures. Isaac and Rebecca Goldberg are the parents not of Moses and Rachael, but of Donald and Marie. Hjalmar and Sigrid Johanson are the parents of Richard and Dorothy. It seems rather a shame that Axel and Jens, Helma and Ingeborg, not to mention Stanislaus and Giacomo and Pedro and Vladimir have just about disappeared. The custom seems to be for the first generation to anglicize the given name as soon as possible. The next generation or two branches out and we get Pat Johnson, even Angus Puccini. Then, after a few generations, there is a tentative reach backward for the Shawns or even the Seans. Katy’s real name may again be Caitlin, Pat’s Padriac.

Have you spotted any interesting name-related quotes/articles/blog posts lately? Let me know!

Popular baby names in Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada), 2020

Newfoundland and Labrador

The most popular baby names in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador in 2020 were Amelia/Emilia and Jaxson/Jaxon/Jackson.

Here are NL’s top 50 girl names and top 50 boy names of 2020:

Girl Names

  1. Amelia/Emilia
  2. Olivia/Ohlivea
  3. Norah/Nora
  4. Madelyn/Madaline/Madalyn/Madeline/Madelynn/Madilyn
  5. Lily/Lilly
  6. Emily/Emmalee
  7. Ellie
  8. Emma
  9. Ella
  10. Ava
  11. Charlotte
  12. Claire/Clare
  13. Paisley/Paislee/Paisleigh
  14. Mia/Mya
  15. Grace
  16. Everly/Everleigh
  17. Sophia
  18. Kinsley
  19. Evelyn/Evelan
  20. Anna
  21. Riley/Rylee/Ryleigh
  22. Rachel/Rachael
  23. Leah/Lia
  24. Ivy
  25. Hannah
  26. Chloe/Khloe/Kloe
  27. Adalynn/Adalyn/Addalyn/Adelyn/Adelynn
  28. Zoey/Zoe
  29. Sadie
  30. Mila/Myla/Mylah
  31. Macy/Macie/Maci
  32. Callie/Caleigh/Cali/Kailey/Kaley/Kallie/Kayleigh
  33. Brooklyn/Brooklynn
  34. Scarlett
  35. Sarah/Sara
  36. Lillian
  37. Layla/Leila
  38. Keaira/Keira/Kiera/Kiara/Kira
  39. Hazel
  40. Harper
  41. Avery
  42. Abigail/Abigayle
  43. Aaliyah/Aleah
  44. Sophie/Sofie
  45. Madison/Maddison/Madisyn
  46. Lucy
  47. Isla/Iyla
  48. Isabella/Izabella/Izsabella
  49. Catherine/Katherine
  50. Willow

Boy Names

  1. Jaxson/Jaxon/Jackson
  2. Jack
  3. William
  4. Liam
  5. James
  6. Benjamin
  7. Luke/Luc
  8. Lincoln/Lincon/Linkin
  9. Greyson/Grayson/Graysen
  10. Thomas
  11. Owen
  12. Noah
  13. Levi
  14. Logan
  15. Henry
  16. Lucas/Lukas
  17. Connor/Conner
  18. Oliver
  19. Jacob/Jakob
  20. Carter/Karter
  21. Caden/Caeden/Caiden/Cayden/Kaden/Kaedon/Kaiden/Kayden
  22. Theodore
  23. Leo
  24. Wyatt/Whyatt
  25. Samuel
  26. Hudson
  27. Alexander
  28. Isaac/Issac
  29. Colton/Coltan/Kolton
  30. Charles
  31. Caleb/Kaleb/Kalub
  32. Aiden/Aidan/Aydin
  33. Weston
  34. Riley/Reilly
  35. Parker
  36. Myles/Miles
  37. Ethan
  38. Charlie/Charley
  39. Nathan
  40. Harrison
  41. John/Jon
  42. Jayden/Jaden
  43. Hunter
  44. Gabriel
  45. Chase
  46. Brayden/Bradon
  47. Theo
  48. Rowan
  49. Mason
  50. Finley/Finnlee/Finnley

In 2019, the top two names in Newfoundland and Labrador were Emma and the Jackson-group.

Source: Top 100 Baby Names | Open Data Newfoundland and Labrador

Image by gloverbh222 from Pixabay

Popular baby names in Casper (Wyoming), 2020

In 2020, the Wyoming Medical Center in Casper welcomed 892 babies. The names of about 620 of these babies were shared online via the hospital’s website. A few days ago, the hospital “mined those announcements for our most popular names list for 2020,” finding that the most frequently occurring names for girls was Paisley and for boys was Jackson.

I don’t usually post rankings from non-governmental sources, but, in this case, there were just so many names in comparison to the size of the city (about 58,000 residents) that I decided to go ahead and publish the full list…

10 babies named:

  • Jackson (Jaxen, Jaxon, Jaxson, Jaxxon)

7 babies named:

  • Logan
  • Oliver
  • Paisley (Paizlee, Paizleigh)

6 babies named:

  • Adaline (Adeline, Adalyn, Adalynn, Addilynn)
  • Amelia (Emelia, Emilia)
  • Emma
  • Grayson
  • Reilly (Rieleigh, Riely, Riley, Ryleigh)
  • Sawyer

5 babies named:

  • Cooper
  • Everlee (Everleigh, Everly)
  • Oakleigh (Oakley)
  • Theodore

4 babies named:

  • Addison (Addyson)
  • Asher
  • Ava
  • Benjamin
  • Caysen (Kasen, Kason)
  • Charlie (Charlee, Charles)
  • Everette
  • Isabella (Izabella, Izzabella)
  • Kinsleigh (Kinsley)
  • Nathan
  • Wyatt

3 babies named:

Adrian, Alexander, Ashton (Ashtyn), Aspen, Aurora, Bennett, Blake (Blayke), Bristol, Brixley (Brixleigh, Brixli), Brooklyn, Carter, Christian, David, Declan (Deklynn), Elijah, Elizabeth, Ella, Ellie, Ethan, Ezra, Grace, Hunter, Holden, Jack, Layla, Leo, Liam, Lyla (Lilah), Lincoln, Lorenzo, Lydia, Lyra, Mason, Noah, Olivia, Owen, Richard, Rilynn (Ryelin, Ryelynn), Rowan (Rowen), Ryker, Skyla, Sophia (Sofia)

2 babies named:

Aiden/Aidyn, Allison/Alyson, Amara, Annabelle, Arya, Aubriella, Averie/Avery, Barrett, Bentley, Bodhi/Bodie, Braxton, Bryar/Bryor, Brynlee, Caroline, Carson/Karson, Catherine/Katherine, Colt, Colten/Colton, Damian, Daniel, Daxton, Dayton, Dylan, Eli, Eliana, Elliot, Emerson/Emersyn, Emery/Emory, Evelyn, Finley, Gabriella, Gentry, Harmony, Harper, Harrison, Haven/Hayven, Hayden, Hazel, Hazely/Hazleigh, Henry, Hudson, Ian, Isaac, Isaiah, Islah/Islla, Jasper, Jaxtyn, Jayden, Joel, Julian, Julius, Justin, Kaiser/Kaizer, Kamara, Kaysen/Kayson, Kellen, Kennedi/Kenydee, Kenzlee/Kenzleigh, Kinley/Kynleigh, Kyran/Kyren, Leighton/Leyten, Lenix/Lennox, Levi, Lorelai/Lorelei, Madeline/Madelyn, Malachi, Malaya/Maleah, Maria/Meriah, Maverick, Maya, Mila, Miles, Millie, Naomi, Natalia, Nevaeh, Parker, Paul, Penelope, Rachael/Rachel, Rae/Rey, Raylan, Ronan, Ryder, Samantha, Samuel, Sara/Sarah, Savanna/Savannah, Scarlett, Sebastian, Silas/Sylias, Skylar/Skyler, Spencer, Sydney/Sidney, Tenslee/Tensley, Theo, Weston/Westin, Violet, Zachary, Zoey

1 baby named:

  • Abel, Abraham, Ace, Adam, Adonis, Aeris, Adrian, Aiden, Aksel, Aleassia, Alexandria, Alianna, Allen, Ambrose, Amias, Amiya, Anderson, Angel, Anika, Annalynn, Annie, Anson, Antonina, Archer, Ariella, Ariya, Armando, Arrow, Ashlyn, Athena, Aubree, August, Augustus, Avaianna, Aynslee, Azariah, Azayla
  • Bailey, Baylor, Beau, Becklynn, Bella, Berklie, Bethany, Bonnie, Bradley, Braitton, Branson, Brantley, Braxley, Brayden, Braylee, Brennan, Brexton, Brian, Briggson, Brittany, Brixon, Brock, Broden, Bronx, Brooks, Brylee, Burke
  • Caelan, Cain, Callie, Callum, Calvin, Cameron, Cannon, Carilina, Case, Cash, Charisma, Chasyn, Chloe, Christopher, Ciella, Claire, Cody, Colby, Collyn, Colter, Cree, Crew, Cullen, Cuyler
  • Dailyn, Dakota, Dani, Dean, Delilah, Destin, Diesel, Divine, Douglas, Draco, Draeden
  • Ebony, Eccho, Edison, Eleanor, Elias, Elivia, Ellen, Ellis, Ember, Emily, Emmanuel, Emmie, Emmitt, England, Etta, Evan, Evander, Ezmae
  • Felix, Francis, Fredrick, Freya
  • Genevieve, George, Gideon, Graham, Grey, Griffin
  • Hodassah, Haddie, Hadley, Hailey, Harlan, Harley, Harlow, Harris, Harvey, Hayes, Hendrix, Henleigh
  • Icelynn, Ily, Isabelle, Isaias, Ivan, Ivy, Iylah
  • Jaden, Jaime, Jalin, James, Jameson, Jase, Javier, Jayce, Jaycee, Jayson, Jeremiah, Jessica, Jessie, Jett, JJ, Joanna, John, Jojo, Jolie, Jonah, Jonathan, Josephine, Josie, Joyce, Jude, Julie, June
  • Kade, Kaelyn, Kaiden, Kaii, Kaleah, Kamari, Kambry, Kambryn, Kamdyn, Kane, Karalynn, Kaspian, Kaylee, Kaylynn, Keaton, Keenston, Keira, Kenai, Kendrey, Kevin, Keylin, Khaos, Kieran, Killian, Kimber, Kimora, Kit, Klarke, Kodah, Koen, Kolby, Kole, Korah, Korbyn, Koy, Kyara, Kyden, Kylie, Kyson
  • Lainey, Lakelyn, Lance, Laramie, Laura, Layne, Legend, Lennon, Leopold, Lillian, Lilliean, Lillyanna, Lily, Lola, Londyn, Lorraine, Luca, Lucius, Luke, Lynlee, Lyvie
  • Macie, Macklin, Maddison, Maddox, Mae, Maevelyn, Maggie, Maisey, Mandy, Marceline, Margaret, Mario, Marisa, Marisol, Marleigh, Mary, Mateo, Matthias, Mavis, Maxwell, Mazikeen, Mckenzie, Meadow, Melia, Melody, Merrik, Merritt, Meyer, Mia, Michael, Michelle, Miklo, Milo, Mira, Montana, Myra
  • Nancy, Nash, Natalie, Nathaneil, Naylin, Nehemiah, Nicholas, Nolen, Nora, Nova, Nylin
  • Oaks, Onyx, Oraya, Orian, Orin, Ostara
  • Paxton, Persephone, Presley, Pyper
  • Quincy
  • Rableen, Raeleah, Raven, Reed, Relik, Remi, Remington, Renato, Revi, Rhett, Riatta, Riggs, Rodolfo, Rogan, Roman, Rosalee, Rosemarie, Rowdy, Roxas, Roy, Ruby, Ryann, Ryatt, Ryott
  • Sadie, Sage, Sandra, Saphira, Seraphina, Serenah, Serenity, Shadow, Shelby, Sheridan, Shyanne, Simon, Skadi, Skylynn, Solveig, Sophie, Sorin, Stella, Sterling, Stetley, Storey, Sturgis, Sutton, Sylar, Sylvia
  • Tala, Talia, Tareyn, Tate, Tavin, Taylee, Teagan, Tennyson, Tess, Tessin, Theotis, Thomas, Tillie, Tinlee, Titan, Tobin, Travis, Trenton, Trexton, Tripp, Turner
  • Vada, Vanessa, Vera, Vincent
  • Walker, Watson, Waylon, Westley, Wilder, Wiley, William
  • Xavier, Xia, Xililah, Ximena
  • Yianeli
  • Zachariah, Zaydin, Zayne, Zeppelin, Zinnia, Zoe

Source: Casper’s most popular baby names, 2020 – Wyoming Medical Center (via

Anagram names with 7 letters: Leovani/Novalie, Aolanis/Soliana

7 chicks

Looking for a set of baby names with something in common? If so, here are some 7-letter anagram names for you to check out!

Anagrams are words that contain the same set of letters, but not in the same sequence. For instance, the words “observe,” “obverse,” and “verbose” are all anagrams of one another.

Anagram names can be a neat option for siblings — particularly multiples (like twins and triplets). They’re also a clever way to connect a baby name to the name of an older relative (e.g., grandpa Stanley, granddaughter Eastlyn).

Below are hundreds of seven-letter names (collected from the SSA’s huge database of U.S. baby names) that happen to be anagrams of other names.

Seven-letter anagram names

  • Adileny, Adilyne, Adyline, Aidelyn, Aydelin, Dayelin, Delainy, Delayni, Deylani, Dylanie, Yadelin
  • Alannie, Annalei, Annalie, Elainna, Elianna, Ileanna, Leianna, Linnaea, Naelani, Nalanie, Nanelia
  • Ahinara, Ahriana, Ainhara, Anariah, Arianah, Arihaan, Nahiara, Raihana
  • Ahlayna, Alaynah, Analyah, Anaylah, Halayna, Lanayah, Layanah, Nalayah
  • Amiryah, Amiyrah, Amyriah, Armiyah, Mariyah, Maryiah, Ramiyah, Ramyiah
  • Aniella, Ellaina, Elliana, Illeana, Laelani, Lealani, Leilana, Leliana
  • Elainah, Eliahna, Elianah, Elihana, Hanalei, Healani, Helaina, Naileah
  • Emaline, Emelina, Maileen, Malenie, Melaine, Melanie, Milanee, Mileena
  • Amelina, Emalina, Maelani, Malanie, Melaina, Melania, Meliana
  • Kaelani, Kailena, Kalanie, Kaniela, Kealani, Keilana, Keliana
  • Kailany, Kalyani, Kaniyla, Kaylani, Kaylina, Kyliana, Nikayla
  • Aaniyah, Aiyanah, Anaiyah, Anayiah, Haaniya, Inaayah
  • Aayansh, Anaysha, Ayaansh, Sanayah, Shanaya, Shayaan
  • Adaline, Adelani, Adelina, Daelani, Dalanie, Daniela
  • Adeline, Adilene, Daileen, Danilee, Delaine, Delanie
  • Adelynn, Andelyn, Daelynn, Edalynn, Nadelyn, Neyland
  • Aleynah, Elaynah, Elyanah, Helayna, Naleyah, Nayleah
  • Alikhan, Kahlani, Kalahni, Khailan, Khalani, Khalina
  • Avinash, Navisha, Shaanvi, Shivaan, Viaansh, Vishaan
  • Elondra, Leandro, Leonard, Renaldo, Roeland, Rolande
  • Emilian, Emilina, Meilani, Melanii, Meliani, Milanie
  • Kamaile, Kamelia, Makeila, Malekai, Melakai, Mikaela
  • Kamilah, Khamila, Makhail, Makilah, Malahki, Malakhi
  • Nasiyah, Nyashia, Saniyah, Sanyiah, Shaniya, Shanyia
  • Adalyne, Adelyna, Dalaney, Danyela, Delayna
  • Adilynn, Andilyn, Dailynn, Danilyn, Lydiann
  • Adriyan, Ariadny, Aydrian, Dariany, Yadrian
  • Ahmelia, Ameliah, Amileah, Maleiah, Mihaela
  • Aidalyn, Dailany, Daniyal, Daniyla, Daylani
  • Ailanny, Alianny, Aylanni, Ilyanna, Naylani
  • Ainsley, Elianys, Elysian, Nayelis, Yanelis
  • Aleemah, Ameelah, Haleema, Maleeah, Maleeha
  • Alondra, Arlando, Arnaldo, Orlanda, Ronalda
  • Amilyah, Amiylah, Lamiyah, Maliyah, Milayah
  • Anishka, Anshika, Kiaansh, Sakhani, Sakinah
  • Aniylah, Laniyah, Lanyiah, Naliyah, Nylaiah
  • Arnoldo, Orlando, Rolando, Rolonda, Ronaldo
  • Arizona, Azarion, Nazario, Zonaira, Zoriana
  • Arshiya, Sariyah, Saryiah, Sirayah, Yashira
  • Ashleyn, Ashlyne, Nashley, Shaelyn, Shealyn
  • Aveleen, Avenlee, Evaleen, Evalene, Evelena
  • Braelyn, Braylen, Brealyn, Breylan, Brynlea
  • Darleen, Darlene, Landree, Leander, Leandre
  • Ishanvi, Ivanshi, Nivisha, Shivani, Vinisha
  • Jailyne, Jayline, Jayniel, Jeilany, Jeylani
  • Kahmari, Kamirah, Karimah, Khamari, Makhari
  • Kamiyah, Kamyiah, Khamiya, Makiyah, Makyiah
  • Mahilan, Mahlani, Malahni, Malinah, Manahil
  • Mailani, Malanii, Mialani, Milania, Miliana
  • Nashira, Nasirah, Rishaan, Sharina, Srihaan
  • Raziyah, Zahriya, Zariyah, Zaryiah, Zyairah
  • Aamilah, Amaliah, Mahalia, Malaiah
  • Aariyah, Aaryahi, Araiyah, Yahaira
  • Aashvik, Ashvika, Avishka, Kaashvi
  • Adalynn, Andalyn, Dannaly, Nadalyn
  • Adarian, Adriana, Ariadna, Dariana
  • Adelyne, Adylene, Dayleen, Delaney
  • Adriyel, Dariely, Yadriel, Yeraldi
  • Ahlanni, Liannah, Nahlani, Nalahni
  • Ainslee, Aisleen, Anelise, Selenia
  • Alainah, Alianah, Anahlia, Analiah
  • Alainna, Alianna, Analina, Annalia
  • Alaynna, Alyanna, Aylanna, Layanna
  • Alaysha, Ashayla, Salayah, Shalaya
  • Aleynna, Elyanna, Layanne, Leyanna
  • Alveena, Avaleen, Avalene, Evalena
  • Amarion, Mariano, Mariona, Omarian
  • Amerika, Kameria, Kamarie, Kamiera
  • Analiya, Ayliana, Lanaiya, Nalaiya
  • Anareli, Laraine, Lareina, Raelani
  • Andriel, Ireland, Landrie, Liander
  • Annelie, Annilee, Elannie, Elianne
  • Anyelin, Elianny, Neylani, Yanneli
  • Arielle, Ellarie, Eriella, Raielle
  • Ariyana, Ayriana, Raiyaan, Yariana
  • Aryanah, Narayah, Rayhaan, Rayhana
  • Asenath, Hasenat, Shantae, Tanesha
  • Avaline, Avelina, Evalani, Evalina
  • Aveline, Avilene, Evaline, Evelina
  • Avelino, Leovani, Novalei, Novalie
  • Azarian, Nazaria, Zanaria, Zariana
  • Breelyn, Brenley, Breylen, Brynlee
  • Danelly, Darnell, Leyland, Randell
  • Darleny, Draylen, Landrey, Ryeland
  • Dedrick, Endrick, Kendric, Reddick
  • Elanore, Eleanor, Elenora, Noralee
  • Elliora, Loralei, Loralie, Lorelai
  • Hadrian, Hridaan, Nadirah, Ridhaan
  • Illyana, Laylani, Lilyana, Lyliana
  • Jahmeir, Jahmier, Jahmire, Jermiah
  • Jhoanna, Joannah, Johanan, Johanna
  • Kaileah, Kaleiah, Kelaiah, Khaleia
  • Kaimora, Kamoria, Kiomara, Makario
  • Kaliyah, Kayliah, Khaliya, Lakiyah
  • Kasiyah, Sakiyah, Shakiya, Yashika
  • Kelilah, Khaleil, Khaliel, Khallie
  • Lamayah, Mahayla, Mahlaya, Malayah
  • Laramie, Malarie, Mariela, Milarae
  • Leilany, Leylani, Nayelli, Yanelli
  • Makeyla, Malakye, Mekayla, Mykaela
  • Makylie, Malikye, Mikayel, Mikeyla
  • Marisha, Samirah, Shamari, Shamira
  • Masiyah, Samiyah, Samyiah, Shamiya
  • Mayline, Meilany, Meylani, Yamelin
  • Naziyah, Nyzaiah, Zaniyah, Zanyiah
  • Pranish, Pranshi, Priansh, Prinsha
  • Aalijah, Alaijah, Jalaiah
  • Aaliyan, Alaiyna, Aliyana
  • Adaleen, Adalene, Adelena
  • Aamirah, Amairah, Amariah
  • Aarilyn, Niralya, Raylani
  • Aarnika, Kaarina, Kariana
  • Aaryash, Sarayah, Sharaya
  • Adalise, Adelais, Adelisa
  • Adamina, Damiana, Madiana
  • Adriane, Andreia, Ariadne
  • Adriela, Dalarie, Dariela
  • Adryana, Andraya, Daryana
  • Aeliana, Aileana, Analeia
  • Aeralyn, Anarely, Lareyna
  • Ahitana, Aithana, Anahita
  • Ahzaria, Azariah, Zaharia
  • Ailanni, Ilianna, Nailani
  • Ainzley, Yaneliz, Yanziel
  • Aishani, Haasini, Ishaani
  • Aiyanna, Ananiya, Naiyana
  • Alannis, Annalis, Lisanna
  • Alayjah, Jahlaya, Jalayah
  • Alayzia, Azaliya, Azaylia
  • Aleanna, Analena, Annalea
  • Aleksei, Kaislee, Kaleesi
  • Alireza, Azariel, Eliazar
  • Alishka, Kailash, Kalisha
  • Allayna, Allyana, Laylana
  • Alleria, Ariella, Ellaria
  • Amaliya, Malaiya, Malayia
  • Amanuel, Lunamae, Manuela
  • Amarisa, Samaira, Samaria
  • Ambriel, Maribel, Mirabel
  • Anayeli, Aylanie, Eliyana
  • Aniston, Antonis, Santino
  • Annalee, Eleanna, Leeanna
  • Annarae, Areanna, Raeanna
  • Araceli, Arcelia, Aricela
  • Arielys, Yarelis, Yisrael
  • Arilynn, Railynn, Raylinn
  • Armahni, Harmani, Namirah
  • Arshika, Shakira, Sharika
  • Arshith, Ashrith, Shritha
  • Aryanna, Narayan, Rayanna
  • Ashanti, Nathias, Tanisha
  • Avelynn, Evalynn, Nevalyn
  • Aviahna, Avianah, Vihaana
  • Avianni, Ivannia, Ivianna
  • Azayden, Zenayda, Zendaya
  • Azekiel, Ezekial, Kaizlee
  • Berlynn, Brelynn, Brenlyn
  • Bradlyn, Bryland, Bryndal
  • Braelin, Brailen, Brinlea
  • Brylynn, Brynlyn, Brynnly
  • Cameila, Camelia, Micaela
  • Cameron, Marceon, Romance
  • Carleah, Charlea, Rachael
  • Damiyah, Damyiah, Mahdiya
  • Dariyon, Yoandri, Yordani
  • Darrion, Dorrian, Riordan
  • Elanora, Leanora, Loreana
  • Elayjah, Jaleyah, Jayleah
  • Elianni, Leinani, Neilani
  • Elijaah, Jaileah, Jaleiah
  • Ellayna, Ellyana, Nayella
  • Elliani, Leilani, Liliane
  • Ellorie, Lorelei, Lorelie
  • Elnatan, Natanel, Natnael
  • Emalynn, Maelynn, Melanny
  • Emeline, Emilene, Melenie
  • Erilynn, Irelynn, Reilynn
  • Florian, Folarin, Froilan
  • Geralyn, Graelyn, Graylen
  • Haitham, Mahathi, Mahitha
  • Hanniel, Nehlani, Nelinha
  • Hassani, Nassiah, Saiansh
  • Illiana, Lailani, Liliana
  • Isabell, Isbella, Sibella
  • Jaeleen, Jaelene, Jenalee
  • Jaelyne, Jayleen, Jaylene
  • Jaelynn, Jannely, Jaylenn
  • Jahlani, Jalahni, Janilah
  • Jahmari, Jamirah, Jhamari
  • Jahziel, Jazhiel, Jhaziel
  • Jamiere, Jeramie, Jeremia
  • Janeliz, Janziel, Jazline
  • Janiyla, Jaylani, Jaylina
  • Javeyon, Jayveon, Jeovany
  • Kadince, Kandice, Kincade
  • Kailana, Kalaina, Kaliana
  • Kaileen, Keelani, Kelanie
  • Kailynn, Kaylinn, Laikynn
  • Kaitlyn, Katilyn, Kaytlin
  • Kaleyah, Kayleah, Kelayah
  • Kamayah, Khamaya, Makayah
  • Kamilia, Malikai, Mikaila
  • Kamille, Malkiel, Mikella
  • Karisma, Kasmira, Mariska
  • Kayleen, Kaylene, Kyleena
  • Keelynn, Kennley, Kynnlee
  • Keilany, Keylani, Yakelin
  • Keilynn, Kielynn, Kinnley
  • Kenslei, Kenslie, Kinslee
  • Kensley, Kynslee, Skylene
  • Killyan, Kyllian, Laiklyn
  • Laythan, Nathaly, Tanylah
  • Liliyan, Lilyani, Lilyian
  • Lorinda, Orlinda, Rinaldo
  • Makaila, Malaika, Malakai
  • Makiyla, Malykai, Mikayla
  • Malaina, Malania, Maliana
  • Malanni, Milanna, Nimalan
  • Malorie, Morelia, Romelia
  • Maniyah, Namiyah, Niamyah
  • Marelyn, Marleny, Marlyne
  • Massiel, Melissa, Missael
  • Maziyah, Zamiyah, Zamyiah
  • Mehlani, Melahni, Melinah
  • Mellani, Mellina, Millena
  • Millani, Millian, Millina
  • Nariyah, Naryiah, Raniyah
  • Nashaly, Sanylah, Shanyla
  • Raelyne, Rayleen, Raylene
  • Reylynn, Ryelynn, Rylynne
  • Rivansh, Sharvin, Viransh
  • Selihom, Shloime, Shlomie
  • Yaletzi, Yelitza, Yetzali
  • Zahkari, Zakhari, Zakirah
  • Zamaira, Zamaria, Ziamara
  • Zeriyah, Zhyaire, Zyhaire
  • Aadarsh, Rashaad
  • Aadhvik, Adhvika
  • Aadrika, Dakarai
  • Aaranya, Aaryana
  • Aarnavi, Avriana
  • Abhiraj, Jahbari
  • Abriela, Baleria
  • Acelynn, Caelynn
  • Aceston, Coasten
  • Adalina, Daliana
  • Adalind, Aladdin
  • Adallyn, Layland
  • Adalyna, Dalayna
  • Adalynd, Addalyn
  • Adalyse, Daleysa
  • Adamari, Damaria
  • Addison, Addonis
  • Adelene, Delanee
  • Adeliah, Delaiah
  • Adeliza, Daleiza
  • Adenike, Kenadie
  • Adesire, Desirae
  • Adheesh, Shaheed
  • Adhitya, Adithya
  • Adianna, Daianna
  • Adiella, Delaila
  • Adileni, Deilani
  • Adoraim, Damario
  • Adreena, Andreea
  • Adriell, Dariell
  • Advaith, Advitha
  • Adylynn, Daylynn
  • Aerilyn, Yarelin
  • Ahlayah, Halayah
  • Ahniyah, Haniyah
  • Aimsley, Maisley
  • Ainslie, Elianis
  • Aislynn, Ayslinn
  • Aitanna, Natania
  • Aittana, Tatiana
  • Aizlynn, Zailynn
  • Akeelah, Kaleeah
  • Akshita, Takashi
  • Alathea, Althaea
  • Alaylah, Allayah
  • Aleesia, Leeasia
  • Aleisha, Sahalie
  • Aleksey, Kayslee
  • Alethea, Taleeah
  • Alister, Starlie
  • Alleigh, Leighla
  • Allysen, Ellasyn
  • Almalik, Kamilla
  • Alonnie, Noelani
  • Alyviah, Valiyah
  • Amarian, Mariana
  • Amariss, Marissa
  • Amarius, Rumaisa
  • Amaryah, Marayah
  • Ameenah, Naeemah
  • Ameerah, Maheera
  • America, Cameria
  • Amerius, Emarius
  • Amilcar, Marcial
  • Ammelia, Emmalia
  • Anaelle, Elleana
  • Anaisha, Ishaana
  • Analese, Saleena
  • Analisa, Lanasia
  • Andrian, Andrina
  • Aneesah, Eeshaan
  • Angelly, Langley
  • Angelos, Solange
  • Aniketh, Keithan
  • Anllely, Nallely
  • Annakay, Kayanna
  • Anndrea, Dreanna
  • Annella, Ellaann
  • Annelys, Annsley
  • Annette, Nanette
  • Annslee, Nesanel
  • Anushka, Kashaun
  • Aolanis, Soliana
  • Araseli, Israela
  • Arianne, Erianna
  • Arianni, Irianna
  • Arianys, Sriyaan
  • Arihant, Athiran
  • Armonii, Imarion
  • Arionna, Orianna
  • Arisbel, Sabriel
  • Arleigh, Raleigh
  • Armanni, Mariann
  • Armeena, Mareena
  • Arshaan, Rahsaan
  • Arshaun, Rashaun
  • Arshawn, Rashawn
  • Aryansh, Rayansh
  • Aryelle, Rayelle
  • Aryonna, Rayonna
  • Athalia, Taaliah
  • Atleigh, Taleigh
  • Aubrynn, Rubyann
  • Audrena, Aundrea
  • Avalyna, Lavanya
  • Avannah, Havanna
  • Averlee, Everlea
  • Averlie, Valerie
  • Averlyn, Veralyn
  • Avianna, Naviana
  • Avianne, Evianna
  • Avonlea, Novalea
  • Avyonna, Yovanna
  • Azaryah, Zarayah
  • Azavion, Zanovia
  • Azaylah, Zalayah
  • Azelynn, Zaelynn
  • Aziylah, Zaliyah
  • Bearett, Beretta
  • Bellamy, Maybell
  • Braiden, Brandie
  • Breelle, Rebelle
  • Brenson, Bronsen
  • Breylin, Brynlie
  • Brianne, Brienna
  • Brilynn, Brinlyn
  • Britley, Liberty
  • Cahlani, Calihan
  • Camaria, Macaria
  • Camilah, Malachi
  • Camylah, Malachy
  • Caniyah, Chaniya
  • Carlita, Clarita
  • Carmela, Marcela
  • Carmelo, Marcelo
  • Carmina, Macrina
  • Catelyn, Clayten
  • Charlye, Raychel
  • Chelsey, Chesley
  • Chizara, Zachari
  • Dakhari, Radhika
  • Damaris, Marisda
  • Dameion, Damonie
  • Danella, Lealand
  • Danelle, Leeland
  • Danijah, Jahdani
  • Danisha, Nishaad
  • Daniyah, Nadiyah
  • Dariyah, Yadhira
  • Dashaun, Shaunda
  • Dashiel, Delisha
  • Davanee, Daveena
  • Davante, Vedaant
  • Davinah, Vidhaan
  • Davonna, Donavan
  • Daymond, Dyamond
  • Dekarri, Kardier
  • Delaina, Deliana
  • Demaria, Mairead
  • Denison, Edinson
  • Deontay, Dontaye
  • Devansh, Vedansh
  • Devonna, Donaven
  • Dillian, Illidan
  • Domenik, Nikodem
  • Dontray, Drayton
  • Draeson, Rosenda
  • Eastlyn, Stanley
  • Eleonor, Leonore
  • Eliakim, Mikeila
  • Elianie, Elienai
  • Elinora, Loraine
  • Ellanie, Naielle
  • Ellanor, Ornella
  • Ellerie, Erielle
  • Elleyna, Nayelle
  • Elliett, Lilette
  • Elliona, Leonila
  • Emersen, Renesme
  • Emmalie, Emmelia
  • Emmarie, Marieme
  • Evalyne, Evelyna
  • Everton, Treveon
  • Evgenia, Genavie
  • Evolett, Lovette
  • Farisha, Sharifa
  • Fathima, Fatimah
  • Gabrien, Ginebra
  • Garison, Graison
  • Genessy, Genesys
  • Germain, Germani
  • Greenly, Greylen
  • Guransh, Gurshan
  • Gwenyth, Gwyneth
  • Hadasah, Hadasha
  • Hailynn, Lynniah
  • Haislee, Shailee
  • Haisley, Shaylie
  • Harriet, Terriah
  • Hartley, Heartly
  • Hasnain, Shianna
  • Hawkins, Kishawn
  • Hayleen, Nyeelah
  • Hayslee, Shaylee
  • Haysley, Shayley
  • Heloisa, Soheila
  • Hermela, Melaher
  • Hiilani, Hilinai
  • Hinsley, Sheylin
  • Humaira, Mauriah
  • Iliyana, Yaalini
  • Insiyah, Siniyah
  • Ishmael, Mishael
  • Ismaeel, Maislee
  • Ivyonna, Yovanni
  • Izadora, Zoraida
  • Jabriel, Jibrael
  • Jadelin, Jandiel
  • Jadrian, Jardani
  • Jaisley, Jaylise
  • Jaivion, Jiovani
  • Jaiyana, Janaiya
  • Jalayna, Janayla
  • Jaleena, Janalee
  • Jalmari, Jarmila
  • Jamarie, Jameria
  • Jamesen, Jasmeen
  • Jamesyn, Jasmyne
  • Jamisen, Jasmine
  • Jamorie, Majorie
  • Janelis, Jansiel
  • Janovia, Joviana
  • Jenessy, Jenesys
  • Jassiel, Jelissa
  • Jaylean, Jaylena
  • Jeanine, Jeannie
  • Jermain, Jermani
  • Joellen, Jonelle
  • Joselin, Josniel
  • Juliano, Loujain
  • Kadrian, Kiandra
  • Kadynce, Kandyce
  • Kahliah, Khaliah
  • Kaidynn, Kynnadi
  • Kailand, Kaladin
  • Kailani, Kalanii
  • Kailoni, Nikolai
  • Kainaat, Katiana
  • Kainani, Nainika
  • Kakashi, Kashika
  • Kalayla, Lakayla
  • Kalonji, Nikolaj
  • Kalylah, Khalyla
  • Kamaiya, Makaiya
  • Kamaree, Kareema
  • Kamaria, Makaria
  • Kameela, Maleeka
  • Kamerin, Karmine
  • Kamylah, Makylah
  • Kaniyah, Nakiyah
  • Kariyah, Rakiyah
  • Karmoni, Kmarion
  • Karolyn, Koralyn
  • Kaydenn, Kennady
  • Kaylana, Nakayla
  • Kaylena, Lakenya
  • Kayloni, Nikolay
  • Kaziyah, Zakiyah
  • Keandre, Kendrea
  • Keilani, Keilian
  • Kenisha, Sekhani
  • Kendyll, Kyndell
  • Kenzley, Kynzlee
  • Kenzlie, Kinzlee
  • Keondre, Kreedon
  • Khailyn, Khylani
  • Khalees, Shakeel
  • Kimiyah, Mikiyah
  • Krysten, Kyrsten
  • Laelynn, Lynnlea
  • Lailynn, Lilyann
  • Laithan, Nathali
  • Lanford, Randolf
  • Lariyah, Raliyah
  • Latanya, Natalya
  • Latisha, Talisha
  • Lavinia, Liviana
  • Lazario, Rozalia
  • Leiland, Daniell
  • Leiloni, Lilinoe
  • Leiyani, Yeilani
  • Leylany, Yanelly
  • Lianeth, Tehlani
  • Loralye, Royalle
  • Loreley, Royelle
  • Lynnora, Noralyn
  • Madalin, Malinda
  • Madelin, Melinda
  • Madelyn, Melynda
  • Madilee, Meladie
  • Mailynn, Mialynn
  • Mairany, Mayrani
  • Makenly, Manelyk
  • Maleena, Meleana
  • Malerie, Marilee
  • Malikhi, Mikhail
  • Manases, Manessa
  • Manasvi, Samanvi
  • Maranda, Ramadan
  • Marciel, Miracle
  • Marelin, Marleni
  • Mariely, Maryeli
  • Marisol, Solimar
  • Marnita, Martina
  • Martell, Tramell
  • Marysol, Solymar
  • Mathias, Samhita
  • Maylani, Milayna
  • Maylene, Melaney
  • Maylynn, Myalynn
  • Maynard, Myranda
  • Meilech, Michele
  • Melanin, Melanni
  • Melanya, Melayna
  • Menucha, Nechuma
  • Michael, Michela
  • Mikaeel, Mikaele
  • Milahni, Minahil
  • Mireyah, Remiyah
  • Naithan, Tiannah
  • Nashlie, Shailen
  • Nasreen, Serenna
  • Natalia, Taliana
  • Natanya, Tayanna
  • Nayelie, Yaileen
  • Neriyah, Reniyah
  • Netanya, Teyanna
  • Nirvaan, Nirvana
  • Noriyah, Roniyah
  • Normani, Rominna
  • Olliver, Orville
  • Parisha, Saphira
  • Parnika, Pranika
  • Pragnya, Pragyan
  • Quentin, Quinten
  • Quinlyn, Quinnly
  • Rasheem, Shameer
  • Rasheen, Shreena
  • Reighan, Reighna
  • Reyansh, Shreyan
  • Riyansh, Shriyan
  • Rosalie, Roselia
  • Sabrine, Sebrina
  • Sahirah, Shariah
  • Samarah, Shamara
  • Samarth, Samrath
  • Samatar, Samraat
  • Samayah, Shamaya
  • Sathvik, Takshvi
  • Setareh, Theresa
  • Shahina, Shaniah
  • Shianne, Siennah
  • Shresta, Sreshta
  • Slayter, Starley
  • Starlet, Statler
  • Tailynn, Taylinn
  • Taniyla, Taylani
  • Tayonna, Yonatan
  • Tayseer, Tyrease
  • Tayzlee, Yetzael
  • Tensley, Tynslee
  • Terrill, Tirrell
  • Torsten, Treston
  • Traevon, Traveon
  • Traivon, Travion
  • Trentin, Trinten
  • Valarie, Valeria
  • Valerio, Valorie
  • Wrenley, Wrynlee
  • Xadrian, Xandria
  • Yaritzi, Yatziri
  • Yaritzy, Yatziry
  • Yasmani, Yasmina
  • Yazleen, Zayleen
  • Yohanan, Yohanna
  • Zadrian, Zandria
  • Zaevion, Zenovia
  • Zahmari, Zamirah
  • Zaivion, Zinovia
  • Zamoria, Ziomara
  • Zaniyla, Zaylani

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