26 Girl names from 1916

Not-Yet Serials, Photoplay Magazine, January 1916

In early 1916, Photoplay Magazine came up with a list of potential titles for serial films using the formula established by The Perils of Pauline (1914), The Exploits of Elaine (1914), and The Hazards of Helen (1914).

(Just a few months after the above was published, The Mysteries of Myra came out.)

Which of those 26 names — Abigail, Bertha, Calpurnia, Delilah, Evangeline, Florence, Garnet, Hazel, Imogene, Jezebel, Kitty, Lizzie, Margaret, Nancy, Orillia, Priscilla, Queenie, Roberta, Sibyl, Theodosia, Ursula, Victoria, Winifred, Xanthippe, Yetta or Zira — do you like best?

And, which of those serials would you be most likely to watch? :)

5 thoughts on “26 Girl names from 1916

  1. So many lovely names – Kitty, Evangeline, Winifred, Nancy, Ursula!

    I kind of want to see Margaret causing mayhem and the naughtiness of Nancy, and the Jezebel one sounds interesting (how many jails could she feasibly break out from in the course one one film???).

    The worst one would probably be “The Usuries of Ursula” – how boring would it be to watch her collect loans at exorbitant rates of interest for a whole movie? Even Zira going zigzag sounds better to watch.

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