New “sneaky husband” trend in baby names?

Lanesra, Arsenal spelled backwards

In nearly 10 years of blogging, I can only recall two baby names that made the news because they were bestowed by fathers who did not okay those names with the mothers first:

Well, just recently I spotted two more.

The first is “Bermondsey Millwall Den.” It belongs to a baby boy born in London in October. Millwall is a football club, “The Den” is the Millwall stadium, and Bermondsey is where The Den is located.

Bermondsey’s father told the local paper: “I threatened to do it but I don’t think my wife believed me! I’m not sure how she’s going to react.”

The other name is “Lanesra.” It belongs to an baby girl born in Australia a couple of years ago. Here’s what Lanesra’s mother told a women’s magazine about the name:

We chose our daughter’s name, Lanesra, because it was unique and romantic. It wasn’t till she was two that my husband told me it was actually his favourite soccer team, Arsenal, spelled backwards!

In both cases, the wives ended up liking (or at least tolerating?) the names chosen by their husbands. So all is well, I suppose.

Still…I find stories like these disturbing.

What are your thoughts? And, do you think these stories might kick off some sort of “sneaky husband” trend in baby names?

Sources: Dad Names Baby Boy ‘Bermondsey Millwall Den Bloomfield’ – without Telling his Wife, Guy names his daughter Lanesra via Arsenal Cannon Pics

3 thoughts on “New “sneaky husband” trend in baby names?

  1. Hmm, i think it is okay if both parents agree to the name ahead of time, no matter the “secret” reasons behind it, but not okay if they decide on a name, and then dad changes it at the registrar’s office while mom is still laid up in the hospital.

  2. Hahahah! I love the story about Lanesra. My husband’s comment: Why would he ever cough up about that? My answer: I’m sure he couldn’t believe he’d actually gotten away with it, and couldn’t keep the secret!

    Our daughter’s name was chosen by him, and it was something that was, for quite some time, on my definite “no” list. But the nickname for it we both loved, and he kept pushing for it, and we had no good alternative, and then we were in the hospital with this baby who needed a name, and I capitulated. Now, I can’t imagine her named anything else. (But he did just confirm now, 4+ years in, that he didn’t have an ulterior motives. He just liked the name).

  3. Maybe not a new trend…my grandmother’s mother wanted her to be named Beulah (after actress Beulah Bondi) but her dad put down Beverly because he liked it more! My grandmother is glad he did.

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