Which “feminine blend” name do you like best?

In his book The American Language, writer Henry Louis Mencken used the phrase “feminine blend” to describe a female name created by blending two other names together.

Here are the feminine blends he lists:

  • Adelloyd (Addie + Lloyd)
  • Adnelle (Addison + Nellie)
  • Adrielle (Adrienne + Belle)
  • Armina (Ardelia + Wilhelmina)
  • Bethene (Elizabeth + Christine)
  • Birdene (Birdie + Pauline)
  • Charline (Charles + Pauline)
  • Leilabeth (Leila + Elizabeth)
  • Lunette (Luna + Nettie)
  • Marjette (Marjorie + Henrietta)
  • Maybeth (May + Elizabeth)
  • Olabelle (Ola + Isabel)
  • Olouise (Olive + Louise)
  • Romiette (Romeo + Juliette)
  • Rosella (Rose + Bella)

If you had to use one of the above in real life, which one would you choose?

Source: Mencken, H. L. The American Language. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1919.

2 thoughts on “Which “feminine blend” name do you like best?

  1. Found it tough to pick between Lunette and Adrielle, especially as Luna and Adria are both favourites of mine! Adrielle won though as I already named my cat Luna ;)

  2. I’ve never seen Maybeth before, but it reminds me of ladies I’ve known named Maybelle and Raebelle!

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