Baby born to Liverpool F.C. fans, named Tia

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Kent Roger Solheim of Norway is a big fan of Liverpool F.C.

When he and his partner Carine Heum welcomed their first daughter in early 2018, they named her Ynwa Sofie — YNWA being the acronym for “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” the club’s anthem. They pronounce the name unn-wah.*

And when they welcomed their second daughter this past July, they went with another Liverpool-inspired name: Tia Louise — TIA being the acronym for “This is Anfield,” which refers to the club’s stadium.

Kent said that, if the baby had been a boy, they would have named him George Gerrard — “Gerrard” after former Liverpool player Steven Gerrard, no doubt.

*Another family in Norway with a baby named Ynwa went with the pronunciation yee-nwa.

Source: Bona, Emilia. “Liverpool fans who named baby Ynwa have second child with LFC-inspired name.” Liverpool Echo 31 Jul. 2019.

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