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Popularity of the baby name Ynwa

Posts that mention the name Ynwa

Baby born to Liverpool F.C. fans, named Tia

Liverpool F.C. logo

Kent Roger Solheim of Norway is a big fan of Liverpool F.C.

When he and his partner Carine Heum welcomed their first daughter in early 2018, they named her Ynwa Sofie — YNWA being the acronym for “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” the club’s anthem. They pronounce the name unn-wah.*

And when they welcomed their second daughter this past July, they went with another Liverpool-inspired name: Tia Louise — TIA being the acronym for “This is Anfield,” which refers to the club’s stadium.

Kent said that, if the baby had been a boy, they would have named him George Gerrard — “Gerrard” after former Liverpool player Steven Gerrard, no doubt.

*Another family in Norway with a baby named Ynwa went with the pronunciation yee-nwa.

Source: Bona, Emilia. “Liverpool fans who named baby Ynwa have second child with LFC-inspired name.” Liverpool Echo 31 Jul. 2019.

Baby born to Liverpool F.C. fans, named Ynwa

Liverpool F.C. logo

Norwegian couple Tor-Eric and Eirin Iversen, big fans of Liverpool F.C. (the English soccer team), welcomed a baby girl back in 2010 and named her Karoline Ynwa.

The middle name Ynwa is an acronym that stands for “You’ll Never Walk Alone” — the song that was adopted as Liverpool’s anthem in the 1960s. It originally comes from the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Carousel (1945).

Tor-Eric and Eirin weren’t sure about the name Ynwa (which they pronounce “yee-nwa”) at first, but it grew on them over time. Before Ynwa they’d considered the name Gerrard (for Steven Gerrard) but decided that Gerrard wouldn’t work well for a girl.

Pål Christian Møller, head of Liverpool FC Supporters Club Norway, says the Liverpool-inspired baby name he sees most often is simply “Liverpool.” (He said if he could give himself another name, he’d add Oliver and become “O Liverpål.”) Another acronym-based Liverpool name he’s seen is Tia, which stands for “this is Anfield.” Anfield is the stadium at which Liverpool F.C. has been playing since the 1890s.

Now that news of a child named Ynwa has surfaced, do you think Liverpool fans in England will start using the name? And, if so, do you think Ynwa will ever reach the minimum usage requirement of 3 babies per year to be included on a future England and Wales baby name list?

Sources: Ynwa (4) fikk ikke velge favorittlag selv, Liverpool FC fans from Norway name their daughter YNWA (discovered originally via Clare’s Name News)

P.S. Other modern-day acronym baby names include Ily, Ilys & Ktyal. I’ve also heard rumors that the baby name Yolo now exists, but I have yet to see proof of this.

Baby name story: Sarah

rescue helicopter

In February of 1956, Joyce Atherton of Ugthorpe, England, went into labor. An ambulance from nearby Whitby couldn’t reach her because of the snow on the ground, so helicopter pilot Ron Salt of the No. 275 Squadron RAF (Royal Air Force) flew in, picked her up, and transported her to the hospital.

Days later, a baby girl arrived. She was named Mary Sarah Atherton. Where did her middle name come from? It was inspired by the acronym SARAH, “Search And Rescue And Homing,” as Ron’s group was also known as a Search and Rescue and Homing Squadron.

(SARAH was actually a piece of equipment the squadron pilots used. It was a miniature transmitter developed in the early 1950s to help rescuers locate downed pilots, especially during air-sea rescues.)

Source: “Sarah Named After Her Air Rescuers.” Bulletin and Scots Pictorial 19 Mar. 1956: 5.

[Other acronym baby names: Kytal, Ily, Ilys, Ynwa, Liati]