How popular is the baby name Griezmann in the United States right now? How popular was it historically? Use the popularity graph and data table below to find out! Plus, see all the blog posts that mention the name Griezmann.

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Popularity of the baby name Griezmann

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Where did the baby name Griezmann come from in 2016?

French soccer player Antoine Griezmann
Antoine Griezmann

The unusual name Griezmann debuted in the U.S. baby name data in 2016:

  • 2018: 11 baby boys named Griezmann
  • 2017: 11 baby boys named Griezmann
  • 2016: 6 baby boys named Griezmann [debut]
  • 2015: unlisted
  • 2014: unlisted

Where did it come from?

French soccer player Antoine Griezmann (pronounced an-twahn gree-ez-man).

Though he was born and raised in France, he has strong affiliations with several European countries: his father’s family came from Germany, his mother’s family from Portugal, and he “was brought up as a footballer in Spain” (from the age of 13 onward).

He has been playing professionally since 2009, but garnered a lot of attention in 2016 specifically while playing for Atlético Madrid. That year, he won two La Liga awards — for best player and fan favorite — and was nominated for both the Ballon d’Or and Best FIFA Men’s Player.

He was also chosen to play for France in the UEFA Euro 2016. Though France was defeated by Portugal in the final, Griezmann was named Player of the Tournament and won the Golden Boot (for most goals scored). He was later declared French Player of the Year.

Griezmann’s Germanic surname, originally spelled Griesmann, could be related to the Middle High German word griez, meaning “sand” (in reference to a person who lived in a sandy location), or the Middle Low German word gris, meaning “gray” (in reference to a gray-haired person).

What are your thoughts on Griezmann as a first name?

P.S. I don’t usually publish data-based posts on Fridays, but I felt compelled to publish this one today because all three of Griezmann’s children — Mia, Amaro, and Alba — were born on April 8th (in 2016, 2019, and 2021, respectively). His son was named after his maternal grandfather, Amaro Lopes, who played professional soccer in Portugal before immigrating to France in the 1950s.


Image: Adapted from Antoine Griezmann – CdR – RM v ATL by DSanchez17 under CC BY 2.0.

Baby name story: Griezmann Mbappé

Teodora Pacaje and baby Griezmann Mbappé Chambi Pacaje (Jan. 2022).
Teodora holding Griezmann Mbappé

The first baby born in the Chilean city of Copiapó in 2022 was a boy named Griezmann Mbappé in honor of French soccer players Antoine Griezmann (pronounced an-twahn gree-ez-man) and Kylian Mbappé (pronounced kee-lee-ahn em-bah-pay).

The baby was born at Copiapó Regional Hospital at around 9 pm on New Year’s Day.

Here’s how his mother, Teodora Pacaje, explained the name to local reporters: “We love football. I chose the first name and his dad gave him the name Mbappé.”

Ironically, the parents of the initial baby named Griezmann Mbappé — born in south-west France in late 2018 — were forced by a judge to rename him in nearly 2019. (They chose “Dany Noé.”)

Sources: Parents name baby after favourite footballers but people fear he will be bullied, Servicio Salud Atacama on Twitter, Griezmann: not just a poster boy, French couple barred from calling son Griezmann Mbappe after football heroes
Image: @SSaludAtacama

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Alie: A baby girl born in New York in December of 2018 was named Alie in honor of the Long Island Expressway (called the “L-I-E”), where she was born in a minivan on the side of the road. (Queens Daily Eagle)

Bale: A baby boy born in Wales in November of 2016 was named Bale in honor of Welsh soccer player Gareth Bale. Another boy born in Wales a month later was also named Bale for the same reason. (Wales Online; Wales Online)

Griezmann Mbappe: A baby boy born in France in November of 2018 was named Griezmann Mbappe in honor of French soccer players Antoine Griezmann and Kylian Mbappe. (Deadspin)

Mickey: A baby girl born in California in December of 2018 was named Zoele Mickey — middle name in honor of paramedic Mickey Huber, who’d helped her mother escape a wildfire and reach a medical center to give birth. (KRCR)