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Popularity of the baby name Teodora

Posts that mention the name Teodora

Baby name story: Griezmann Mbappé

Teodora Pacaje and baby Griezmann Mbappé Chambi Pacaje (Jan. 2022).
Teodora holding Griezmann Mbappé

The first baby born in the Chilean city of Copiapó in 2022 was a boy named Griezmann Mbappé in honor of French soccer players Antoine Griezmann (pronounced an-twahn gree-ez-man) and Kylian Mbappé (pronounced kee-lee-ahn em-bah-pay).

The baby was born at Copiapó Regional Hospital at around 9 pm on New Year’s Day.

Here’s how his mother, Teodora Pacaje, explained the name to local reporters: “We love football. I chose the first name and his dad gave him the name Mbappé.”

Ironically, the parents of the initial baby named Griezmann Mbappé — born in south-west France in late 2018 — were forced by a judge to rename him in nearly 2019. (They chose “Dany Noé.”)

Sources: Parents name baby after favourite footballers but people fear he will be bullied, Servicio Salud Atacama on Twitter, Griezmann: not just a poster boy, French couple barred from calling son Griezmann Mbappe after football heroes
Image: @SSaludAtacama

Popular baby names in Bulgaria, 2013

Flag of Bulgaria
Flag of Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s top baby names of 2013 were released last month.

According to preliminary data from the National Statistical Institute (NSI), the most popular baby names last year were Viktoria and Georgi.

Here are Bulgaria’s top 19 girl names and top 19 boy names of 2013:

Girl Names

  1. Viktoria (2.9% of baby girls)
  2. Nikol (2.7%)
  3. Maria (2.4%)
  4. Alexandra (1.7%)
  5. Gabriela (1.5%)
  6. Raya (1.2%)
  7. Yoana (1.2%)
  8. Simona
  9. Elena
  10. Dariya
  11. Teodora
  12. Siyana
  13. Mihaela
  14. Gergana
  15. Magdalena
  16. Bozhidara
  17. Monika
  18. Ivayla
  19. Karina

Boy Names

  1. Georgi (3.55% of baby boys)
  2. Alexandar (3.1%)
  3. Martin (2.9%)
  4. Ivan (2.4%)
  5. Dimitar (2.1%)
  6. Nikola (2.1%)
  7. Nikolay (2.0%)
  8. Viktor
  9. Kristiyan
  10. Kaloyan
  11. Boris
  12. Teordor
  13. Bozhidar
  14. Petar
  15. Stefan
  16. Alex
  17. Ivaylo
  18. Mihail
  19. Angel

Source: Most popular baby names in Bulgaria – Georgi, Viktoria

Image: Adapted from Flag of Bulgaria (public domain)