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Popular girl names in the United States, 2020

monument valley

The 2020 batch of U.S. baby names was released by the SSA this morning!

I’ve been toying with the data for a few hours and, in this post and the next, I’ll give you some of the highlights.

Here are the most popular girl names overall:

  1. Olivia, 17,535 baby girls
  2. Emma, 15,581
  3. Ava, 13,084
  4. Charlotte, 13,003
  5. Sophia, 12,976
  6. Amelia, 12,704
  7. Isabella, 12,066
  8. Mia, 11,157
  9. Evelyn, 9,445
  10. Harper, 8,778

These ten names were also in the 2019 top ten.

The girl names that saw the largest increases in usage in terms of absolute numbers of babies were…

  1. Gianna, increased by 4,414 babies
  2. Alaia, 654
  3. Nova, 635
  4. Isla, 500
  5. Haisley, 451
  6. Oaklynn, 406
  7. Kehlani, 387
  8. Ariella, 374
  9. Maeve, 337
  10. Natalia, 332

Gianna was influenced by the tragic death of Gianna Bryant, daughter of Kobe Bryant.

The girl names that saw the largest increases in usage in terms of relative numbers of babies were…

  1. Ehlani, increased by 2,100%
  2. Anayra, 483%
  3. Nihan, 482%
  4. Xiamara, 460%
  5. Kiora, 440%
  6. Yahri, 420%
  7. Alessi, 418%
  8. Eryss, 400%
  9. Gianina, 400%
  10. Giannina, 400%

Some explanations…

  • Ehlani is the daughter of social media influencer Elsy Guevara. (Commenter alex called this one months ago. Here’s Ehlani’s “name reveal” video, from May 2020.)
  • Anayra could be from Anayra Sharma, the baby of Indian comedian/celebrity Kapil Sharma (who has 32 million Instagram followers and 18 million twitter followers).
  • Alessi is the the daughter of Siesta Key cast member Alex Kompothecras.
  • Eryss is the daughter of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta cast member Erica Dixon.
  • Giannina was a contestant on the reality TV show Love is Blind.

Here are the girl names that debuted most impressively in the 2020 data:

  1. Dalett, debuted with 94 baby girls
  2. Cennet, 84
  3. Ulanni, 44
  4. Souline, 36
  5. Amavi, 30 (this one double-debuted, actually, with 12 boys as well)
  6. Ayzal, 30
  7. Brixleigh, 19
  8. Kazleigh, 19
  9. Yoatzi, 19
  10. Morwenna, 16

Some explanations…

  • Dalett is the third child (born in May, 2020) of Larrymania stars Larry and Kenia Hernandez. (Their older daughters are Daleyza and Dalary.)
  • Cennet is the main character of the Telemundo show Cennet, which looks to be a remake of a Turkish show (Cennet’in Gözyaslari) from a few years earlier. The name means “heaven” in Turkish.
  • Yoatzi is probably from YouTuber Yoatzi Castro.
  • Morwenna might be from the most recent adaptation of Poldark. (Supporting evidence: the name Demelza returned to the data a few years ago.)

The girl names that saw the largest decreases in usage in terms of absolute numbers of babies were…

  1. Harper, decreased by 1,686 babies
  2. Emma, -1,574
  3. Ava, -1,390
  4. Emily, -1,373
  5. Abigail, -1,317
  6. Mia, -1,295
  7. Isabella, -1,278
  8. Victoria, -1,103
  9. Aria, -994
  10. Olivia, -973

The girl name that saw the largest decrease in usage in terms of relative numbers of babies was Diala (-81%), and the girl name that saw the steepest drop off the list was Yarishna (from 28 babies in 2019 to fewer than 5 in 2020).

If you can explain any of the rises (or drops), please leave a comment!

Source: SSA
Image by Clay Banks from Unsplash

[Latest update: 5/11/2021]

Pop culture baby name game results, 2018

Here are the results of Pop Culture Baby Name Game 2018! For the pop culture context of any of these names, just click back over to the original game post.


Names that saw higher usage in 2018:

No Change

Names that saw no change in usage in 2018.


Names that saw lower usage in 2018:


Names that were absent from the SSA data in 2018:

  • Did not debut: Avicii, Carvena, Chevel, Coco (as a boy name), Cullinan, Ella Mai, Kaavia, Kulture, Mahomes, Majeste, Maquia, Marsai, Nafessa, Osaka, Pineapple, Qira, Ramirez (as a girl name), Reileen, Sanni, Velar, Venom, Villanelle, Xolo, Yanny, Zaxai
  • Did not re-emerge: Cress, Gio, Joji, Jumanji, T’challa

Late Bloomers

Names that were “absent” from 2017’s results, now in 2018:

Plus: Rumi finally rose, and Sircarter unexpectedly surfaced.

What are your thoughts on the results this year? Did anything surprise you?

[Disclaimer: Some of the names above were already moving in the direction indicated, and some were no doubt influenced by more than a single pop culture person/event. I leave it up to you to judge the degree/nature of pop culture influence in each case.]

The top girl-name debuts of 2018

crocus in snow

The top girl-name debuts in the U.S. baby name data last year were:

Some of the other debuts include: Annifer, Dava, Enzleigh, Katyayani, Lunamae, Mazuri, Attley, Coralena, Loujain, Townes, Gurmehar, Orabella, Vaia, Aerolyn, Elegance, Nyayla, Tillian, Universe, Yosra, Zhaviah, Zyna, Alouette, Anyfer, Bilge, Cardi, Chicago, Elite, Geles, Gentree, Ikora, Lunagrace, Menorah, Modesire, Pyrrha, Riverrose, Siloam, Versace, Willianny, Zelilah, Annajames, Arrowyn, Bellanova, Chancellor, Cloud, Ellanese, Enzo, Erabelle, Ffion, Fiammetta, Foreign, Ixora, Krew, Lunamaria, Mattel, Miqueen, Noir, Novamae, Peru, Sumnima, Tomiris, Uinise, Videlle, York

Zhavia (and Jhavia, and Zaviah) were influenced by singer Zhavia Ward, who was on the TV show The Four in 2018. Do you have explanations for any of the other debuts?

P.S. Wondering what a “debut” name is? Debut names were too rare to appear in the SSA data in any previous year (1880-2017). In order to debut, they need to be given to at least 5 babies of one gender or the other within a single year.

Source: SSA
Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay

Anagram names with 8 letters: Lisandro/Rosalind, Carmelia/Maricela

8 chicks

Looking for a set of baby names with something in common? If so, here are some 8-letter anagram names for you to check out!

Anagrams are words that contain the same set of letters, but not in the same sequence. For instance, the words “predator,” “parroted,” and “teardrop” are all anagrams of one another.

Anagram names can be a neat option for siblings — particularly multiples (like twins and triplets). They’re also a clever way to connect a baby name to the name of an older relative (e.g., grandpa Laurence, grandson Cerulean).

Below are hundreds of eight-letter names (collected from the SSA’s huge database of U.S. baby names) that happen to be anagrams of other names.

Eight-letter anagram names

  • Adrianne, Adrienna, Andreina, Derianna
  • Aleighna, Analeigh, Leighana, Naleigha
  • Anberlyn, Braelynn, Brealynn, Brynnlea
  • Azaliyah, Azayliah, Zaaliyah, Zalaiyah
  • Illyanna, Laylanni, Lilyanna, Lylianna
  • Natahlia, Nataliah, Nathalia, Thaliana
  • Aashirya, Aashriya, Saraiyah
  • Aashrith, Ashritha, Harshita
  • Adilynne, Naidelyn, Naydelin
  • Adrianna, Andriana, Darianna
  • Adrionna, Darionna, Dorianna
  • Aliyahna, Analiyah, Nalaiyah
  • Amairany, Amayrani, Mariyana
  • Anayelli, Elliyana, Laylanie
  • Arabelle, Bellarae, Erabella
  • Ariyanna, Narayani, Yarianna
  • Ashlynne, Shaelynn, Shealynn
  • Aurellia, Auriella, Laurelai
  • Breelynn, Brennley, Brynnlee
  • Brielynn, Brinnley, Brynnlie
  • Caroline, Coraline, Cornelia
  • Illianna, Lailanni, Lilianna
  • Jarmaine, Marijane, Mirajane
  • Kailanny, Kaylanni, Kylianna
  • Karoline, Koraline, Kornelia
  • Ladamien, Madaline, Madelina
  • Aadhiran, Adrianah
  • Aaryansh, Sharanya
  • Abriella, Aribella
  • Abrielle, Aribelle
  • Adaleigh, Gedaliah
  • Adelilah, Delailah
  • Adoniram, Damarion
  • Adriella, Dariella
  • Adrielle, Darielle
  • Adrielys, Darielys
  • Adryanna, Daryanna
  • Ahlaysia, Alayshia
  • Aishleen, Shailene
  • Aliannah, Annaliah
  • Aliciana, Analicia
  • Allyanna, Laylanna
  • Alysiana, Nalaysia
  • Amariana, Anamaria
  • Amarilis, Marialis
  • Amberlee, Emberlea
  • Ameliyah, Maleiyah
  • Analilia, Lailiana
  • Annmaria, Marianna
  • Annmarie, Marianne
  • Antonios, Santonio
  • Aracelli, Aricella
  • Aurielle, Laurelei
  • Avrielle, Vallerie
  • Azrielle, Zarielle
  • Azriella, Zariella
  • Camarion, Marciano
  • Carmelia, Maricela
  • Carmella, Marcella
  • Carmelle, Marcelle
  • Carmello, Marcello
  • Carolyne, Coralyne
  • Carolynn, Coralynn
  • Catarino, Catriona
  • Cerulean, Laurence
  • Charissa, Issachar
  • Charizma, Chizaram
  • Claudine, Dulcinea
  • Deadrian, Deandria
  • Delorian, Reinaldo
  • Devanshi, Vedanshi
  • Dorothea, Theodora
  • Eliantte, Lianette
  • Elizabel, Izabelle
  • Ellianna, Lelianna
  • Ellinore, Norielle
  • Elnathan, Nathanel
  • Erioluwa, Ireoluwa
  • Halleigh, Leighlah
  • Harshini, Inshirah
  • Jilliana, Lilijana
  • Kailynne, Keilanny
  • Kamaiyah, Makaiyah
  • Kamellia, Mikaella
  • Kamilyah, Mikaylah
  • Karmella, Markella
  • Kaylanee, Kayleena
  • Kayleigh, Kyleigha
  • Kellyann, Lakelynn
  • Leandros, Lesandro
  • Leightyn, Tynleigh
  • Leilanni, Lilianne
  • Leilanny, Lilyanne
  • Lemarcus, Marcelus
  • Leylanie, Yanellie
  • Lisandro, Rosalind
  • Makenzie, Mazikeen
  • Malikhai, Mikhaila
  • Maribell, Mirabell
  • Nylarose, Rosealyn
  • Olivette, Violette
  • Reeyansh, Shreeyan
  • Reighlyn, Rynleigh
  • Reyaansh, Shreyaan
  • Rishitha, Srihitha
  • Rithanya, Traniyah
  • Rosaline, Roselina
  • Shanvika, Vanshika
  • Shriyaan, Yarishna


Which pairing/group do you like best? Let me know in the comments!

To see anagram names of other lengths, check out these lists of 3-letter anagram names, 4-letter anagram names, 5-letter anagram names, 6-letter anagram names, and 7-letter anagram names.

P.S. If you’d like to see popularity graphs for any of the names above, just check the long list of tags below. Each tag is a name, so find a name you’re interested in and click through. The graph will take a moment to load — it’s grabbing a lot of data — but it will allow you to see at a glance the name’s current and historical U.S. usage.

Image by Hans Benn from Pixabay

[Latest update: April 2023]