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Popular baby names in Gibraltar, 2023

Flag of Gibraltar
Flag of Gibraltar

The British overseas territory of Gibraltar — located at the southern tip of Europe’s Iberian Peninsula, just a few miles away from Northern Africa — is home to roughly 32,700 people

Last year, Gibraltar welcomed 319 babies — 149 baby girls, and 170 baby boys. (My source article said the final tally was 318, but the full list [PDF] included an extra name.)

What were the most popular names among these babies? Ava/Lucia (tie) and Luca.

Here are Gibraltar’s top girl names and top boy names of 2023:

Girl names

  1. Ava and Lucia, 4 baby girls each (tie)
  2. Evie, Lily, Olivia, and Sienna, 3 each (4-way tie)
  3. Alba, Arabella, Brielle, Emma, Esme, Indie, Lena, Luna, Madison, Mia, Noa, Sofia, Sophia, Sophie, Talia, and Valentina, 2 each (16-way tie)

Boy names

  1. Luca, 5 baby boys
  2. Jack, Leon, and Liam, 4 each (3-way tie)
  3. James, Noah, Theo, and William, 3 each (4-way tie)
  4. Aiden, Alexander, Axel, Daniel, Dylan, Evan, Hugo, Jackson, Jake, Joey, Julian, Karim, Leo, Leonardo, Lucas, Matthew, Michael, Mohamed, Rafael, Robin, and Ryan, 2 each (21-way tie)

The rest of the names were each bestowed once. (Except for Reign, which was bestowed twice overall — once for each gender.)

Unique girl names (97)Unique boy names (99)
Aasiyah, Abigail, Adrianna, Alexandra, Alma, Amelia, Amiah, Anastasia, Anoushka, Anya, Aria, Arianna, Arianne, Arna, Avery, Bassma, Blossom, Carla, Charlotte, Chloe, Cole, Cora, Daisy, Daniella, Deborah, Devorah, Eadie, Eleanor, Elena, Eliana, Elie, Ella, Elodie, Elouisa, Elsie, Emilia, Emilie, Emily, Faith, Farah, Gia, Giselle, Grace, Gracie-Rae, Hallie, Hannah, Holly, Irene, Isabella, Isadora, Jawhara, Joudia, Julietta, Kaila, Kylie, Layan, Lia, Lilijana, Lilya, Lorena, Lucie, Lucy, Luella, Maram, Matilda, Maya, Mila, Miral, Molly, Niah, Niv, Nora, Nylah, Ottilie, Paige, Penelope, Reign, Rhea, Ria, Riley-Mae, Rina, Rivka, Ruth, Sabrina, Sage, Sara, Scarlett, Sia, Skye, Souhaila, Sydney, Tania, Teresa, Tillia, Vivienne, Yashu, ZainabAaron, Adonis, Alejandro, Alfei, Anthon, Aries, Ashton, August, Ayaan, Ayman, Brooke, Caleb, Charles, Christian, Cody, Colby, Cory, Elai, Eliyahu, Elliott, Eneko, Eoin, Etienne, Evren, Ezio, Finley, Frederick, Gino, Godred, Grayson, Harvey, Hayden, Hiyaan, Ilan, Indra, Jai, Jamie, Jayce, Jayme, Jesse, Johar, Joseph, Joshua, Jovan, Justin, Kai, Keenan, Kobe, Koen, Laurence, Lawson, Lee, Logan, Louay, Louie, Luke, Mael, Mason, Matteo, Max, Milan, Musa, Nasir, Nate, Nathan, Nathaniel, Nial, Nicholas, Nicolas, Nikolai, Nolan, Nyle, Oliver, Ori, Owen, Ramy, Raphael, Ray, Refael, Reign, Rex, Rian, Ricardo, River, Romeo, Roux, Ruben, Rylee, Salman, Sam, Samuel, Scott, Stefan, Theodore, Thiago, Yaakov, Yisroel, Zachary, Ziggy

Finally, here are Gibraltar’s 2022 rankings, if you’d like to compare last year to the year before.


Image: Adapted from Flag of Gibraltar (public domain)

Anagram baby names (8 letters long)

Anagram baby names (8 letters)

Looking for a set of baby names with something in common? If so, here are some 8-letter anagram names for you to check out!

Anagrams are words that contain the same set of letters, but not in the same sequence. For instance, the words “predator,” “parroted,” and “teardrop” are all anagrams of one another.

Anagram names can be a neat option for siblings — particularly multiples (like twins and triplets). They’re also a clever way to connect a baby name to the name of an older relative (e.g., grandpa Laurence, grandson Cerulean).

Below are hundreds of eight-letter names (collected from the SSA’s huge database of U.S. baby names) that happen to be anagrams of other names.

Eight-letter anagram names

  • Adrianne, Adrienna, Andreina, Derianna
  • Aleighna, Analeigh, Leighana, Naleigha
  • Anberlyn, Braelynn, Brealynn, Brynnlea
  • Azaliyah, Azayliah, Zaaliyah, Zalaiyah
  • Illyanna, Laylanni, Lilyanna, Lylianna
  • Natahlia, Nataliah, Nathalia, Thaliana
  • Aashirya, Aashriya, Saraiyah
  • Aashrith, Ashritha, Harshita
  • Adilynne, Naidelyn, Naydelin
  • Adrianna, Andriana, Darianna
  • Adrionna, Darionna, Dorianna
  • Aliyahna, Analiyah, Nalaiyah
  • Amairany, Amayrani, Mariyana
  • Anayelli, Elliyana, Laylanie
  • Arabelle, Bellarae, Erabella
  • Ariyanna, Narayani, Yarianna
  • Ashlynne, Shaelynn, Shealynn
  • Aurellia, Auriella, Laurelai
  • Breelynn, Brennley, Brynnlee
  • Brielynn, Brinnley, Brynnlie
  • Caroline, Coraline, Cornelia
  • Illianna, Lailanni, Lilianna
  • Jarmaine, Marijane, Mirajane
  • Kailanny, Kaylanni, Kylianna
  • Karoline, Koraline, Kornelia
  • Ladamien, Madaline, Madelina
  • Aadhiran, Adrianah
  • Aaryansh, Sharanya
  • Abriella, Aribella
  • Abrielle, Aribelle
  • Adaleigh, Gedaliah
  • Adelilah, Delailah
  • Adoniram, Damarion
  • Adriella, Dariella
  • Adrielle, Darielle
  • Adrielys, Darielys
  • Adryanna, Daryanna
  • Ahlaysia, Alayshia
  • Aishleen, Shailene
  • Aliannah, Annaliah
  • Aliciana, Analicia
  • Allyanna, Laylanna
  • Alysiana, Nalaysia
  • Amariana, Anamaria
  • Amarilis, Marialis
  • Amberlee, Emberlea
  • Ameliyah, Maleiyah
  • Analilia, Lailiana
  • Annmaria, Marianna
  • Annmarie, Marianne
  • Antonios, Santonio
  • Aracelli, Aricella
  • Aurielle, Laurelei
  • Avrielle, Vallerie
  • Azrielle, Zarielle
  • Azriella, Zariella
  • Camarion, Marciano
  • Carmelia, Maricela
  • Carmella, Marcella
  • Carmelle, Marcelle
  • Carmello, Marcello
  • Carolyne, Coralyne
  • Carolynn, Coralynn
  • Catarino, Catriona
  • Cerulean, Laurence
  • Charissa, Issachar
  • Charizma, Chizaram
  • Claudine, Dulcinea
  • Deadrian, Deandria
  • Delorian, Reinaldo
  • Devanshi, Vedanshi
  • Dorothea, Theodora
  • Eliantte, Lianette
  • Elizabel, Izabelle
  • Ellianna, Lelianna
  • Ellinore, Norielle
  • Elnathan, Nathanel
  • Erioluwa, Ireoluwa
  • Halleigh, Leighlah
  • Harshini, Inshirah
  • Jilliana, Lilijana
  • Kailynne, Keilanny
  • Kamaiyah, Makaiyah
  • Kamellia, Mikaella
  • Kamilyah, Mikaylah
  • Karmella, Markella
  • Kaylanee, Kayleena
  • Kayleigh, Kyleigha
  • Kellyann, Lakelynn
  • Leandros, Lesandro
  • Leightyn, Tynleigh
  • Leilanni, Lilianne
  • Leilanny, Lilyanne
  • Lemarcus, Marcelus
  • Leylanie, Yanellie
  • Lisandro, Rosalind
  • Makenzie, Mazikeen
  • Malikhai, Mikhaila
  • Maribell, Mirabell
  • Nylarose, Rosealyn
  • Olivette, Violette
  • Reeyansh, Shreeyan
  • Reighlyn, Rynleigh
  • Reyaansh, Shreyaan
  • Rishitha, Srihitha
  • Rithanya, Traniyah
  • Rosaline, Roselina
  • Shanvika, Vanshika
  • Shriyaan, Yarishna

Which pairing/group do you like best? Let me know in the comments!

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