Baby born during Hurricane Andrew, named Andrew


Most of the hurricane-inspired baby names I know of (e.g. Alicia, Gloria, Hazel) were given to girls. So I had to end the series with a boy. :)

Hurricane Andrew hit Florida on August 24, 1992. It ended up demolishing Homestead Air Force Base.

Luckily, Kevin Hicks — who had been stationed at Homestead — was off the base by that point. Kevin, his pregnant wife Heidi, and their daughter Emily had driven 5 hours north to Leesburg to avoid the storm.

But on the day the hurricane hit Homestead, Heidi went into labor (4 days early). She gave birth to a baby boy at Leesburg Regional Medical Center that night.

The baby was named Jacob Andrew.

Source: Bond, Bill. “Hurricane Shoots Down Visiting Air Force Family.” Orlando Sentinel 27 Aug. 1992: 1.

Image (Hurricane Elena) by NASA

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