Alternatives to Isabella, Arabella, Annabella

You love the names Isabella, Arabella and Annabella, but you want something…else. Are there any other other 4-syllable -bella names out there?

Yes, many! They don’t have the long history Isabella has–most are modern inventions–but they are being used more and more often nowadays, thanks to Isabella’s newfound popularity.

For more inspiration, here are some -belle names that were used/invented during the early 20th century, according to SSA data. (Parents were as creative with -belle names back then as they are with -bella names today!) I think many of the below would work well with a -bella ending.

Finally, two more names that are so rare, they’ve never appeared on any SSA baby name list (i.e., they’ve been given to fewer than 5 baby girls per year since 1880).

  • Dulcibella. It was spelled Dowsabel or Dousabel in medieval times. The name was also used as a synonym for sweetheart; The World Book Dictionary defines dowsabel/dousabel as “a common name for a rustic sweetheart in old pastoral poems.” So now, of course, we all have to start calling our sweethearts “dowsabels.” :)
  • Harrybelle. It was the name of war nurse Harrybelle Durant Stark (1891-1937), the last official casualty of World War I,

Can you think of any other -bella or -belle names? Or, can you invent any? (Let’s see…how about Hannabella? Or Jennabella?)

UPDATE, 3/22/16: Similar names from other posts: Leotabel, Marjabelle, Susybelle, Twylabelle.

13 thoughts on “Alternatives to Isabella, Arabella, Annabella

  1. I was perusing a German name book at the book store one day and opened it right up to the atrocity “Danniebelle”. The book explained that it is an American name. I have no idea where they got that from.

  2. The spelling Dulcebella brings up a number of hits. We have several family friends named Dulce (dool-see).

  3. Maribella reminds me of “Maribel” and “Marisol”, and I think it fits in with the -bella names. Best name in your list, in my opinion.

    Thanks for the post, it was interesting!

  4. I think those names are way too frou-frou, but some of the prefixes alone are attractive. Mia, Clara, and Nina are all usable names: Clara is my favorite (Nutcracker connection). Of course, it was probably pronounced NINE-a back then.

  5. I love -bella nd -belle names very much! My favourite from this list is Dulcibella, Elizabella is also very interesting. How about Emibelle? Lexibella? Loribella/Loribelle (or perhaps it’s been mentioned before and I overlooked it?), Sophibelle, Lucybelle, Lindabella, Josiebelle? That’s what comes to my mind, although I can’t imagine myself using any of those for a child, though they’re really cool sounding.

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