Create a pen name, Edward Gorey-style

Edward Gorey book cover

In his later years, Edward Gorey — known for his eerie crosshatch drawings and stories — lived in Yarmouth, MA, which happens to be where I grew up. So the town and school libraries were always stocked with Gorey books, and I read those books over and over again as a kid.

One interesting thing about Gorey is that he published under dozens of bizarre pen names, all of them anagrams of “Edward Gorey.” Here are some examples:

  • D. Awd­rey-Gore
  • Deary Rewdgo
  • Dewda Yorger
  • Dogear Wryde
  • E. G. Deadworry
  • Ogdred Weary
  • Raddory Gewe
  • Regera Dowdy
  • Waredo Dyrge

We’ve already come up with Ben Franklin-style pen names, so I thought it would be fun to try some Edward Gorey-style pen names this time around.

Here are a few anagrams for my name, Nancy Man:

  • Anna C. Nym
  • Ann McNay
  • Cam Nynan
  • Macy Nann
  • Myc Nanan
  • Myna Cann
  • N. N. Cayman
  • N. Y. MacNan
  • Yna McAnn

Can you come up with any Gorey-style pen names for your name?

Sources: Futility Closet, Edward Gorey – Wikipedia

Image: Cover of The Gashlycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey

8 thoughts on “Create a pen name, Edward Gorey-style

  1. This was really tricky! My name is Erin Olinger. Here’s what I came up with:

    Elinor Grine
    Linn E. Gorrier
    Ernie Gilnor (or Irene Gilnor)
    Lorin I. Green
    Gino L. Reiner (or Lino G. Reiner)
    Lonnie Grier
    Ginnie Roler
    Lori Neering
    Leo I. Grinner
    Norine L. Geir
    Glenn I. Orrie

    Some of these are plausible in the real world, right? But nothing jumps out at me with Edward Gorey-style awesomeness.

  2. It’s harder than it looks, isn’t it?

    Here are a few more for your name:

    Reni Leg-Iron
    Oriel Grinne
    Nini R. leGore
    Rio N. Leering
    Rinne I. Ogler

    There’s also “Ron Lingerie,” but that one seemed a bit too conspicuous…

  3. Not much for my name, but I came up with:

    Ayah Snarl Fresh
    Faery Hash Snarl
    Rhea Flash Yarns
    Lane Frays Harsh
    Elan Frays Harsh
    Sera Fan Harshly
    Ashlar Shay Fern
    Ashlar Hays Fern

    I’ve left all the Feral, Anal, Renal, Snarfs, etc. off as options…

  4. A few more:

    Shanshara Flyer
    Halasy Fern-Rash
    Fraynah Slasher
    Sashly H. Near-Far
    Sherry Shafalan
    Ray Half-Harness
    Harry Sasha Nelf
    Shanara Freshly
    Farsena Harshly
    Hashay Falser, RN

  5. Wow Nancy! You either have an impressive knack for anagrams, or a lot of free time! If I ever wind up needing a pen name or a stage name or something, I’m totally going with Nini R. leGore. That one cracks me up!

    It might be too long past for Sharalyn to read this, but Sharalyn, if you’re listening, I love the contrast between your real life name and the anagrams. Sharalyn is soft and pretty and feminine. But some of the anagrams have that gnarly dark Lemony Snickett or Edward Gorey quality that is so cool. If I were you, every time I made a mistake or said something unkind, I’d blame it on my alter-ego: Ayah Snarr Flesh.

  6. I don’t think i need to go further than Lance ViCozenny

    I really like it :)

    Although Lacy Zen Connevi is pretty cute!

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