The top girl-name debuts of 2014

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The television-inspired Dalary was the top debut name for baby girls in 2014.

Of all the girl names appearing for the very first time on a Social Security Administration baby name list in 2014, the following were the most popular:

1. Dalary, 215 baby girls
2. Yazleemar, 28
3. Sunjai, 23
4. Hannaley, 21
5. Tauriel, 20
6. Naiovy, 17
7. Rynlee, 14
8. Abisai, 13
9. Arliz, 13
10. Everli, 13
11. Iselle, 13
12. Tessanne, 13
13. Eisele, 12
14. Aidana, 11
15. Aransa, 11
16. Huntlee, 11
17. Posy, 11
18. Tiwatope, 11
19. Xairexis, 11

And a handful from the 10-and-under group: Enzley, Sochi, Kaoir, Aketzaly, Everdeen, Jeyshangelise, Khaleesia, Yailenys/Yaileny, Espyn/Espen, Gabbanelli, Kimimela, Kween, Rocket, Ruoxi, Cove, Light, Madrona, Miamore/Miamour, Penrose, Synnove, Winslet, Ziggy, Believe, Bravery, Decker, Hastings, Katsumi, Knova, Luxanna, Mirajane, Nelliel, Penelopea, Poe, Taizley, Theophilia, Wimberley, Zoja, Zyelle.

Where do the names above come from? Here are some explanations:

  • Dalary – from the baby girl born on reality TV show “Larrymania” in late 2013. (Abby figured this one out right away!)
  • Yazleemar – from 2-year-old St. Jude patient Yazleemar, who was in Spanish-language TV commercials for the hospital.
  • Sunjai – from the dance reality TV show “Bring It.”
  • Hannaley – from actress Hannaley Suarez, host of “Suelta La Sopa” on Telemundo.
  • Tauriel – from the 2nd and 3rd films in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy, released in 2013 and 2014. (elbowin called this one a while back!)
  • Naiovy – from Puerto Rican-American singer Ivy Queen, who welcomed baby girl Naiovy in late 2013.
  • Iselle – from Hurricane Iselle which hit Hawaii (as a tropical storm) in August of 2014.
  • Tessanne – from singer Tessanne Chin, who won The Voice at the end of 2013. (We added her name to Pop Culture Baby Name Game 2013, but forgot for 2014! Bah.)
  • Aransa – based on Aranza, from Mexican telenovela “Por siempre mi amor” (2013-2015).
  • Xairexis – from singer Xairexis Garcia of Spanish-language reality talent show “La Voz Kids.”
  • Sochi – from the Winter Olympics in Sochi. (Also mentioned in PCBNG ’13.)
  • Everdeen – from Hunger Games character Katniss Everdeen.
  • Winslet – from Kate Winslet…?

Can you come up with explanations for any of the others?

Here are the girl name debuts for 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010.

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Source: SSA

Image: Adapted from LotusBud0048a (public domain) by Frank “Fg2” Gualtieri

8 thoughts on “The top girl-name debuts of 2014

  1. Khaleesia

    Possibly a derivative of Khaleesi, wife of the Khal, in Game of Thrones?

  2. Eisele: daughter of Hilary Scott from Lady Antebellum (after the grandmother’s surname if I’m not mistaken)
    Everli: respelling of the trendy Everly
    Aidana: feminisation of the popular Aidan or a name from Kyrgyzstan
    Posy: Posy Fossil, a character in Ballet shoes; Posy Fossil, children’s author?
    Tiwatope: Nigerian singer Tiwatope Savage-Balogun.
    Kaoir: Kaoir cosmetics
    Aketzaly: Aketzaly Sorrosa, apparently a contestant in Dancing with the Stars Mexico
    Jeyshangelise: a contestant on The Voice
    Khaleesia: version of Khaleesi, from Game of Trones
    Yaileny: Hispanic name
    Gabbanelli: a brand of accordions?
    Kimimela: Hawaiian name? also a brand of baby carriers.
    Kween: Queen
    Ruoxi: Chinese name
    Madrona: a type of tree & a neighbourhood in Seattle
    Miamore/Miamour: “my love”
    Penrose: a House in A Song of Ice and Fire Books or physicist Roger Penrose
    Synnove: Norwegian name
    Katsumi: Japanese name
    Knova: misspelling of Nova
    Luxanna: Lux + Anna
    Mirajane: Mira-Jane (hypens are ommited in the records)
    Nelliel: character in the anime Bleach
    Penelopea: form of Penelope
    Poe: Edgar Allan Poe
    Theophilia: Greek name. Apparently also a minor character in the Vampire Diaries.
    Zoja: Polish form of Zoë
    Zyelle: apparently a singer?

  3. Decker is probably from Brooklyn Decker, part of the apparent actress surname trend with Aniston and Winslet.

  4. Kimimela is Lakota, not Hawaiian. I wasn’t aware of the baby carrier brand, but it means ‘butterfly.’

  5. Mirajane is a character from the anime Fairy Tail, and Light is from the anime Death Note.

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