Popular baby names in Paris, 2015

Flag of France
Flag of France

According to Open Data Paris, the most popular baby names in Paris, France, in 2015 were Louise and Adam/Gabriel (tie).

Here are the city’s top 10 girl names and top 10 boy names of 2015:

Girl Names

  1. Louise, 293 baby girls
  2. Alice, 244
  3. Chloé, 206
  4. Emma, 178
  5. Inès, 175
  6. Sarah, 174
  7. Jeanne, 173
  8. Anna, 160
  9. Adèle, 155
  10. Juliette, 149

Boy Names

  1. Adam, 355 baby boys (tie)
  2. Gabriel, 355 (tie)
  3. Raphaël, 320
  4. Paul, 260
  5. Louis, 256
  6. Arthur, 245
  7. Alexandre, 226
  8. Victor, 208
  9. Jules, 205
  10. Mohamed, 185

In the girls’ top 10, Anna and Juliette replaced Camille and Lina.

In the boys’ top 10, Jules replaced Maxime.

The prénom mixte (unisex name) Charlie saw a dual-gender decline in 2015, “probably due to the association with the attacks in Charlie Hebdo in January.”

  • 2015: 29 girls and 6 boys named Charlie in Paris
  • 2014: 71 girls and 35 boys named Charlie in Paris
  • 2013: 75 girls and 37 boys named Charlie in Paris

Like the SSA data, the Paris data includes names used as seldom as 5 times per year. Here are some of the names from the bottom of the Paris rankings:

Uncommon Girl NamesUncommon Boy Names
Cléa, Clothilde, Dyna, Isée, Jane, Mélisande, Ornella, Romaïssa, Tasnime, WendyDemba, Ezio, Foucauld, Harold, Idrissa, Massyl, Sixte, Tidiane, Vianney, Yaya

Slightly higher up on the girls’ side I spotted Armance, used 6 times. It’s both a river in France and a romance novel by French writer Stendhal (born Marie-Henri Beyle).

Sources: Liste des prénoms – Paris Data, Les prénoms les plus donnés à Paris en 2015

Image: Adapted from Flag of France (public domain)

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