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Popular and unique baby names in Alberta (Canada), 2022

Flag of Alberta
Flag of Alberta

Alberta, one of Canada’s three prairie provinces, shares a border with British Columbia, Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan, and the U.S. state of Montana.

Last year, Alberta welcomed 48,225 babies — over 24,000 boys and over 23,000 girls.

What were the most popular names among these babies? Olivia and Noah.

Here are Alberta’s top 50+ girl names and top 50 boy names of 2022:

Girl Names

  1. Olivia, 192 baby girls
  2. Sophia, 151
  3. Emma, 149
  4. Amelia, 133
  5. Harper, 125
  6. Charlotte, 117
  7. Ava, 115
  8. Isla, 101
  9. Lily, 100
  10. Chloe, 92
  11. Emily, 91 (tie)
  12. Isabella, 91 (tie)
  13. Abigail, 90
  14. Nora, 88
  15. Violet, 86
  16. Aria, 85
  17. Ivy, 83
  18. Mia, 82
  19. Hazel, 81 (tie)
  20. Zoey, 81 (tie)
  21. Ellie, 80 (3-way tie)
  22. Evelyn, 80 (3-way tie)
  23. Sophie, 80 (3-way tie)
  24. Ella, 79 (tie)
  25. Hannah, 79 (tie)
  26. Aurora, 75
  27. Willow, 74
  28. Eleanor, 73
  29. Scarlett, 72
  30. Elizabeth, 71 (tie)
  31. Mila, 71 (tie)
  32. Avery, 69
  33. Grace, 68
  34. Luna, 64
  35. Everly, 63
  36. Claire, 61 (tie)
  37. Maya, 61 (tie)
  38. Hailey, 60 (tie)
  39. Wren, 60 (tie)
  40. Alice, 58 (3-way tie)
  41. Isabelle, 58 (3-way tie)
  42. Madison, 58 (3-way tie)
  43. Emilia, 57 (3-way tie)
  44. Freya, 57 (3-way tie)
  45. Natalie, 57 (3-way tie)
  46. Ayla, 56
  47. Penelope, 53 (tie)
  48. Sadie, 53 (tie)
  49. Eliana, 51 (3-way tie)
  50. Nova, 51 (3-way tie)
  51. Quinn, 51 (3-way tie)

Boy Names

  1. Noah, 229 baby boys
  2. Liam, 176
  3. Theodore, 173
  4. Oliver, 172
  5. Jack, 159
  6. William, 146
  7. Benjamin, 138 (tie)
  8. James, 138 (tie)
  9. Henry, 136
  10. Lucas, 135
  11. Ethan, 130
  12. Jackson, 121
  13. Leo, 114
  14. Levi, 113
  15. Logan, 109 (tie)
  16. Wyatt, 109 (tie)
  17. Muhammad, 106
  18. Owen, 100
  19. Adam, 97
  20. Luke, 96
  21. Bennett, 94 (tie)
  22. Maverick, 94 (tie)
  23. Asher, 93
  24. Alexander, 92 (tie)
  25. Nathan, 92 (tie)
  26. Caleb, 91 (3-way tie)
  27. Daniel, 91 (3-way tie)
  28. Elijah, 91 (3-way tie)
  29. Thomas, 90
  30. Carter, 85 (tie)
  31. Theo, 85 (tie)
  32. Gabriel, 82
  33. Jacob, 80
  34. Lincoln, 79
  35. Aiden, 76 (tie)
  36. Hudson, 76 (tie)
  37. Grayson, 75 (tie)
  38. Walker, 75 (tie)
  39. Emmett, 73 (tie)
  40. Isaac, 73 (tie)
  41. Cooper, 70 (3-way tie)
  42. Luca, 70 (3-way tie)
  43. Samuel, 70 (3-way tie)
  44. Jasper, 69 (tie)
  45. Mason, 69 (tie)
  46. Arthur, 67 (3-way tie)
  47. David, 67 (3-way tie)
  48. Wesley, 67 (3-way tie)
  49. Nolan, 66 (tie)
  50. Parker, 66 (tie)

Nearly 13,000 names were registered in Alberta in 2022, and well over 8,000 of these names were given to a single baby. Here’s a selection of the baby names bestowed just once in the province last year:

Unique Girl NamesUnique Boy Names
Acâhkosak, Buffalo-Omeasoo, Cloudlyn, Dixita, Equinox, Febechi, Goncharov, Humanitas, Izcalli, Jenniferjeet, Kanak, Letley, Midnightsky, Mikwan, Nîpin, O’Telly, Philia, Pridhi, Qana, Rooi, Sîsîkwan, Tessandra, Undina, Virianzel, Waylynn, Xiantal, Yseult, ZeebellaAudacieux, Bramber, Chrisser, Dutch, Etoile-Soleil, Frontier, Gavroche, Hendricks, Innis, Jinmu, Kikotawân, Lazael, Mîhkokwan, Mihkwaskâw, Navi, Okihcihtâw, Okîsikow, Piyesiwak, Quezon, Rocker, Spruce, Trudeau, Uazuva, Vlix, Walt, Xildian, Yelta, Ziggs

Some possible explanations and/or influences for a few of the above:

  • Acâhkosak means “stars” in Cree.
  • Audacieux means “audacious, bold” in French.
  • Etoile-Soleil means “star-sun” in French.
  • Gavroche is a young character from the Victor Hugo novel Les Misérables (1862).
  • Humanitas is a Latin word meaning “human nature” and “humaneness” (among other things).
  • Izcalli, the last month of the Aztec calendar, means “stone house” in Nahuatl.
  • Kikotawân is based on the Cree word kotawân, meaning “campfire.”
  • Mîhkokwan means “red feather” in Cree.
  • Mihkwaskâw means “red sky” or “red clouds at sunset” in Cree.
  • Mikwan means “feather” in Cree.
  • Nîpin means “summer” in Cree.
  • Okihcihtâw means “warrior” in Cree.
  • Okîsikow means “angel” in Cree.
  • Piyesiwak means “thunder” in Cree.
  • Pridhi is based on a Sanskrit word meaning “circumference” and “halo” (among other things).
  • Quezon is both a province and a city in the Philippines.
  • Sîsîkwan means “rattle” in Cree.
  • Trudeau is the surname of Justin Trudeau, Canada’s current prime minister.

Finally, here’s a link to Alberta’s 2021 rankings, if you’d like to compare last year to the year before.

Sources: Alberta’s top baby names –, Top baby names of 2022 revealed –, Online Cree Dictionary, Wiktionary

Image: Adapted from Flag of Alberta (public domain)

Popular and unique baby names in each U.S. state, 2021

USA topographic map

Which baby names were the most popular in each U.S. state in 2021?

And which names appeared in the data for just one state last year?

Here are all the answers! (Any unique name that also popped up in last year’s post is in boldface.)


  • Alabama’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Alabama’s top boy name: William
  • Alabama’s 9 unique girl names: Crimson, Dominga, Cailyn, Carrington, Embree, Jabria, Jaloni, Kassidi, Petrona
    • The University of Alabama’s football team is called the Crimson Tide (after one of the team colors).
  • Alabama’s 6 unique boy names: Courtney, Wheeler, Kyser, Kemoni, Kharter, Khazi


  • Alaska’s top girl name: Amelia
  • Alaska’s top boy name: Noah
  • No unique girl names.
  • No unique boy names.


  • Arizona’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Arizona’s top boy name: Liam
  • Arizona’s 4 unique girl names: Ariza, Aolanis, Graciella, Nizhoni (from the Navajo word nizhóní, meaning “beautiful” or “nice”)
  • Arizona’s 1 unique boy name: Luisfernando


  • Arkansas’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Arkansas’s top boy name: Liam & Oliver (tie)
  • No unique girl names.
  • Arkansas’s 2 unique boy name: Aycen, Jadyn


  • California’s top girl name: Olivia
  • California’s top boy name: Noah
  • California’s top 10 unique girl names: Avni, Jasleen, Mehar, Cyra, Metztli, Quetzalli, Alitzel, Nara, Yadira, Aneliz (total of 526)
  • California’s top 10 unique boy names: Narek, Armen, Ekam, Yasiel, Caesar, Arya, Daksh, Gavino, Artur, Esaias (total of 382)


  • Colorado’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Colorado’s top boy name: Liam
  • No unique girl names.
  • Colorado’s 1 unique boy name: Angelito


  • Connecticut’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Connecticut’s top boy name: Noah
  • No unique girl names.
  • No unique boy names.


  • Delaware’s top girl name: Charlotte
  • Delaware’s top boy name: Liam & Noah (tie)
  • No unique girl names.
  • No unique boy names.

District of Columbia

  • D.C.’s top girl name: Charlotte
  • D.C.’s top boy name: Henry
  • No unique girl names.
  • No unique boy names.


  • Florida’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Florida’s top boy name: Liam
  • Florida’s top 10 unique girl names: Keisha, Abigaelle, Alanys, Maiah, Anyeli, Breeze, Elianys, Alis, Anthonella, Calani (total of 104)
  • Florida’s top 10 unique boy names: Marvens, Fabio, Dayron, Janiel, Piero, Tafari, Yoan, Dany, Fritz, Jahmiel (total of 76)


  • Georgia’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Georgia’s top boy name: Noah
  • Georgia’s top 10 unique girl names: Choyce, Khori, Raylan, Destini, Kayli, Khaleah, Kylani, Tyanna, Alaura, Alonni (total of 29)
  • Georgia’s top 10 unique boy names: Chauncey, Theron, Amiris, Demoni, Harden, Horace, Jakori, Makel, Nolyn, Oryan (total of 28)


  • Hawaii’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Hawaii’s top boy name: Noah
    • #2 on the boys’ list was the Hawaiian name Kai (meaning “sea”).
  • Hawaii’s 5 unique girl names: Lilinoe, Alohi, Kelia, Mahealani, Tehani
  • Hawaii’s 10 unique boy names: Kainalu, Ryzen, Kaikoa, Kamaehu, Rusty, Ikaia, Kawika, Kupaa, Kahekili, Kealii


  • Idaho’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Idaho’s top boy name: Oliver
  • No unique girl names.
  • No unique boy names.


  • Illinois’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Illinois’s top boy name: Noah
  • Illinois’s top 10 unique girl names: Aasiya, Monika, Novi, Taniyah, Braya, Jaia, Jori, Milica, Ainslee, Charolette (total of 20)
  • Illinois’s top 10 unique boy names: Vuk, Damario, Krystian, Lazar, Lukasz, Dakhari, Dontrell, Ferris, Georgios, Kainen (total of 15)


  • Indiana’s top girl name: Charlotte
  • Indiana’s top boy name: Liam
  • Indiana’s 5 unique girl names: Gatlin, Theodosia, Delainey, Kimberlynn, Maevis
  • Indiana’s 8 unique boy names: Oaklyn, Hendricks, Jamin, Kenlin, Kurtis, Oslo, Quenton, Rhyker


  • Iowa’s top girl name: Charlotte
  • Iowa’s top boy name: Oliver
  • Iowa’s 1 unique girl name: Maize
  • Iowa’s 2 unique boy names: Kinnick, Cael
    • The University of Iowa’s Kinnick Stadium was named after 1939 Heisman Trophy winner Nile Kinnick.


  • Kansas’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Kansas’s top boy name: Liam
  • Kansas’s 1 unique girl name: Breckyn
  • No unique boy names.


  • Kentucky’s top girl name: Emma
  • Kentucky’s top boy name: Liam
  • Kentucky’s 3 unique girl names: Averleigh, Caraline, Crosley
  • Kentucky’s 1 unique boy name: Enos


  • Louisiana’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Louisiana’s top boy name: Liam
  • Louisiana’s top 10 unique girl names: Amyri, Damani, Jai, Jersei, Krislynn, Cailee, Jacelyn, Jeanne, Kaileigh, Kelsi (total of 11)
  • Louisiana’s top 10 unique boy names: Acen, Kullen, Kamauri, Taylon, Brees, Jakyrie, Cayman, Gabe, Kendal, Tyquan (total of 11)
    • QB Drew Brees played football for the New Orleans Saints for most of his career.


  • Maine’s top girl name: Charlotte
  • Maine’s top boy name: Oliver
  • No unique girl names.
  • No unique boy names.


  • Maryland’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Maryland’s top boy name: Liam
  • Maryland’s 2 unique girl names: Edyn, Harlym
  • Maryland’s 4 unique boy names: Tavon, Edvin, Dyson, Rahim


  • Massachusetts’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Massachusetts’s top boy name: Noah
  • Massachusetts’s 8 unique girl names: Heloisa, Mariaalice, Aleysha, Aine, Anaclara, Analiz, Eloah, Vitoria
  • Massachusetts’s 2 unique boy names: Heitor, Jayvien


  • Michigan’s top girl name: Charlotte
  • Michigan’s top boy name: Noah
  • Michigan’s top 10 unique girl names: Raneem, Zahraa, Areej, Kateri, Maizee, Renad, Zeinab, Brazil, Hayat, Kamyra (total of 17)
  • Michigan’s top 10 unique boy names: Ameir, Haidar, Chet, Delano, Nasser, Adian, Amr, Auston, Blade, Chip (total of 23)


  • Minnesota’s top girl name: Charlotte
  • Minnesota’s top boy name: Oliver
  • Minnesota’s top 10 unique girl names: Anzal, Rayan, Maryama, Adna, Ahlam, Afnan, Britta, Nawal, Hamdi, Ikhlas (total of 27)
    • Also on the list: Solveig, Signe, Sigrid, Solvi
  • Minnesota’s top 10 unique boy names: Akram, Ayub, Mohamedamin, Mubashir, Suhayb, Mubarak, Nels, Amaar, Eh, Muzamil (total of 18)


  • Mississippi’s top girl name: Ava
  • Mississippi’s top boy name: William
  • Mississippi’s 2 unique girl names: Chyna, Caisley
  • Mississippi’s 1 unique boy name: Swayze


  • Missouri’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Missouri’s top boy name: Oliver
  • Missouri’s 7 unique girl names: Brenley, Damiya, Jozie, Kamori, Ramiyah, Renleigh, Saloma
  • Missouri’s 2 unique boy names: Jansen, Lexton


  • Montana’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Montana’s top boy name: Oliver
  • No unique girl names.
  • No unique boy names.


  • Nebraska’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Nebraska’s top boy name: Henry
  • No unique girl names.
  • No unique boy names.


  • Nevada’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Nevada’s top boy name: Liam
  • No unique girl names.
  • No unique boy names.

New Hampshire

  • New Hampshire’s top girl name: Olivia
  • New Hampshire’s top boy name: Oliver
  • No unique girl names.
  • No unique boy names.

New Jersey

  • New Jersey’s top girl name: Olivia
  • New Jersey’s top boy name: Liam
  • New Jersey’s top 10 unique girl names: Gittel, Leeba, Shulamis, Tzivia, Leba, Anny, Naimal, Viha, Adeena, Anshika (total of 18)
  • New Jersey’s top 10 unique boy names: Avrohom, Boruch, Zalman, Laksh, Moksh, Nachum, Nicolo, Aras, Mina, Aarvik (total of 21)

New Mexico

  • New Mexico’s top girl name: Mia
  • New Mexico’s top boy name: Noah
  • New Mexico’s 1 unique girl name: Azriella
  • No unique boy names.

New York

  • New York’s top girl name: Olivia
  • New York’s top boy name: Liam
  • New York’s top 10 unique girl names: Gitty, Malky, Chany, Esty, Goldy, Pessy, Shifra, Perel, Frady, Shaindel (total of 184)
  • New York’s top 10 unique boy names: Mendel, Lipa, Simcha, Shmiel, Usher, Yechiel, Avrum, Cheskel, Naftuli, Yossi (total of 180)

North Carolina

  • North Carolina’s top girl name: Olivia
  • North Carolina’s top boy name: Liam
  • North Carolina’s top 10 unique girl names: Lawson, Barrett, Favor, Omni, Tailynn, Arlynn, Blessin, Brelynn, Ellanor, Jorja (total of 17)
  • North Carolina’s top 10 unique boy names: Nylan, Nymir, Sampson, Whitaker, Avett, Finan, Jalil, Jaycion, Nyzir, Walton (total of 22)

North Dakota

  • North Dakota’s top girl name: Olivia
  • North Dakota’s top boy name: Oliver
  • No unique girl names.
  • North Dakota’s 1 unique boy name: Dekker


  • Ohio’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Ohio’s top boy name: Oliver
  • Ohio’s top 10 unique girl names: Larkyn, Mahayla, Graylynn, Keturah, Kierra, Royce, Samya, Alura, Amauri, Callahan (total of 26)
  • Ohio’s top 10 unique boy names: Jyaire, Marquan, Aayush, Bakari, Jibril, Masen, Pryor, Davonte, Gavyn, Jensyn (total of 19)


  • Oklahoma’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Oklahoma’s top boy name: Liam
  • Oklahoma’s 3 unique girl names: Dim, Kodie, Copelyn
  • Oklahoma’s 4 unique boy names: Thang, Creedence, Creek, Hesston


  • Oregon’s top girl name: Evelyn
  • Oregon’s top boy name: Oliver
  • No unique girl names.
  • No unique boy names.


  • Pennsylvania’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Pennsylvania’s top boy name: Noah
  • Pennsylvania’s top 10 unique girl names: Barbie, Rosanna, Maryann, Suhana, Suzanne, Verna, Kirsten, Surah, Auriella, Avionna (total of 26)
  • Pennsylvania’s top 10 unique boy names: Benuel, Arlan, Asir, Noor, Sylvan, Menno, Munir, Sahir, Atlee, Glendon (total of 26)

Rhode Island

  • Rhode Island’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Rhode Island’s top boy name: Liam
  • No unique girl names.
  • No unique boy names.

South Carolina

  • South Carolina’s top girl name: Olivia
  • South Carolina’s top boy name: William
  • South Carolina’s 3 unique girl names: Britton, Jamaica, Kansas
  • South Carolina’s 4 unique boy names: Bowman, Jos, Holston, Kyland

South Dakota

  • South Dakota’s top girl name: Evelyn
  • South Dakota’s top boy name: Henry
  • South Dakota’s 1 unique girl name: Kimimila (from the Lakota word kimímila, meaning “butterfly”)
  • No unique boy names.


  • Tennessee’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Tennessee’s top boy name: William
  • Tennessee’s top 10 unique girl names: Callaway, Declan, Kaniya, Khloee, Serayah, Amellia, Annlee, Darcie, Jamyah, Joanie (total of 12)
  • Tennessee’s 10 unique boy names: Neyland, Karas, Kerolos, Philopateer, Calloway, Dejuan, Ryman, Timber, Walt, Wright
    • The University of Tennessee’s Neyland Stadium was named after former athletic director/coach Robert Neyland.
    • Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium, home of the Grand Ole Opry for several decades, was named after Nashville businessman Thomas Ryman.


  • Texas’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Texas’s top boy name: Liam
  • Texas’s top 10 unique girl names: Darianna, Katalyna, Devany, Laramie, Mariafernanda, Jayci, Jessalyn, Justyce, Naidelyn, Naydelin (total of 473)
    • Also on the list: Abilene, Tulsa
  • Texas’s top 10 unique boy names: Roel, Brazos, Pete, Eliud, Priest, Rhyder, Homero, Reymundo, Zamarion, Eider (total of 280)
    • Also on the list: Rebel, Tex, Texas, Augie
    • Brazos (“arms” in Spanish) is both a river and county in Texas.


  • Utah’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Utah’s top boy name: Oliver
  • Utah’s 9 unique girl names: Scotland, Alta, Swayzee, Bentlee, Quincey, Quincee, Reggie, Scotty, Swayzie
  • Utah’s 9 unique boy names: Ammon, Dallin, Talmage, Taft, Griffey, Korver, Oaks, Rexton, Treysen
    • Dallin H. Oaks is one of the leaders of the LDS Church.


  • Vermont’s top girl name: Charlotte
  • Vermont’s top boy name: Henry
  • No unique girl names.
  • No unique boy names.


  • Virginia’s top girl name: Charlotte
  • Virginia’s top boy name: Liam
  • Virginia’s 6 unique girl names: Heba, Husna, Yemariam, Yohanna, Aamirah, Jena
  • Virginia’s 5 unique boy names: Ezana, Barkon, Malakhai, Raekwon, Walid


  • Washington’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Washington’s top boy name: Liam
  • Washington’s 7 unique girl names: Ellinor, Azaylia, Baby, Dempsey, Khamila, Ravenna, Solomia
    • Seattle’s Ravenna neighborhood was named after Ravenna, Italy.
  • Washington’s 6 unique boy names: Amnen, Dashel, Ole, Sven, Tor, Vihan

West Virginia

  • West Virginia’s top girl name: Amelia
  • West Virginia’s top boy name: Liam
  • No unique girl names.
  • No unique boy names.


  • Wisconsin’s top girl name: Charlotte
  • Wisconsin’s top boy name: Oliver
  • Wisconsin’s 2 unique girl names: Rosetta, Alona
  • Wisconsin’s 2 unique boy names: Cylas, Dameir


  • Wyoming’s top girl name: Olivia
  • Wyoming’s top boy name: Oliver
  • No unique girl names.
  • No unique boy names.

Many of the unique names above can be attributed to large religious/ethnic groups within particular states, such as the Jews in New York/New Jersey, the Mormons in Utah, the Somali in Minnesota, and the Amish in Pennsylvania.

Source: Popular Names by State – SSA

Image (USATopographicalMap) by NOAA