Huge List of Anagram Baby Names

anagram baby names

Looking for baby names with something in common? Perhaps for a set of twins or triplets? I’ve collected hundreds of anagram baby names for you.

2-Letter Anagram Baby Names

3-Letter Anagram Baby Names

4-Letter Anagram Baby Names

5-Letter Anagram Baby Names

6-Letter Anagram Baby Names

7-Letter Anagram Baby Names

8-Letter Anagram Baby Names

9-Letter Anagram Baby Names

10-Letter Anagram Baby Names

If you like the idea of anagrams but want to avoid sound-alike sets, I recommend anagrams with different numbers of syllables. Pairs like “Etta and Tate” and “Clay and Lacy” are a far more subtle than pairs like “Enzo and Zeno” and “Mary and Myra.”

(Here are some palindromic names from last month.)

23 thoughts on “Huge List of Anagram Baby Names

  1. I love visiting this blog from time to time. The idea of giving children anagram names is interesting, and one I may ‘borrow’ for one of my stories. We named all three of our children before they were born (well, mostly), so there was no way to match the kid with the name. Guess they just all grew into their names.

  2. I think this is just GREAT! I would NEVER have thought to use anagrams. When I was having my babies, I knew I didn’t want them all to start with the same letter. But anagrams would have been perfect! (of course.. I am thrilled with the names I did choose for my kids.. but the anagrams would have given me some new interesting choices).

  3. I’m lookin for all the names you can come up with that is 4 letters, second letter o and last i! If anyone has any unique and cool names. My oldest is 6 her name is Tomi and youngest is Jovi she is almost 2 and need another one. Not sure if it’s a boy or a girl so what ever you can come up with!

  4. @Jessica – How about: Cobi, Codi, Cori, Coti, Dori, Kobi, Kodi, Kofi, Kori, Loki, Loni, Lori, Roni, Rori, Rosi, Roxi and Yori. (If re-using T or J as a first letter doesn’t matter to you, there’s also Jodi, Joni, Jori, Tobi, Toni and Tori.)

  5. I have a few other anagrams. Here they are:
    Lisa- Isla, Ilsa
    Inga- Gina, Angi (e)

    Although Lisa-Ilsa is an anagram, I doubt Ilsa is a name. Is it?
    And- Evan-Neva is an anagram too, I don’t know whether Neva is a name. Is it?

  6. Just found another anagram for Irene.

    In the early 1900s, there was an actress called Reine Davies. Her birth name was Irene Douras, but she used the anagram Reine — which means “queen” in French — as her stage name.

  7. You also have Heaven & Neveah on that list which could be in this post. It doesn’t look like many of the names in this list are flipped pairs.

  8. Here are some missing ones:

    Kami and Mika
    Marsha and Sharma
    Cicely and Cecily
    Kylee and Keely
    Anila, Alina and Laina

  9. Lynda, Dylan, Landy, Nyland, and I used to use the backwards version of my name Adnyl when I was really young and being silly, but I know that really count. :-) Nyland seems like more of a last name.

  10. Alita & Talia
    David & Vidda
    Daric & Darci*
    Mira & Rima
    and my personal favorite, Ellyn & Nelly

    *I was high school friends with a Darci. Her older brother was Daric. Their younger sister was Darbi. Middle names for the girls were also nearly identical to one another and all three siblings shared the same initials.

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