3 more airplane babies: Lufthansa, S.K.Y., Jet Star


It’s been a while since I posted about babies born on airplanes (and named after that fact!). So here are two three at once:

  • Barbara Lufthansa – In July of 1965, a baby girl born on a Lufthansa flight from Germany to New York was named Barbara Lufthansa, middle name in honor of the airline.
  • Shona Kirsty Yves (S.K.Y.) – In 1991, a baby girl born on a British Airways flight from Ghana to London was named Shona Kirsty Yves, the initials of her three given names spelling out the word “sky.”
  • Saw Jet Star – In April of 2016, a baby boy born on a Jetstar Asia flight from Singapore to Myanmar was named Saw Jet Star, “Jet Star” in honor of the airline.

And here are some of earlier airplane babies I’ve written about: Guynemer (1922), Airlene (1929), Lindbergh (1931), Aaxico (1947), Josephine Jean (1955), Connie #1 (1956), James Good Hope Sky (1986), Connie #2 (1996), Daniella (2007), Qatarina (2007), AirAsia (2009), Tami (2010), and Francis (2011).


Image: Adapted from Air Canada Boeing 777-333ER by MarcusObal under CC BY-SA 3.0.

6 thoughts on “3 more airplane babies: Lufthansa, S.K.Y., Jet Star

  1. The article may be incorrect that “Star” is the baby’s surname… Myanmar names typically don’t have a surname or family name.

  2. Thank you for the comment — I think you’re right! The Daily Mail‘s claim that Star is a “family name” wasn’t in the original announcement made by Jetstar Asia. I’ve found a different source (Straits Times) that says “Star” was simply part of the mother’s name, not her surname. I’ll revise the post…

  3. When Saw Jet Star turned 3 a few months ago, one of the people who paid him a visit was Jet Star customer service manager Mr. Saw Ler Htu — the person who contributed the “Saw” to Saw Jet Star’s name. (Source)

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