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Baby Name Needed – Middle Name for Baby Girl Jetsy

A reader named Rebecca, who has two children named Billy and Maisy, is expecting a baby girl in several weeks. Here’s what she writes:

During a conversation regarding names my little girl suggested Jetsy…which we think is very cute…BUT alot of people says “its not even a name”!

The subject of Rebecca’s e-mail asked if Jetsy is a name, so I’ll start there.

No, I don’t believe that Jetsy is a traditional English name (or nickname). In fact, I’ve never seen it before. Google tells me, though, that a handful of people do have the name — including minor league ball player Jetsy Extrano.

Billy and Maisy’s names originated as nicknames for William and Margaret, so I thought I’d begin with a few nicknames similar to Jetsy, in case those “it’s not even a name!” comments are starting to get tiresome:

  • Jessie, nickname for Jessica
  • Jerry/Gerry, nickname for Geraldine
  • Josie, nickname for Josephine
  • Jenny/Genny, nickname for Jennifer or Genevieve
  • Betsy, nickname for Elizabeth

But Rebecca wasn’t looking for an alternative first name so much as a “nice normal middle name,” which I think is a great idea, as Jetsy is so unusual. Here are a few possibilities:


Do you like any of the above with Jetsy? What other middle names would you suggest to Rebecca?

Update: The baby has arrived! Scroll down to see what name Rebecca chose.

Unusual Real Names – Grlenntys, Icie, Rensis, Schelto

A dozen peculiar names:

  • Anthony Philip David Terry Frank Donald Stanley Gerry Gordon Stephen James Oatway (b. 1973) – retired English footballer who goes by the name “Charlie.” Each given name corresponds to a player on the 1972-1973 Queens Park Rangers team.
  • Collingwood Schreiber (1831-1918) – Canadian surveyor and engineer.
  • Delarivier Manley (d. 1724) – English novelist.
  • Grlenntys Chief Kickingstallionsims (b. 1986) – Alabama State University basketball player.
  • Hawthorne Wingo – New York Knicks player during the 1970s. (Discovered this one in a Beastie Boys song, of all places.)
  • Icie Macy Hoobler (1892-1984) – American physiologist and biochemist.
  • Manton Marble (1834-1917) – editor of the New York World.
  • Pomeroy Tucker (1802-1870) – American journalist.
  • Quett Ketumile Joni Masire (b. 1925) – second president of Botswana.
  • Rensis Likert (1903–1981) – American organizational psychologist.
  • Schelto Patijn (1936-2007) – Dutch politician.
  • Xenophon Pierce Wilfley (1871-1931) – U.S. senator from Missouri.

Which one do you like the most?