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Popularity of the baby name Luisa

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Popular baby names in Austria, 2022

Flag of Austria
Flag of Austria

The country of Austria, home to nearly 9 million people, is located in Central Europe and shares a border with eight other countries (including Germany, Italy, and Switzerland).

Last year, Austria welcomed 82,627 babies — 40,060 girls and 42,567 boys.

What were the most popular names among these babies? Emma and Maximilian.

Here are Austria’s top 25 girl names and top 25 boy names of 2022:

Girl Names

  1. Emma, 659 baby girls
  2. Emilia, 632
  3. Marie, 625
  4. Mia, 593
  5. Anna, 589
  6. Sophia, 549
  7. Laura, 534
  8. Valentina, 525
  9. Lena, 518
  10. Johanna, 502
  11. Lea, 483
  12. Hannah, 467
  13. Leonie, 426
  14. Sophie, 421
  15. Lina, 410
  16. Luisa, 380
  17. Lara, 376
  18. Elena, 362
  19. Ella, 356
  20. Nora, 351
  21. Hanna, 318
  22. Olivia, 310
  23. Magdalena, 309
  24. Helena, 290
  25. Mila, 287

Boy Names

  1. Maximilian, 735 baby boys
  2. Felix, 722
  3. Paul, 708
  4. Jakob, 693
  5. Noah, 671
  6. Elias, 666
  7. David, 636
  8. Jonas, 629
  9. Leon, 616
  10. Lukas, 587
  11. Tobias, 560
  12. Leo, 498
  13. Matteo, 469
  14. Alexander, 468
  15. Fabian, 454
  16. Julian, 446
  17. Valentin, 429
  18. Moritz, 417
  19. Simon, 406
  20. Theo, 399
  21. Luca, 386
  22. Anton, 379
  23. Liam, 352
  24. Raphael, 348
  25. Samuel, 346

The top names in Austria in 2021 were Marie and Paul.

Sources: First names of newborns – Statistics Austria, Atlas der Vornamen – Statistics Austria, Demographic characteristics of newborns – Statistics Austria

Image: Adapted from Flag of Austria (public domain)

What gave the baby name Marylou a boost in 1927?

Abe Lyman's California Orchestra single "Mary Lou" (1926)
“Mary Lou” recording

The baby name Marylou was on the rise in the 1920s, but usage increased sharply for a couple of years in the middle of the decade:

  • 1929: 183 baby girls named Marylou [rank: 498th]
  • 1928: 183 baby girls named Marylou [rank: 512th]
  • 1927: 281 baby girls named Marylou [rank: 410th]
  • 1926: 146 baby girls named Marylou [rank: 588th]
  • 1925: 82 baby girls named Marylou [rank: 824th]

Here’s the popularity graph:

Graph of the usage of the baby name Marylou in the United States since 1880
Usage of the baby name Marylou


Because of the song “Mary Lou,” which was composed in early 1926 by Abe Lyman, George Waggner, and J. Russel Robinson.

The first recording of the song was released by Abe Lyman’s own California Orchestra.

Recordings by other orchestras soon followed. They were released during the remainder of 1926 and into early 1927.

The song became a hit for both Abe Lyman and the Ipana Troubadours, whose version was released in October of 1926. (The Troubadours had a radio show sponsored by Ipana Toothpaste, hence their name.)

Here’s the song:

(The company that published Abe Lyman’s rendition of the song, Brunswick Records, often included Spanish-language translations of song titles on their record labels. For name-title “Mary Lou,” they chose the translation “Maria Luisa.”)

Here’s a snippet of the lyrics (which seem to reference an upcoming wedding):

Why for miles around they’re waiting, to start their celebrating,
when you say “I do,” Mary Lou!

A baby girl born in Kentucky in early 1927 was given the radio-crowdsourced name Seroba Mary Lou Bartley. I still don’t know quite where Seroba came from, but it’s probable that Mary Lou was suggested by radio listeners familiar with the trendy song “Mary Lou.”


Popular baby names in Austria, 2021

Flag of Austria
Flag of Austria

The mountainous country of Austria, located in the southern part of Central Europe, shares a border with eight other countries (including Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Hungary, Italy, and Slovenia).

Last year, Austria welcomed over 86,000 babies — 41,841 girls and 44,237 boys.

What were the most popular names among these babies? Marie and Paul.

Here are Austria’s top 25 girl names and top 25 boy names of 2021:

Girl Names

  1. Marie, 795 baby girls
  2. Emilia, 690
  3. Anna, 684
  4. Emma, 671
  5. Lena, 634
  6. Mia, 596
  7. Laura, 575
  8. Valentina, 544
  9. Hannah, 541
  10. Lea, 536
  11. Sophia, 522
  12. Sophie, 495
  13. Johanna, 488
  14. Leonie, 436
  15. Lina, 423
  16. Nora, 406
  17. Ella, 405
  18. Lara, 396
  19. Luisa, 388
  20. Elena, 379
  21. Magdalena, 334
  22. Hanna, 332
  23. Olivia, 323
  24. Amelie, 315
  25. Helena, 295

Boy Names

  1. Paul, 810 baby boys
  2. Jakob, 779
  3. Maximilian, 771
  4. Elias, 747
  5. David, 711
  6. Felix, 697
  7. Leon, 663
  8. Tobias, 647
  9. Jonas, 637
  10. Noah, 616
  11. Lukas, 609
  12. Alexander, 555
  13. Moritz, 513
  14. Leo, 508
  15. Julian, 483
  16. Simon, 460
  17. Matteo, 456
  18. Fabian, 441
  19. Valentin, 429
  20. Raphael, 419
  21. Emil, 401
  22. Luca, 400
  23. Samuel, 398
  24. Anton, 376
  25. Florian, 375

Here are Austria’s 2020 rankings, if you’d like to compare last year to the year before.

Sources: First names of newborns – Statistics Austria, Atlas der Vornamen – Statistics Austria, Demographic characteristics of newborns – Statistics Austria

Image: Adapted from Flag of Austria (public domain)

Popular baby names in Liechtenstein, 2021

Flag of Liechtenstein
Flag of Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein, one of the smallest countries in Europe, is located in the Alps (sandwiched between Austria and Switzerland).

Last year, Liechtenstein welcomed 375 babies — 181 girls and 194 boys.

What were the most popular names among these babies? Emilia/Frida/Mia (3-way tie) and Elias.

Here are Liechtenstein’s top girl names and top boy names of 2021:

Girl Names

  1. Emilia, Frida/Frieda, and Mia, 4 baby girls each (3-way tie)
  2. Emma, Melina, and Sophia/Sofia, 3 each (3-way tie)
  3. Alicia, Alina, Anna, Aria, Ariana/Arianna, Aurora, Chiara, Elea, Elin, Emily, Hannah, Helena, Jana, Ladina, Leonie, Lina, Mara, Maria, Milena, Mina, and Noelia, 2 each (21-way tie)

Boy Names

  1. Elias/Elyas, 7 baby boys
  2. Louis/Luis, 6
  3. Leo, 5
  4. Noah and Paul, 4 each (tie)
  5. Leano, Luca, Mattia, Nelio, Raphael/Rafael, and Valentin, 3 each (6-way tie)
  6. Benedict/Benedikt, Benjamin, Eliah/Elijah, Eric/Erik, Gion, James, Janik, Julian, Lenny, Levin, Lionel, Lucas/Lukas, Mael, Matteo, Maximilian, Nicklas/Niklas, Oliver, and Ömer, 2 each (18-way tie)

The rest of the names were bestowed just once:

Unique girl names (118)Unique boy names (114)
Ada, Adora, Aflah, Aida, Aileen, Akila, Alessia, Alexandra, Alia, Alizée, Alma, Amalia, Ambra, Amela, Amélie, Amina, Amra, Ana, Aniko, Anila, Anina, Annika, Antonia, Asalia, Ava, Aynara, Calissa, Carla, Carmen, Catalina, Cecilia, Céline, Charlotte, Clea, Darja, Désirée, Diana, Diona, Dorothea, Dua-Lea, Ela, Elena, Elenia, Eleonora, Elif, Elina, Eline, Elise, Ena, Evi, Finja, Gabriella, Gea, Grace, Hailey, Haley, Hava, Heidi, Hindiya, Hylkije, Ina, Jara, Johanna, Josepa, Josephine, Julia, Juliana, Juna, Künkyi, Lailah, Lanah, Lara, Lea, Leila, Lelle, Lena, Leni, Lia, Liara, Lillia, Lily, Lorena, Lounah, Luisa, Malea, Marie, Maya, Mayte, Medina, Mejra, Melissa, Meryem, Mila, Mirella, Mona, Nadine, Naima, Nayla, Nevia, Niva, Nóra, Nurcan, Patrizia, Romina, Ronja, Rosa, Ruby, Sarah, Saskia, Serena, Siena, Svea, Theresia, Yara, Ylvie, Zana, Zeyneb, ZoeAaron, Adrian, Ajan, Akira, Alessio, Alexis, Ali, Alparslan, Alvaro, Ammar, Anton, Arion, Arjen, Aron, Arthur, Aurel, Aurelio, Ayman, Azad, Benno, Björn, Byron, Conradin, Dario, Dayan, Din, Eddie, Ediz, Elliot, Elvis, Emanuel, Emiel, Emil, Emilian, Erlis, Felix, Finn, Florian, Francesco, Gabriel, Gael, Grégory, Gustav, Henrik, Henry, Jakob, Jan, Jari, Jemin, Jonas, Joris, Julius, Juri, Justin, Karl, Kenan, Kian, Korab, Kunga, Laurin, Leandro, Leon, Levi, Liam, Lian, Liano, Linard, Lino, Lio, Louie, Luar, Mailo, Maleo, Malik, Marcelo, Matin, Matti, Mauro, Max, Metehan, Mikkel, Milo, Miro, Musab, Nathan, Neo, Nevio, Nils, Noam, Noar, Noel, Norden, Quentin, Richard, Rocco, Romeo, Rron, Samuel, Sandro, Santiago, Sava, Tenzin, Theo, Tiago, Tim, Timéo, Timo, Tobia, Vinzenz, Vitus, Xaver, Yakari, Yannick, Yannis

Some thoughts on a few of the above…

  • Künkyi and Tenzin are Tibetan.
  • Nevia and Nevio are Italian. They derive from the Roman family name Naevius, which was based on the Latin word naevus, meaning “birthmark” or “mole (on the body).”
  • Rron is an Albanian. It was created from the word rronj, a dialectal form of rroj, which means “to live, to survive.”

Finally, here’s a link to Liechtenstein’s 2020 rankings, if you’d like to compare last year to the year before.

Source: Neugeborenennamen 2021 – Statistikportal Liechtenstein

Image: Adapted from Flag of Liechtenstein (public domain)