Inconspicuous anagram baby names: Blake/Kaleb, Hale/Leah


I recently updated my old anagram baby names post to make it much more comprehensive. As I worked on it, though, I noticed that many of those sets of names had obvious similarities, such as the same first letters and/or the same rhythm.

So I thought I’d make a second, shorter list of anagram names that were less conspicuously similar. Specifically, I wanted the second list to feature sets of names with different first letters and different numbers of syllables.

And that’s what you’ll find below — pairs of anagram names that are relatively distinct from one another. So much so that, at first glance (or listen), some might not even strike you as being anagrammatic at all. :)

Click on any name to check out its popularity graph…

Most of the names above have a clear number of syllables, but a few do not. (I categorized them according to my own interpretation/accent.) So, if you’re interested in using any of these pairings, just remember to test the names out loud first!

Which of the pairs above do you like best?

8 thoughts on “Inconspicuous anagram baby names: Blake/Kaleb, Hale/Leah

  1. *talking like Kirk* I- am in- name-heaven—here!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don’t try- to save- me, I’m gonna be- at this- for- a while!!!!!!!!
    Seriously though, the first sets of name just kicked of three plot bunnies!!!!
    I’m so happy at 4 in the morning haha
    There are so many brilliant names……….. *swoons*
    Thank you so very very much for all the hard work you do forus. I was excited when i got the spoiler email last week about this, so happy!

  2. Yay! I’m so happy that some of these name combos have inspired you!

    Oh you’re totally welcome. I just love hearing that all this name-stuff helps you with your creative projects. :)

  3. The Alice, Celia combo could also include Caeli, a name that seems to be growing in popularity in some faith communities.

  4. The longer list includes Caeli, but not this one, only because the idea here was pairs of anagram names with different first letters/lengths. Thank you for the suggestion, though. :)

  5. I like that spelling of the name much better than the traditional one. Caeli (I’d say the ae like the a in apple, and the i like an ee) I’d others might say it [kayleigh]

    How would the name Alice be pronounced in Sweden? I’d think AAH-lee-seh or just AAH-Lees.

  6. Sylena and Alysen

    I’d never come across Sylena before but saw it in a news story about a cold case.

  7. I just listened to some clips of Swedish people saying Alice, and it sounds to me like ah-liss, or maybe ah-leess. The a-sound is broad (as in “call”), not short (as in “cat”).

    Interestingly, one of the comments about Alice at Behind the Name suggests that, a few generations ago, it was indeed pronounced with 3 syllables in Sweden.

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