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Names in France – Alain, Fabienne, Hervé, Marie-Ange

There’s no theme to this last batch of names…they’re basically just the leftovers. :)

In Paris, I found the name Victorya:

Victorya sign

In Mougins, I caught the name Marie-Ange:
Mougins sign

In other random places around France, I spotted the following:


We toured of one of the (many) perfumeries in the south of France, and our guide was named Yenisey. I didn’t notice her name tag until the end of the tour, so I didn’t have a chance to ask her how she pronounced it. (It did immediately make me think of those Cuban Y-names, though.)

Though we spent most of our time in France, we did pop into several other countries. I saw the name Ornella on a poster in Milan, and the name Hannes on this door in Zürich:

Hannes sign

Just down the street from Hannes, we found a statue of the man who happens to have one of my favorite (full) names of all time, Ulrich Zwingli:

Ulrich Zwingli statue

Not only is his name cool, but he’s a counterpoint to all the Catholic saints from a few days back. :)

(Too bad we never made it up to Germany — I could have thrown in some Luther as well…)

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