Baby girl gets 139 names: Tracy Mariclaire Lisa…

John and Margaret Nelson of Chesterfield, England, welcomed a baby girl at the very end of 1985. They named their daughter Tracy, but that’s not all they named her. This is Tracy’s full name:

Tracy Mariclaire Lisa Tammy Samantha Christine Alexandra Candy Bonnie Ursala Zoe Nichola Patricia Lynda Kate Jean Sandra Karren Julie Jane Elizabeth Felicity Gabriella Jackie Corina Constance Arabella Clara Honor Geraldine Fiona Erika Fillippa Anabel Elsie Amanda Cheryl Alanna Louisa Angie Beth Crystal Dawn Debbie Eileen Grace Susan Rebecca Valerie Kay Lena Margaret Anna Amy Carol Bella Avril Ava Audry Andrea Daphne Donna Cynthia Cassie Christabel Vivien Wendy Moira Jennifer Abbie Adelaide Carrissa Carla Anne Astrid Barbara Charissa Catalina Bonny Dee Hazel Iris Anthea Clarinda Bernadette Cara Alison Carrie Angela Beryl Caroline Emma Dana Vanessa Zara Violet Lynn Maggie Pamela Rosemary Ruth Cathlene Alexandrina Annette Hilary Diana Angelina Carrinna Victoria Sara Mandy Annabella Beverly Bridget Cecilia Catherine Brenda Jessica Isbella Delilah Camila Candace Helen Connie Charmaine Dorothy Melinda Nancy Mariam Vicki Selina Miriam Norma Pauline Toni Penny Shari Zsa-zsa Queenie Nelson

That’s 139 given names and 1 surname.

Why did John and Margaret do this to their daughter? According to John, “We just wanted to give her something for when she grows up.”

A reason that makes complete sense, of course.

Speaking of things that make sense, let’s pick out some of the needless repetition:

  • Alexandra (#7) and Alexandrina (#103)
  • Amanda (#36) and Mandy (#111)
  • Angela (#89), Angie (#40) and Angelina (#107)
  • Anna (#33), Anne (#74) and Annette (#104)
  • Bella (#56), Annabella (#112), Arabella (#27) and Isbella (#119)
  • Bonnie (#9) and Bonny (#79)
  • Candace (#122) and Candy (#8)
  • Carrissa (#72) and Charissa (#77)
  • Clara (#28) and Clarinda (#84)
  • Constance (#26) and Connie (#124)
  • Corina (#25) and Carrinna (#108)
  • Elizabeth (#21) and Beth (#41)
  • Margaret (#52) and Maggie (#98)
  • Mariam (#129) and Miriam (#131)
  • Victoria (#109) and Vicki (#130)
  • Zara (#95) and Sara (#110)

If you could go back in time and rename this baby, which two names (out of the 139) would you choose as her first and middle names?

Source: “Tracy for short.” Reading Eagle 24 Jan 1986: 1.

15 thoughts on “Baby girl gets 139 names: Tracy Mariclaire Lisa…

  1. There is nothing wrong with being just Tracy. Tracy is a name that speaks volumes about the fine character, upstanding morals, boundless creativity and good humor of the bearer.

    The trouble with Tracy as a name is that not a lot of middle names sound right with it.

  2. Did you know that boundless creativity is the very thing I think of when I see the name Tracy? :)

    I agree, CN Heidelberg–I think most of those names are great. Too bad the parents couldn’t have whittled it down to just two or three.

    Cecilia Margaret is probably the name I’d go with. Cecilia because I like how it sounds with Nelson, Margaret for the mom.

  3. Louisa Clara Anthea Nelson with the nickname Zsa-Zsa :)
    I love Zsa-Zsa as a nickname for Louisa or Eliza, and both Louisa and Clara are too beautiful classics to not use. And since I’m cheating I couldn’t leave out the lovely Anthea either. I like the idea of something more unusual in her full name ^^

  4. I could name several daughters off this list!

    Louisa Christabel
    Adelaide Helen
    Miriam Clara
    Rosemary Astrid
    Jane Alexandrina

  5. Tracy Mariclaire or Tracy Nichola, I think, if one is to stick with Tracy as the first name (obviously the parents’ favorite).

  6. I have more than one, here:
    Alexandra Miriam
    Vanessa Ruth
    Patricia Mariclaire
    Sara Cathlene
    Arabella Vivien
    Ava Christine
    Victoria Daphne

  7. That’s just cruel. I’d be shocked if either of the parents can even remember her full name.

    I’d go with Daphne Vanessa. There are a lot of beautiful names on the list. Could they really not narrow it down?

  8. I couldn’t bring myself to read through all the names. But I had to pick just two I would have named her Tracy Marie.

  9. I’m still a bit baffled why they’d do this and how they could remember why they picked each and every one…

    Since we’re given a free pick, I’m going to go with Arabella Violet. But there are quite a few other combinations from this I’d be happy to name a baby girl.

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