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Will the Baby Name Idina Debut in 2014?

idina menzel
Idina Menzel
Speaking of Pharrell… “Happy” was up for Best Original Song at the Oscars earlier this year, but it lost to “Let It Go” from Frozen.

The movie version of “Let It Go” is sung by Idina Menzel, who has a very pretty first name. Pretty enough that I expected to see plenty of little pink dots on the Idina popularity graph…but when I checked, what did I see? Nothing. No graph at all.

This means that the name Idina was never given to more than 4 baby girls per year in the U.S. from 1880 all the way to 2013.* Surprising, isn’t it?

So if Rent and Wicked and a marriage to Taye Diggs weren’t enough to get Idina Menzel’s first name on the baby name charts, do you think the Oscar-winning “Let It Go” will do the trick in 2014?

*Admittedly, the SSA data isn’t perfect.