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Popular baby names in Norway, 2022

Flag of Norway
Flag of Norway

Last year, the Scandinavian country of Norway (which shares a border with three other countries: Sweden, Finland, and Russia) welcomed 51,480 babies — over 25,000 girls and nearly 26,500 boys.

What were the most popular names among these babies? Nora for girls, and tie between Jakob and Noah for boys.

Here are Norway’s top 50 girl names and top 50 boy names of 2022:

Girl Names

  1. Nora/Norah/Noora, 359 baby girls
  2. Emma, 337
  3. Olivia, 331
  4. Ella, 326
  5. Sofie/Sophie, 315
  6. Leah/Lea, 288
  7. Frida, 269
  8. Iben, 266 (tie)
  9. Sofia/Sophia, 266 (tie)
  10. Sara/Sarah/Zara, 262
  11. Maja/Maya/Maia, 258
  12. Ingrid, 253
  13. Alma, 249
  14. Selma, 247
  15. Emilie, 243
  16. Ada, 242
  17. Astrid/Astri, 235
  18. Hedda, 233
  19. Anna, 218
  20. Amalie, 211
  21. Ellinor, 210
  22. Aurora, 208
  23. Hedvig, 205
  24. Tiril/Tirill, 203
  25. Hanna/Hannah, 198
  26. Eva, 195
  27. Jenny, 186
  28. Mia, 184
  29. Vilde, 180
  30. Mathilde/Matilde, 177
  31. Ida, 176
  32. Lilly/Lily, 172
  33. Linnea/Linea/Linnéa, 163 (tie)
  34. Live, 163 (tie)
  35. Marie, 151
  36. Ellie, 150
  37. Sigrid, 149
  38. Thea, 145
  39. Julie, 143
  40. Amelia, 142 (tie)
  41. Luna, 142 (tie)
  42. Amanda, 141 (tie)
  43. Solveig, 141 (tie)
  44. Tuva, 139
  45. Mie, 133
  46. Agnes, 131
  47. Josefine/Josephine, 129
  48. Hermine, 121 (3-way tie)
  49. Signe, 121 (3-way tie)
  50. Ylva, 121 (3-way tie) – based on the Old Norse word ulfr, meaning “wolf.”

Boy Names

  1. Jakob/Jacob, 414 baby boys (tie)
  2. Noah/Noa, 414 (tie)
  3. Emil, 405 (tie)
  4. Lucas/Lukas, 405 (tie)
  5. Oliver, 382
  6. Isak/Isac/Isaac, 381
  7. William, 348
  8. Filip/Philip/Fillip/Phillip, 343
  9. Aksel/Axel, 321 (tie)
  10. Theodor/Teodor, 321 (tie)
  11. Ludvig/Ludvik, 310
  12. Oskar/Oscar, 300
  13. Liam, 282
  14. Johannes, 280
  15. Elias, 277
  16. Kasper/Casper/Kacper, 276
  17. Magnus, 270 (tie)
  18. Tobias, 270 (tie)
  19. Henrik, 263
  20. Mathias/Matias, 247 (tie)
  21. Olav, 247 (tie)
  22. Viktor/Victor/Wiktor, 235
  23. Ulrik, 230
  24. Matheo, 223
  25. Adam, 215
  26. Gustav, 208
  27. Muhammad/Mohammad/Mohammed/Mohamed/Muhammed, 206
  28. Sander, 205
  29. Alfred, 203
  30. Håkon/Haakon, 201 (tie)
  31. Theo/Teo, 201 (tie)
  32. Herman/Hermann, 185
  33. Benjamin, 179
  34. Jonas, 178
  35. Mikkel, 174
  36. Odin, 165
  37. Birk, 164
  38. Johan, 163 (tie)
  39. Leon, 163 (tie)
  40. Felix, 162
  41. Even, 157 (tie)
  42. Sebastian, 157 (tie)
  43. Vetle, 156 – based on the Old Norse word vetrliði, meaning “winter-farer,” and, by extension, “bear cub” (i.e., a bear that has lived one winter).
  44. Iver, 155
  45. Leo, 150
  46. Jens, 144 (tie)
  47. Markus/Marcus, 144 (tie)
  48. Alexander/Aleksander, 140
  49. Kristian/Christian, 133
  50. Sverre, 132 – based on the Old Norse verb sverra, meaning “to spin or swirl about,” and, by extension, “troublemaker.”

The two fastest-climbing names were Birk, which rose from 70th to 37th on the boys’ list, and Hedvig, which rose from 38th to 23rd on the girls’ list.

Home to more than 5.4 million people, Norway is — at the moment — divided into 11 administrative regions, or “counties.” (The original 19 counties were reduced to 11 in 2020; the current 11 counties will be expanded to 15 in 2024.)

Map of the 11 administrative regions of Norway
Norway’s 11 administrative regions

The top baby names within each of Norway’s 11 counties last year were…

Girl namesBoy names
Viken1. Olivia, 85
2. Leah, 76
3. Ella, 75
4. Emma, 71
5. Ingrid, 67
1. Noah, 102
2. Oliver, 97
3. Jakob, 95
4. Theodor, 88
5. Filip/Lucas/Oskar, 81 each (3-way tie)
Oslo1. Sofia, 63
2. Hedvig, 56
3. Nora, 50
4. Sofie, 48
5. Ada/Anna, 47 each (tie)
1. Mohammad, 77
2. Jakob, 65
3. Olav, 59
4. Noah, 57 (tie)
5. William, 57 (tie)
Vestland1. Ella, 52
2. Nora, 51
3. Emma, 50
4. Sara, 43
5. Sofie, 41
1. Emil, 61
2. Jakob, 53
3. Oliver, 48
4. Ulrik, 47
5. Lucas, 44
Rogaland1. Sara, 37
2. Frida, 36
3. Maja, 32 (3-way tie)
4. Nora, 32 (3-way tie)
5. Sofie, 32 (3-way tie)
1. Emil, 43
2. Noah, 42
3. Filip, 38 (tie)
4. Oliver, 38 (tie)
5. Lucas, 35
Trøndelag1. Selma, 33
2. Ada, 32 (4-way tie)
3. Emma, 32 (4-way tie)
4. Leah, 32 (4-way tie)
5. Nora, 32 (4-way tie)
1. Emil, 50
2. Oliver, 47
3. Aksel, 46 (tie)
4. Isak, 46 (tie)
5. Magnus, 38
Vestfold og Telemark1. Nora, 30
2. Olivia, 28
3. Ella, 23
4. Iben, 21
5. Emma/Sofie, 20 each (tie)
1. Emil, 34 (tie)
2. Noah, 34 (tie)
3. Lucas, 33
4. William, 31
5. Jakob, 29
Innlandet1. Aurora, 25 (tie)
2. Sofie, 25 (tie)
3. Ella, 24
4. Emma/Ingrid/Nora/Olivia, 22 each (4-way tie)
1. Emil, 35
2. Lucas, 31
3. Magnus, 29
4. Filip, 28
5. Oliver, 25
Agder1. Emma, 31 (tie)
2. Olivia, 31 (tie)
3. Nora, 27
4. Ella, 26
5. Leah, 24
1. Lucas, 40
2. Isak, 27 (tie)
3. Theodor, 27 (tie)
4. Henrik, 26 (tie)
5. Noah, 26 (tie)
Møre og Romsdal1. Anna, 18 (tie)
2. Nora, 18 (tie)
3. Olivia, 17 (tie)
4. Selma, 17 (tie)
5. Alma/Aurora/Emma, 16 each (3-way tie)
1. Noah, 26
2. Kasper, 22
3. Emil, 20 (tie)
4. Isak, 20 (tie)
5. Lucas, 19
Troms og Finnmark1. Ella, 18
2. Anna, 16
3. Amalie/Astrid/Emilie/Maja/Olivia/Sigrid, 14 each (6-way tie)
1. Jakob, 27
2. Isak, 25
3. Emil, 23
4. Johannes, 22
5. Elias, 19
Nordland1. Nora, 21
2. Ella, 15 (tie)
3. Iben, 15 (tie)
4. Emma/Frida/Ingrid/Signe, 12 each (4-way tie)
1. Isak, 29
2. Jakob, 24
3. Filip/Henrik/William, 17 each (3-way tie)

And what about the names at the other end of the spectrum?

Single-use names were given to nearly 8% of the baby girls and 7% of the baby boys born in Norway last year. We don’t have access to these unique names — the country doesn’t release names given to three or fewer babies per year (due to privacy concerns) — but here’s a selection of the names given to four babies:

Rare girl namesRare boy names
Aase, Agathe, Annabelle, Anneli, Anny, Aud, Azra, Bjørg, Borghild, Cassandra, Cecilia, Daria, Eden, Elizabeth, Emely, Felicia, Gabrielle, Grete, Helen, Helin, Henrikke, Irina, Kamila, Kate, Kaya, Leni, Lidia, Marita, Martyna, Nadine, Norunn, Ragne, Ruby, Savannah, Signy, Silvia, Solvår, SylviaAbbas, Abdul, Adem, Ahmet, Ammar, Ansgar, Are, Arvid, Bogdan, Brynjar, Christer, Dani, Denis, Evald, Fred, Haris, Hassan, Hauk, Hubert, Hussain, Idar, Ingmar, Jamal, Jaran, Jarl, Kenan, Mahad, Mattias, Mehdi, Morgan, Niclas, Nikola, Oddvar, Olivier, Ove, Ravn, Roald, Rolf, Rune, Sean, Sigvald, Stanislaw, Steinar, Svein, Søren, Tønnes, Viggo, Wojciech, Yasin, Yosef, Youssef

Finally, here’s a link to Norway’s 2021 rankings, if you’d like to compare last year to the year before.

Sources: Navn – Statistics Norway, Sjekk listen over de mest populære navnene i 2022 – Statistics Norway, Uvanlige navn – før og nå – Statistics Norway, Births – Statistics Norway, Regions of Norway – Wikipedia, Counties of Norway – Wikipedia, Behind the Name, Nordic Names

Image: Adapted from Flag of Norway (public domain)
Map: Nye fylker by Furfur (public domain)

Numerology: Baby names with a value of 8

Baby names with a numerological value of 8

If you’re on the hunt for baby names with a numerological value of 8, you’re in luck! Because today’s post features hundreds of 8-names.

Before we get to the names, though — how do we know that they’re “eights” in numerology?

Turning names into numbers

Here’s how to calculate the numerological value of a name.

First, for each letter, come up with a number to represent that letter’s position in the alphabet. (Letter A would be number 1, letter B would be number 2, and so forth.) Then, add all the numbers together. If the sum has two or more digits, add the digits together recursively until the result is a single digit. That single digit is the name’s numerological value.

For instance, the letters in the name Wyatt correspond to the numbers 23, 25, 1, 20, and 20. The sum of these numbers is 89. The digits of 89 added together equal 17, and the digits of 17 added together equal 8 — the numerological value of Wyatt.

Baby names with a value of 8

Below you’ll find the most popular 8-names per gender, according to the latest U.S. baby name data. I’ve further sub-categorized them by total sums — just in case any of those larger numbers are significant to anyone.


The letters in the following baby names add up to 8.

Girl name (8)Boy name (8)

8 via 17

The letters in the following baby names add up to 17, which reduces to eight (1+7=8).

Girl names (8 via 17)Boy names (8 via 17)
Gia, Bo, Afia, Eabha, CalaBo, Mac, Cam, Md, Jeb

8 via 26

The letters in the following baby names add up to 26, which reduces to eight (2+6=8).

Girl names (8 via 26)Boy names (8 via 26)
Leah, Maci, Jana, Pia, Dua, Gema, Calia, Brea, CamiEli, Bear, Bode, Obed, Asaad, Adil

8 via 35

The letters in the following baby names add up to 35, which reduces to eight (3+5=8).

Girl names (8 via 35)Boy names (8 via 35)
Mila, Clara, Dahlia, Laila, Heidi, Alicia, Cleo, Hadlee, Cadence, Carla, Ayah, Aarna, Sana, Leela, Chava, Lidia, Hafsa, Haya, Jiana, Ambar, Uma, Jaina, Kamia, Adella, Nika, BobbieLiam, Cole, Eric, Kaden, Jax, Edgar, Kian, Bodie, Makai, Jase, Abram, Creed, Lance, Marc, Jet, Koah, Anas, Akeem, Saif, Ajani, Kain, Hagen, Alakai, Mahdi, Cadence, Eyad, Koi, Beckam, Calen, Najee, Eliah, Blu

8 via 44

The letters in the following baby names add up to 44, which reduces to eight (4+4=8).

Girl names (8 via 44)Boy names (8 via 44)
Ariana, Faith, Hope, Helen, Opal, Keira, Jenna, Anais, Cielo, Xena, Kiera, Celina, Micaela, Khadija, Maliah, Erika, Ainara, Brenda, Rue, Karma, Rya, Carlee, Sanai, Sahana, Tamia, Claira, Hailie, Halima, Nella, Anisa, Jacey, Aleya, Atalia, TinaJayce, Kaiden, Judah, Abraham, Brian, Dante, Archie, Andy, Allen, Ray, Dakari, Hugh, Alaric, Braden, Boaz, Jakobe, Kaleo, Jadon, Akiva, Micaiah, Karam, Emile, Adonai, Arjan, Zael, Akram, Finan, Trae, Athan, Essa, Nicco

8 via 53

The letters in the following baby names add up to 53, which reduces to eight (5+3=8).

Girl names (8 via 53)Boy names (8 via 53)
Julia, Eliza, Samara, Laura, Reign, Legacy, Rosa, Chelsea, Kendra, Malaya, Kori, Kamari, Livia, Shay, Zainab, Deborah, Casey, Layan, Riya, Vayda, Zaya, Nayla, Emilie, Atlas, Aryah, Anyla, Carmela, Marcela, Harlie, Kaelani, Layna, Marli, Blakelee, Hadassa, Alyna, Ollie, Senna, Keren, Jadore, Sora, Greer, Marta, Ahuva, Kaleigh, Xenia, Bryce, Tamar, Bexlee, Emiko, Rayah, Analy, Jaycie, Alize, Kior, Oaklie, Kelsea, TahaniArcher, Atlas, Gavin, Bryce, Aziel, Colin, Khalil, Casey, Kamari, Kyle, Camilo, Kohen, Saul, Reign, Kareem, Keith, Legacy, Felipe, Brodie, Jairo, Zev, Ollie, Beaux, Makari, Aydin, Elmer, Umar, Cormac, Caius, Efrain, Syed, Vince, Yair, Gerard, Guy, Faris, Leeland, Kiran, Izael, Shay, Adolfo, Kove, Aidyn, Kahlil, Braiden, Koby, Lukah, Sora, Eyden, Simcha, Baruch, Yash, Mendel, Tyce, Ghaith, Tuff, Aylan, Eduin, Corban, Kwame, Jahleel, Yug, Mckay, Brix, Cedrick, Lamir, Ayaz

8 via 62

The letters in the following baby names add up to 62, which reduces to eight (6+2=8).

Girl names (8 via 62)Boy names (8 via 62)
Natalie, Leilani, Sienna, Georgia, Kylie, Ariyah, Arielle, Serena, Avianna, Danielle, Navy, Jordan, Kennedi, Gloria, Leslie, Adrianna, Noor, Ramona, Ayleen, Luisa, Keily, Xyla, Tori, Ailany, Solana, Aylani, Annabella, Queen, Yelena, Liyana, Estela, Karmen, Malky, Dalett, Magdalene, Nuri, Avril, Samaira, Terra, Sarina, Laynee, Isobel, Samaria, Toby, Amiracle, Harbor, Ilyana, Mackenna, Kiley, Mason, Mehlani, Kaislee, Eryn, Keyli, Adalyne, Kaloni, Alyse, Analucia, Eugenia, ElliemaeMason, Josiah, Jordan, Adonis, Callum, Ronan, Briggs, Louie, Hassan, Zahir, Randy, Talon, Benedict, Osman, Menachem, Matheo, Casper, Toby, Javon, Andreas, Randall, Bernard, Freddy, Elyas, Nikola, Jovan, Riot, Rudra, Elvin, Xion, Johann, Angus, Alton, Maxx, Mayer, Brenden, Aziz, Navy, Kamren, Braven, Floyd, Adriano, Harun, Jareth, Noor, Chadwick, Axyl, Levin

8 via 71

The letters in the following baby names add up to 71, which reduces to eight (7+1=8).

Girl names (8 via 71)Boy names (8 via 71)
Avery, Zoey, Adalynn, Jasmine, Finley, Octavia, Rowan, Lauren, Shiloh, Astrid, Maryam, Gabrielle, Charleigh, Shelby, Marianna, Royal, Eleanora, Jaylin, Lettie, Mariella, Wendy, Romy, Mireya, Prisha, Briley, Milly, Jailyn, Annaleigh, Elysia, Jazelle, Analiyah, Karleigh, Wilder, Kyler, Betsy, Xareni, Kenslee, Annalisa, Kenleigh, Maryn, EverliSamuel, Rowan, Rhett, Avery, Kyler, Finley, Orion, Royal, Wilder, Apollo, Mathias, Zayne, Emanuel, Wells, Shiloh, Kenzo, Moses, Soren, Nikolai, Julien, Raylan, Flynn, Azriel, Shepard, Mariano, Zeus, Maison, Pierre, Jovani, Kylin, Ross, Jaylin, Jessiah, Steve, Chozen, Javion, Sammy, Jahziel, Destin, Amarion, Brewer, Haroon, Xavian, Daylon, Raziel, Theoden, Yasiel, Izrael, Atharva, Drayden, Abdirahman, Dwight, Khylan, Shyne, Devante, Jionni, Merlin, Niccolo, Quill, Deklyn, Othman, Rickey, Usher, Blayze, Neithan

8 via 80

The letters in the following baby names add up to 80, which reduces to eight (8+0=8).

Girl names (8 via 80)Boy names (8 via 80)
Savannah, Alexandra, Stevie, Colette, Cassidy, Monroe, Emberly, Cassandra, Marceline, Ensley, Cynthia, Lakelyn, Spencer, Carsyn, Marissa, Tyler, Bennett, Lizeth, Preslee, Estefania, Elianny, Annaliese, Pyper, Leonora, Shaindy, Brooks, Jeanette, Polly, Ravyn, Therese, Thyri, Zariya, Sumaya, Mayleigh, Sayler, Austen, Brenleigh, IssabellaBrooks, Bennett, Tyler, Alejandro, Spencer, Moises, Emmitt, Zyon, Waylen, Bryant, Jeremias, Kooper, Eliezer, Cashton, Giancarlo, Alessio, Monroe, Savion, Ransom, Wilmer, Emrys, Giorgio, Samarth, Carsyn, Santiel, Austen, Stefano, Kashmere, Krishna, Kanyon, Cassidy, Theron, Wayland, Latrell, Mouhamed, Carsten

8 via 89

The letters in the following baby names add up to 89, which reduces to eight (8+9=17; 1+7=8).

Girl names (8 via 89)Boy names (8 via 89)
Raelynn, Summer, Emerson, Winter, Alexandria, Felicity, Ivory, Virginia, Alisson, August, Rosalina, Avalynn, Beverly, Arizbeth, Quincy, Marjorie, Susanna, Winry, Wesley, Gentry, Halston, Hartley, Jazmyn, Wyatt, Bellarose, Azariyah, UnityWyatt, Wesley, August, Emerson, Titus, Travis, Garrett, Enrique, Mauricio, Quincy, Alistair, Osiris, Massimo, Graysen, Syncere, Gentry, Antony, Halston, Yisrael, Winter, Zyion, Salomon, Aleister, Dusty, Oswaldo

8 via 98

The letters in the following baby names add up to 98, which reduces to eight (9+8=17; 1+7=8).

Girl names (8 via 98)Boy names (8 via 98)
Scarlett, Valentina, Allyson, Crystal, Londynn, Julietta, Kenzley, Jocelynn, Fatoumata, KynzleeTrevor, Jefferson, Zephyr, Lazarus, Marquis, Brexton, Klayton, Giuseppe, Kashtyn, Everson, Britton, Hutton, Colston, Donatello, Kurtis, Zayvian

8 via 107

The letters in the following baby names add up to 107, which reduces to eight (1+0+7=8).

Girl names (8 via 107)Boy names (8 via 107)
Treasure, Dominique, Phoenyx, Charolette, WinsleyPreston, Dominique, Yousuf, Giovanny, Prosper

8 via 116

The letters in the following baby names add up to 116, which reduces to eight (1+1+6=8).

Girl names (8 via 116)Boy names (8 via 116)
Royalty, Annistyn, Eternity, Suzette, ChristiannaCornelius, Stryker, Treyson, Royalty, Prescott

8 via 125

The letters in the following baby names add up to 125, which reduces to eight (1+2+5=8).

Girl names (8 via 125)Boy names (8 via 125)
Rozalynn, Tristyn, Oliviarose, Skyelynn, RemingtynKyngston, Tristyn, Octavious, Vishruth, Dontavius

Number 8: Significance and associations

What does the number eight mean in numerology?

There’s no definitive answer, unfortunately, because various numerological systems exist, and each one has its own interpretation of the number eight. That said, if we look at a couple of modern numerology/astrology websites, we see 8 being described as “successful,” “ambitious,” “organized,” “practical,” and “authoritative.”

We can also look at associations, which are a bit more concrete. Here are some things that are associated with the number 8:

  • Figure 8
    • Infinity symbol
    • Analemma (diagram showing the position of the sun over the course of a year)
    • Figure-eight knot
  • Octopus (8 arms)
  • Spider (8 legs)
  • 8-bit computing
  • 8-track cartridge
  • Eight-ball (in pool)
    • Magic 8 Ball (fortune-telling toy)
  • Eight-ender (perfect score in the sport of curling)

What does the number 8 mean to you? What are your strongest associations with the number?

P.S. To see names with other numerological values, check out the posts for the numbers one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and nine.

Sources: SSA, Numerology – Cafe Astrology, The meaning of the numbers 1 – 9 – World Numerology, 8 – Wikipedia

[Latest update: Jan. 2024]

Oddball English names, 17th and 18th centuries

One of the sources I used for yesterday’s post on Ono Titchiner was a book full of 17th and 18th century marriage records from Surrey.

In the introduction, the author listed some of the more notable names to be found in the book:

There are some curious and uncommon Christian names from Biblical and Classical sources; amongst those of females, Achsa, Adeliza, Aphara, Anastasia, Aquila, Avarillar, Bathana, Bedia, Bethia, Cassandra, Caroline-Shepherdess, Celeste, Clementia, Damaris, Dionisia, Dufiner, Dulcibella, Eleanor, Emmaritta, Emlin, Euphemia, Grachauna, Gratitude, Hephzibah, Israel, Jacobinea, Jaminia, Juliana, Kimbra, Melior, Milbrough, Pamelia, Parthenia, Paterniller, Pleasant-Furs, Protesia, Silvestria, Sina, Statira, Tamar, Tempearance, Theodosia, Tryphena, “Virgin” [Price]; and amongst males those of Ananias, Bivel, Calverley, Chrusophilus, Demetrius, Deodatus, Derik, Emmet, Eusebius, Ezekiel, Fretwill, Gershom, Haman, Haseldine [Crab-tree], Jonah, Lazarus, Nazareth, “Offspring” [Brown], Ono, Prew, Purchas, Redhead [Eagle], Rulove, Sills [Gibbons], Theophilus, Truth, Uphill, Ward, Wintz, Zacheus, Zenas, Zeuler.

It’s interesting to note that a few of the above (like Juliana and Jonah) are now commonplace.

And I could imagine a few others (Tamar? Lazarus?) becoming trendy in the near future.

Which of these names do you like best?

Source: Bax, Alfred Ridley. Allegations for Marriage Licences Issued by the Commissary Court of Surrey Between 1673-1770. Norwich: Goose & Son, 1907.

Baby names needed: Girl names for Thomas’ twin sisters

A reader named Eva is expecting twin girls and would like some help naming them. She says:

One of the twins should have a unisex first name and a very girly middle name. For the second twin we want a girly first name and unisex middle name.

Here are the names Eva likes so far:

  • Unisex: Avery, Harper, Morgan, Kennedy, Madison
  • Feminine: Anastasia, Michaela, Caroline, Sofia, Kristina

Her husband is only on board with Avery, Caroline, Kristina and Michaela (he prefers the spelling Makayla).

The twins will have an older brother named Thomas Aiden (nn Tommy) and their surname will be similar to Damon.

Eva’s criteria reminded me of the twins named Charlotte and Dylan I wrote about a few years ago. I think the name Charlotte is a good option in this case, but Dylan plus that surname might be D/N-overload. Here are some other possibilities:

Feminine namesUnisex names

Which of the above names do you like best for Tommy’s sisters? What combinations (either unisex+feminine or feminine+unisex) sound best together, do you think?

Here are a few combinations I like, just to kick things off:

  • Unisex+Feminine: Avery Helena, Cameron Nicole, Riley Caroline
  • Feminine+Unisex: Amelia Quinn, Olivia Willow, Victoria Leigh