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Does Arianne Make You Think “Aryan”?

A reader named Claire is having a baby girl.

“The name I really love is Arianne,” she says. “But I am concerned too many people will think of the word aryan. I don’t think of that, but I don’t want her to dislike her name.”

What’s your take?

Does the name Arianne make you think of the word "aryan"?

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My first instinct is to pronounce Arianne the traditional way, with a stress on the last syllable. So Arianne doesn’t make me think of “aryan” at all. (If the stress is going to be on the first syllable, though, I think Arianne could be a slightly risky choice.)

And now for question #2.

While Arianne is at the top of her list, Claire says she’s also considering the names Melody and Marion. The baby’s last name will start with an L and rhyme with “meow.”

Which name do you like best?

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The middle name for Arianne would be Elizabeth and for Melody would be Jane. (Claire didn’t mention a middle for Marion.)

Please comment if you have more to say on either question!

P.S. Lots of adorable pics over at Claire’s blog Two Little Monkeys. :)