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More Sporty Boy Names – Mattingly, Marchetti, Marciano

I knew about the baby boys named Wrigley Fields, Zambrano and Brett and Favre. But here are a few more sports-inspired boy names that I only just learned about:

  • Mattingly. Yankees fans Deedee and Mike Marinaccio of Orlando named their son Mattingly after Don Mattingly. The name of their second son, Alexander Randolph, was inspired in part by Alex Rodriguez and Willie Randolph.
  • Marchetti and Marciano (as middle names). Jenny Angelici of Huntington Beach, CA, named her sons Gino Marchetti and Nicholas Marciano in honor of football player Gino Marchetti and boxer Rocky Marciano.

Have you come across any sports-inspired baby names recently?

Source: What’s in a name?