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Syrian Kurd Baby Named After Obama

Over a month ago, 200,000 Syrian Kurds — including Mahmut Beko Muslim, Sultan Muslim, and their six children — fled from their homes in Kobani, Syria.

The bloody, burning city of Kobani has been under fire for weeks as IS fighters have barreled through its streets, killing thousands of Kurds. Airstrikes by the United States-led military coalition are successfully pushing back the jihadist militants.

The Muslim family eventually ended up at a refugee camp in Suruc, Turkey.

A few weeks later they welcomed their seventh child, a baby boy. They named him Muhammed Obama Muslim, middle name in honor of the U.S. President Barack Obama “as a way to thank the United States for the airstrikes aimed at stopping the Islamic State (IS) from taking over [their] hometown of Kobani.”

Source: Syrian Kurds name baby Obama to thank U.S. for airstrikes